Many remember the devastating tale about the death of Zios, the creation of Phantoms, the disappearance of Mira and the seperation of the Sky Family. (For the first part of the story, go here: But what happened after that? What happened to Alazne, Anonani, and the Alphas? Well, the rest of the story is told, as we follow the new lives of all three groups.

Will they ever meet? Will everything turn out in the end? Or will everything remain a clueless, continuous, disastorious cycle?

In this story, we follow the life of Alazne, and her calling.

A continuem of the original story, and the start of a brand new Chronocile.

It SHOULD be for all ages...but there are a few scenes where I am personally unsure. There is SOME violence. I am gonna put PG-13 just to be safe than sorry but it should be for all ages just some violence/depression themes but not gore.



[hide]#THE ULTRA GIRLS (based on a true AJ story)

    1. Prolouge
    2. Chapter 1: The Orphan BunnyEdit
    3. Chapter 2: The Worthy JammerEdit
    4. Chapter 3: The Rise of the Ultra Girls

THE ULTRA GIRLS (based on a true AJ story)Edit


Centuries had passed since the seperation, and Neil still had not found a worthy jammer for Alazne to take over. But being in her Sky state, she still was a baby.

"When your aunt gave me you," said Neil with a grunt, "I wasn't expecting it to be so hard to find someone."

Alazne shrugged. "Jamaa is just as filled with cold-hearted folk as kind-hearted ones. But no one said the task would be easy."

Neil mumbled, "The only reason I've continued to do this is because she's Mira's kid. Otherwise I would've been enjoying my life."

Alazne sighed.

The two were flying near the outskirts of Coral Canyons, still not finding that particular Jammer. Alazne grew hopeless by the second and Neil, impatient.

"Oh when will we find that wreteched--"

Alazne's eyes widened and she screamed. "LOOK OUT!"


But they both went silent as a hard cage clamped on them and they both were knocked out cold.

Chapter 1: The Orphan BunnyEditEdit

She slowly pawed through the town, sneezing and whimpering. Her large ears drooped at the site of larger Jammers, and she hid amongst the shadows. The poor thing, she was nothing but a baby, a small, tiny orphan with no place to call home. Well, no place but the Pillow Room.

She'd left to search for food, but no such luck. Barely anyone takes care of them in that Adoption Center. They just sit there waiting...for a Jammer to see them, look into their own hearts and adopt them.

The tiny bunny's name was Little, but her full name was Little Shygem.

Finally! The door to the Pillow Room was open, and one glowing light came from it. Jamaa Township was quite scary at night; anything could jump from out the shadows and easily make prey out of a young orphan. Little quickly scampered into the Adoption Center.

Finding her pillow, she collasped, panting hard and shivering. All the other orphans looked at her, wondering, "Where on earth has she been?"

A group of parents-to-be were looking at all the tiny orphans, grinning, cooing, tickling some and holding others. Oh, how Little wished to be taken into a warm, loving home! But everyone overlooked her, and she did not know why.

The baby whimpered with tears rolling down her cheeks. Suddenly, she heard a clamper of hooves. Little rolled over to see a pony...yes, a pony, rainbow-colored with wings.

"Aww, aren't you adorable?" she asked. "Rarity, come here!"

Another horse, this one white with a purple mane and a Unicorn's horn, clampered over. “Yes, RainbowDash—aww! Look at her!”

Obviously the ponies were pretending to be of My Little Pony characters. The white horse picked Little up and rocked her. “Oh, you are so cute! That’s it.”

Rainbow Dash said, “We adopt you.”

The words sounded foreign to Little. She gaped. Was this a dream? Was she really getting adopted?

“Go to Rarity’s den,” said Rainbow Dash. Little nodded and was taken to her den.

“I am Rarity, your mother,” said Rarity, “and this is Rainbow Dash, your aunt.”

Little cooed and nodded.

“Come, we’ll take you to your crib.”

Being held by her new mother, Little was taken to her room. It was a cozy little area. It was marked off with a fence, had a dresser to the side and a pink couch on one wall, and in the corner was a nice bowl of fruit. On the floor was a large, mutli-colored fluffy rug, and Little pawed through it. Oh, how warm it was, and how happy Little was to have a loving home.

Sleepily, Little crawled up to her bed, and curled up. While her mother and aunt watched and awed, Little nicely fell asleep.

Chapter 2: The Worthy JammerEditEdit

For three days Little stayed in her new home. Her mother and aunt played with her, had her run around, but Little was slightly afraid of the house. There was a Jail-Cell like wall that contained several phantoms, a phantom in a crate trying to get out, and one phantom with a cage locked down ontop him. Little had a senstivity with phantoms, and knew from the start they were no good.

One day (third day of her arrival) Little was romping around outside. She had learned to say her name, her mother's name, and Rainbow Dash already. She was about to toddle inside when...

She shrieked. The wall of phantoms were blocking the door.

Rainbow Dash came up and laughed, and Rarity said, "It's okay sweetie they can't hurt you."

But Little refused to come in.

The bunny backed up when suddenly, the large caged phantom was ontop her!

Little screamed and jumped out. Rainbow Dash laughed and Rarity said, "There's nothing to be afraid of."

Then the phantom was on her again! Rainbow Dash went over to her and bolted the cage down--with Little AND the phantom inside.

She laughed, and Rarity laughed too.

"Wanna take our true form?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Sure," said Rarity. A puff of smoke formed, and both came out looking totally different. They had black wings and a black horn, with narrowed beady red eyes, and were black all over. They grinned viciously and poor Little's eyes widened.

She'd been adopted by two Evil Shadows.

They cackled, but Little had worse things to deal with, such as, the phantom locked down with her.

She turned around and trembled, crying and screaming.


The two saw the poor bunny.

"Goodness, those two Evil Ponies are disgustingly rutheless!" cried Alazne. "They're worse than we suspected!"

Neil grunted. "Talk about it. It's cramped in here with a Sky Child and now a bunny!"

Alazne looked at the baby, her wide pale eyes, her trembling body, the tears pouring down her face, and looked up to see the laughs of the evil ponies.

Alazne narrowed her eyes. "Neil, I think we found her."

Little backed up as far away from the phantom as she could. However, the phantom came closer and closer, bolting with electricity.

Little cried out, and braced herself. The phantom zapped her, and with the zap transferred Alazne into her.

"Finally!" he said.

Little screamed in pain, and fainted.

The Evil Shadow Ponies laughed. "This is absolutely the funniest thing we've done!" cried the former Rainbow Dash.

"Did you hear how she screamed? It was like, AAAH! A PHANTOM!" laughed former Rarity.

Little cracked her eyes open, and began to change form.

"She was so easy, I mean didn't try to fight back or run or nothin'," said Rainbow.

The bunny's eyes narrowed, and growled.

"Yeah, only proves we're dominant here," said Rarity.

The cage rumbled, and the ponies stopped. Tilting their heads in confusion, they looked at Little...but she had changed...she looked different--

BOOM! The cage burst open and something flew out.


It was Little! But she was different! Her eyes were narrowed, her flower tilted, she was bright peace with tan firey markings and she glowed.

"Goodness, you are a bunch of fools!" shouted the bunny.

The two ponies were dumbfounded. All she could say before was: "W-Wittle, Rain Dash, Rare-ee."

"Do you not know what you have done to me?!" cried Little. "The phantom you trapped me with was no ordinary phantom. He goes by the name Neil, and was actually a good phantom! In fact, he had carried for centuries someone, searching for a body to place her in, and now he's found one. My name is Alazne, and I am Mira's daughter!"

The ponies gaped.

"And you, my friends, are nothing but cold-hearted evil folk, and one mission I was given by my mother was to protect this land from the likes of you! And since you harmed an innocent baby Jammer, that is what I shall do!"

She heated up, and zapped the ponies. They fell back, crying out in pain.

"We're gonna need back-up, fast," said Rarity. Suddenly, two completely black bunnies hopped in.


"Get Little," said Rainbow Dash. The bunnies nodded, jumped up, and grabbed her, they pulled her down, and the two evil ponies shot and zapped her.

But she got up anyway, absolutely unharmed. "Idiots, I am Mira's daughter! Since you are not descendants of Bram, or a part of Bram, our power levels are unmatched. I am immortal to you...whatever you do cannot harm me. However, I can harm you. But I shall decide otherwise, since the one you harmed turned out fine."

"Whatever. Comon, Nightflock (who was previously Rarity)," said Rainbow, "let's go find another who's not as fiesty as this one."

Alazne's eyes widened. The dark bunnies, the torturing of Little, it all came together. The two "adopted" bunnies, tortured them, and forced them on their side.

Her eyes narrowed. It was a cruel, cruel thing, and she would stop it.

Alazne heated up, and glowed super bright. With a scream she sent a powerful laser at the horses and bunnies.


After the zap she flew in and kicked, punched, and bit until the four fell helpless on the ground.

"Please...quit it...would you?" moaned Nightflock.

" tough...bunny," groaned Rainbow. She looked up and narrowed her eyes. "Get out."

Alazne thought for a moment. "I shall make you a deal. I will leave and never pester you again, but you must agree not to harm any more Jammers--or deal with me. Do you agree?"

Everyone was silent.

"Well, do you agree?!"

"I agree...what about you Bateyes," said Nightflock.

"I agree," said Bateyes (previously Rainbow).

Alazne nodded, but then said, "The bunnies too."

"We agree," said the two bunnies.

"Good, then I shall be off!" said Alazne. "But first..."

She flew over to the cage, and freed Neil.

"Well, this is goodbye, dear friend," said Alazne.

"Guess it is," said Neil with a grunt. Then, he looked down sadly. "I hate goodbyes."

Alazne could already feel the tears forming in her eyes, and she ran into the phantom's arms--er--tentacles.

"I will miss you...thank you so much for helping us. You surely will be a phantom to remember."

Hugging her tighter, Neil said, "It was no problem, and I might miss you too..."

Alazne gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I'm sure you'll do great as a seems like you."

"And I'm sure you shall do great as a in-game protecter of Jamaa."

"I hope we meet again someday..." said Alazne.

"Me too," said Neil.

"Goodbye, dear Neil."

"Goodbye, Alazne."

Alazne looked back, then flew off.


Chapter 3: The Rise of the Ultra GirlsEdit

Little came out, and Alazne faded back. The bunny was dumbfounded. What the heck happened?
She'd broken out of the cage...fought those despicable ponies...goodness what was with her vocabulary?
"Well, that was interesting," said Little, then froze. She talked...she could talk!
You see, since Alazne had mainly taken over, it was the best of both worlds. She was now really Alazne, but the were still aspects of the original Little left. Alazne hadn't got rid of Little's self, just took over, mostly to help her and the other Jammers.
But she knew she could not tell anyone else about her true idenity. For now, she would remain Little Shygem.
Of course, Little knew she couldn't survive on her own, and deep down inside she really longed for a family. So, she decided to try again, and trotted to the Pillow Room.
Hopefully, this time she wouldn't get adopted by villians again.

Little walked inside and flopped down on a pillow, different from the one she had before.

And that's when she heard it. The high pitched scream. She looked up and swung her head around.

There was a lion, a big ole (slightly ugly) lion, with a burgandy main, narrowed blueish eyes, dark brown body, and firey wings. He was standing over a bunny, looking as if he'd gotten another victim.

Little jumped to her feet. "HEY, YOU!"

The lion turned around and laughed. "Oh, how cute! Another wittle bunny, trying to act all bwave!"

Little narrowed her eyes. "Leave that bunny alone."

"Why should I? Your nothing but a pipsqueak yourself."

Little growled. "You have absolutely no right to harm an innocent player. Who are you to determine whether they fall at your paws or on their own?! Go back where you came from."

"Who are YOU to tell me what to do, hmm?" said the lion. "I don't have to listen to any player on here. I'm free to do as I like. Now YOU get back from where you came from, because you surely don't belong anywhere here."

"Why, aren't you a fiesty little kitty!"

The other bunny gulped.

The lion turned around. "This coming from the piece of cotton who's pink and blue. Technically you cannot win here."

Little slowly transformed. "You need to stop hurting innocent jammers, now."

"Again: I do not really care at all about your dumb opinion. No one really cares. I could hurt any Jammer I wanted, including you."

The lion bit Little hard, tearing her ear drastically to the side.

Narrowing her eyes, Alazne lunged on the lion, pawing and kicking hard. She jumped over to the other bunny and placed a forcefield around her. Afterwards, she lit up and zapped the lion.

The lion fell to the ground and sneered. "So those simple actions, you think are supposed to stop the King of the Jungle? My, you are an IDIOTIC bunny."

"Well if that's the case," said Alazne, "I'm a thousand times smarter than you."

"Sure, think what'cha want," said the lion.

The lion was a cruel, annoying bully. And he wouldn't care a bit if she fought him all day. So Alazne told everyone to ignore that lion, so no matter how many times he spat insults it made HIM look dumb.

"T-Thank you," said the bunny.

Alazne shrugged. "It was no problem." And she slowly turned back into Little.

There was a tiny baby lying on the ground, crying, and an artic wolf saying, "If you want me to adopt you, come to my den."

Well, whaddya know? An adoption opprotunity! Little went to that artic wolf's den.

The bunny she rescued, that sleeping bunny, and a large amount of other bunnies were there.

But something wasn't right. In the front were two large stone chairs pushed together, and a large group of red and black colored animals, with sharp teeth and red narrowed eyes, were chatting and walking around in here.

"What?" said a bunny.

Then, someone came there. Every bunny's eyes widened and gasped.

It was the lion.

"I'm here--wait, WHAT?! What's a buncha children doing here?!"

Thats when every other animal noticed the kids.

"Huh? What are you kids doin' here, get out!"

"The artic wolf said if we wanted to be adopted, to come here!" said a bunny.

Everyone eyed the artic wolf, who sneered. "This ain't no adoption center. This is a Villian's Union!"

Oh goodness. It was the second time Little was adopted by villians. What luck.

"Git 'em!" shouted a crocodile.

All the bunnies shrieked and scurried in all directions. Some hid, some left, some stayed by the artic wolf's side (who only hissed at them and kicked them away).

But Little only saw one thing: That baby bunny, too young to move on her own, lying right at a villian's feet. The villian screeched and bent for the death-bite, when Little darted forward, picked up the baby, and ran upstairs.

The baby wailed, and they went to the highest floor, where the bunny she first saved was curled in the corner, eyes wide.

Little set the baby down (who's name was also Little). But that's when the lion came up.

"Lookie here, three PIPSQUEAKS runnin' from us. You should not have been here."

Little's eyes narrowed. "It wasn't our fault."

"Nobody cares," said the lion. "We only care that your here, and you shouldn't be."

The lion growled and ran right to the baby.

The baby screamed as the lion bit into her, and threw her against the wall. Little's instinct came in and automatically turned into her true form.

She jumped on the lion's back and zapped him hard, and the lion, crying out in pain, threw her off.

The baby moaned on the ground next to her, soon to die. There was only one thing Alazne could do. She lifted up her paws, heated up so bright it was impossible to even look at her, and pressed her paws against the baby's back. Sending as much power as she could into her, Alazne gave her immortality and powers.

But little did she know, it wasn't JUST a was something...someone...she put into her. The baby's eyes widened, narrowed, and she shot up.


With one powerful kick, the baby (who now appeared older) sent the lion hurling down the stairs.

"Thanks," said Little Tinymoon (the original baby).

"No problem," said Alazne.

The other bunny's eyes widened. "Wha--"

But the lion was back, angrier than ever. He ran to the other bunny (Who's name was Sparkle), picked her  up, and proceeded to push her off the side. Sparkle screamed and gripped onto the edge with all her might. The lion laughed viciously and started stepping on her paws.

But then Alazne kicked in. She grabbed the lion by the tail, swung him around, and while he hurled at the wall placed her paws on Sparkle, and did the same thing she did to the baby to her.

Sparkle's eyes widened, and flew up. Her eyes losing her pupils and turning completely pink, she formed a purple powerball with her paw and hurled it at the lion.

"Oh steak," he said, roaring in pain as he got hit.

The three newly-powered bunnies hopped into the air, and fought that lion good.

The lion moaned and groaned, barely able to keep his eyes open.

"Pathetic creatures. I let you win."

"Ya, right," said Little Tiny, and she pushed him off the edge.

The three bunnies exchanged a look, then cried, "WE DID IT!"

They all started flying around and dancing. "You know," said Alazne, "we make a great team."

"Yeah, we do," said Sparkle.

"We should form a union!" said Little Tiny.

Alazne thought for a moment. "We should. Come to my den, guys."

"So, girls, I need to tell you both a secret," said Alazne, who was in her Little Shygem state.

"Sure," said Sparkle.

"Okay!" said Little Tiny.

Alazne took a deep breath, then said, "My true name is Alazne. I...I'm Mira's daughter."

The other bunnies gasped, then said, "COOL!"

"That is awesome!" cried Little Tiny. "Because I'm Peck's daughter."

Alazne's eyes widened. "You ARE?"


Sparkle gasped. "That's exactly what I was going to say!" She pawed over to Little Tiny. "We must be sisters!"

"Not exactly..." said Little. "You see, I'm half Peck, half Ninja Turtle."


"Ya. When Peck had me, I accidentally slipped away and fell into the land of Ninja Turtles, there they raised me. And recently, I somehow got here...and I don't know how..."

"Oh wow," said Sparkle. "Peck raised me, but then phantoms came and she couldn't keep me for my safety, so she sent me down here...and a fox found and raised me. But then she left...and I was alone."

Alazne nodded sadly. "I understand you both." And she briefly told her story.

"Well, I was thinking we SHOULD form a team," said Sparkle. "But what should we call ourselves?"

The three girls thought, then Alazne said, "I know! We can call ourselves the Ultra Girls!"

"Ya...I like that name," said Sparkle.

"IT'S AWESOME!" cried Little.

"So it's settled. We are the Ultra Girls: Daughters of the Most Famous Warriors of Jamaa--and Ninja Turtles."

The other two beamed, and they all showed off their true forms.

"With our powers we can protect the land of Jamaa!" cried Sparkle.

"And stop all those evil doers like the lion," said Little.

They all high-pawed. "ULTRA GIRLS FORMATION, LET'S GO!"

And t'was, a new line of adventures began for our precious little heroes. As the Ultra Girls they saved countless Jammer's lives. However, that is how little Alazne's life turned out, and how she contributed to the community.

I guess you can say, although Alazne started out in a ruin, there truly was a happy ending for her after all.

Now you might wonder: What happened to Anonani, and what happened to the Alphas? Well, dear reader, there is still more of this story to come. Be prepared for more adventure with the different relatives.