(NOTE: This has violence in it! Please be cautioned!)

The she wolf was running for her life. She knew that she must not stop, even though the pain in her legs was growing even worse. She had her unborn pup to think of. 

“For you, I must keep going!” She screeched, running even faster. She turned around for a moment, and was met with a black artic wolf. He pushed her down effortlessly, and tackled her.

“Why, Hello Snowflake Frozenclaw.  Long time no see.” He said slyly. His gaze was cold, but amused. She writhed, trying to escape his grasp. 

“You fool. This is close to Jamaa Township! You will be heard, and then you will pay.” She growled. Snow was determined not to scream, not to show her fear. She must be strong for her child. 

“Watch your tongue. And I believe you are the one who owes me. You still haven’t payed off your debt.” He snarled, his face just inches from hers. Snow could feel his hot breath on her fur. 

Snow remembered it again. How she had borrowed those Gems from him. She was going to pay it back, she really was. But her pup’s Father had left and made things complicated. 

“I will! I have been slowed down by-“She was cut off, for the artic wolf raked his claws over her face. She winced, but refused to cry out. Dark blood trickled down the side of her cheeks.

“I do not want your excuses, Snow. You know, I don’t think you are going to pay this off…”  He kicked her in the stomach. Snow bit his front leg in retaliation.

“Don’t touch me there!” She said fiercely, looking him in the eyes. Unexpectedly, his growl formed a sly smile after a minute. He laughed. 

“So you are expecting! How do realize that he will also die along with you.” He said quickly. 

Snow only had one second to react, and she was met with him sinking those sharp fangs into her throat. She gasped, her eyes widening.

“A-a- No…” She choked, spitting out blood. He did not relax his hold, he only clung tighter. After a minute, her struggles stopped, and she fell limp. 

“You had a promise to keep. You failed, and you payed the price.”