The Ultimate Chimera

Two Jammers fall in love in Animal Jam, and decide to meet eachother in real life. Things don't go as expected.

This is an EarthBound and Animal Jam crossover.

Chapter 1: The Advertisement

It was a normal day. A 7-year-old girl named Twilight was playing Animal Jam, like usual. She was in a romantic mood. "If u like me, go 2 my den!" she said constantly as her Arctic Wolf, Queen Spiritmoon. Little did she know that this would end her life later. After 10 minutes, she decided to go back to her den. Most of the people there were NM wolves that were new, however, one person stood out. It was a pink creature with large teeth, a bird on top of it's head, a button, an orange forked tail, and purple wings. "Oh, it's just a glitch. It happens all of the time!" Twilight said out loud. It's nametag was black with a strange light coming from it, and red letters said "Ultimate Chimera" in it. You know red, right? RED LIKE BLOOD....

Chapter 2: Still a better love story than the Twilight Saga

As soon as Twilight clicked near the Ultimate Chimera as Queen Spiritmoon, the creature immediantly turned into an Arctic Wolf that looked just like Queen (black fur and a red face and tail with moon white crescents and a moon necklace), but with male eyes named King Majormoon. "Hello." he said. His text bubble was different. It was black with blood-red letters. "You look nice".

Chapter 3: The Beginning of the End

Twilight and her AJ boyfriend pretended to go on dates at the Dinner Party, eachother's dens, and Club Geoz. Then, 5 months after they met, King switched to the Ultimate Chimera. "Queen Spiritmoon, you live near the mall I was talking about earlier, right?" the black text bubble said with blood-red words. "Yes" Twilight said both in real life and in Animal Jam. "Go to the mall, and go right next to the McDonalds, and tell your parent(s) to go buy something at the Subway. Wear your Animal Jam shirt." he said. Twilight agreed to this, and turned off her computer.

Chapter 4: Planning the Trip

Twilight ran upstairs and put on her Animal Jam shirt. "Mom, can we go to the mall today?" she said. "Well, we haven't been there since last year's Leif Ericson day.... "Sure." Her mom groaned. Twilight was excited in the car. This was somebody she was friends with for months, and because she was an idiot, she thought it would be nice to meet this random guy who could possibly be some 60-year-old man who stalks kids. Once they got to the McDonalds, Twilight did what she was told. "Mom, can you go get Subway?" she asked. "Why?" "I just want one of their drinks. I'll stay here." Then, after her mom walked away, the end happened.


The Ultimate Chimera burst out of the McDonalds logo and bit off Twilight's head. "If you like me, come to my den." it snickered.