Ruby was walking slowly through the forest. It was a full moon and the whole place looked creepy and shadowy. The fox was cold, but she had to continue, she had no other chance...

Ruby's home was overtaked by phantoms who now used it for their new hive. She tried to find shelter, but the animals stayed hidden in their dens. No one was going to help a dirty, poor fox walking around Jamaa and searching for food. No one but the Alphas. That's why she went into the forest. She was searching for the Alphas and she had heard their home was in that direction.

Ruby felt she couldn't walk anymore, she was going to die. She suddenly saw a shadow quickly flashing trough the forest.

"Wh...who's there?"she asked. But the black wolf was gone.

Just when her hope was all gone, she saw a small house in front of her. It was an inn. Ruby went inside.

The inn was very small but warm and cozy. There were two rooms - the main room and a bedroom. In the main room the were few sturdy tables, a fireplace, a lemonade stand and some couches and chairs. There was a female seal in folk clothes who was the innkeper

"Excuse me... Do you have a room for me... I'm sorry, I don't have any gems..." Ruby said.

"No problem, dear, I will give you shelter, no need of gems." the woman smiled. This ws the first ever jammer that Ruby saw to don't want any gems. It was suspicous.

The innkeeper gave Ruby a nice room, it had white walls, a princess bed with a pillow and a vanity with a mirror, but there were no windows. Ruby put down her fox hat and sword and returned to the main room. There the seal made dinner. It was a fried chicken and a piece of cake. After eating it, Ruby returned to her room and quickly fell asleep.

Ruby woke up in the room. It was pretty dark and she sensed it was night. She stood up and saw she wasn't at the inn. This was a castle den and she was in its underground level.

All the furniture was there, but black and there was a cell with phantoms under the staircase. Ruby decided to go upstairs and ask the innkeper where is the WC, but the door was just a locked gate. Ruby grabbed her sword and broke the gate. She ran upstairs, frightened.

"Mrs. ...uhm, Inkeeper!" Ruby shouted while running trough the castle. The front gate was also locked, which meaned there was no exit. Ruby went to the 2nd floor, hoping to find the seal.

Suddenlly, while running, a shadow flashed.

This time Ruby was totally scared. She threw her sword in hopes to bleed the mysterious attacker, but it fell near a wall. She took it and saw a stain of black liquid similar to blood on the wall. She made few steps backward when she was grabbed by a giant chomper-similar-plant, attempting to eat her whole.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" she cried, trying to save herself. She used her sword to cut one of the plant's long tentacles and it left her. Suddenly, she was pulled by something big and black.

"What do we have here?" this was the black arctic wolf Ruby saw flashing in the forest and in the castle. His red eyes looked at her. "A little fox who seems to be very brave."

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Ruby cried. "Why are you doing this?"

"I want to rule all of Jamaa. I created this plant to pollute the land and smooch life out of its inhabitats. I was the inkeeper who brought you here. And now its time for you to DIE."

He then swallowed Ruby whole. All that left from her was her shadow.

From this day her soul wanders around Jamaa and sometimes go back to her old home. So if you see a suspicous shadow in a Small House Den, quickly run away.

Created by Elise the white swan