The young tiger mother turned and writhed in pain. Her cub was about to be born, and she was in much pain. She glanced down at her swelled belly. This didn't feel like any other cub she had given birth to.

As it began to happen, the dark cave she was in seemed to have a faint blue glow. A tiny squeal from the newly born cub echoed through the cave. The mother stretched behind her to lick her new baby tiger. It was a boy this time. He was bigger than most newborn cubs, and it happened quickly, too; he was strong.

The blueish light grew brighter and brighter, until the two tigers saw it directed to one place; the light swirled and shone in one spot by the far cave wall. The cub closed His eyes and curled up against His mother. She eventually had to shut her eyes, also.

When they opened them, a cool breeze wafted over them, lifting their fur. But what brought their attention was the tall, beautiful bird; like white-blue heron, a long crest hagning down from her head. It was Mira! Mother tiger struggled to her feet and bowed stiffly. Mira nodded her head and stepped forward.

"This cub that you have just had, he is to be blessed, and greatly admired by others." She said gently to the tigers.

Then she turned and with her powers, flashed an image against the cave wall.

"Five others have been born like this."  

Vauge images of a koala, panda, wolf, bunny, and monkey flickered on the wall.

"These amazing animals will one day save all the world of Jamaa. But keep this secret. Their power will be revealed in time." Mira said and smiled.

With that, the cubs eyes began to faintly glow white, and a growl came out from him; much louder that it should have been...

This is the story of Sir Gilbert's beginning. I will leave to your imagination how His power truly came to Him.