Bubushka ran, ran for his life from the monster commonly reffered to as a "Phantom". He grasped the key tightly in his hand while running endlessly
to a chomper plant, hoping it would save him, only to find that the chomper  was withered. Bubushka was gob-smacked. It wasn't before? Was it? He thought to himself.

He then scampered off to a patch of Tall grass, which saved him by an inch. He wondered what went wrong, why was the chomper withered and of course - Why didn't Cosmo save him?

Cosmo was in his little unique made den all made out of birch, complete with unsymmetrical rugs, circular windows and wooden pine shelves. Bubushka wandered in Cosmo's den, for the excitement to finally see one of the Legendary Alphas that was there. Ever since Bubs was a toddler and knew about Alphas, he always wanted to meet, be and have a conversation with the real animals. He had his moment with his favorite one - Cosmo.

But of course, Cosmo was at his desk, similar to the one that belonged to Greely, but entirely made of pine and had miniture koala sharply carved on the sides in an orderly fashion. The top of the desk was filled with numerous beige colored papers, made from reeds. Also, there was a quill and a bottle of ink, indicating we has been writing nearly all night, and there were a couple of delicously made sugar maple salads prepared in patterned walnut platters.

Bubs, again grasping the key firmly in his hand, decided to come closer to the Koala, who infact ,had his head down on a couple of pages, leading to a spine of a book that he had been writing. Bubushka saw the cover, and the title read. - "The life of a murderous Koala is never done". Bubs was amused by this, but also had feelings of paranoia, shaking in his spot and being plain scared.

What if.. What if Cosmo.. Is a killer? 

Bubs, unsure of this: Ran, to the door. But, as cosmo lifted his head slightly, he activated a trapdoor, that soon bubushka fell into! Cosmo, then smiles, with his blood stained teeth, and let out a maniac's laugh. The trapdoor seemed to do forever, twists and turns, then the passage went straight down, and bubs fell on the lower floor with a big THUD. Bubushka was sure Cosmo was a murderer, due to the fact of numerous slughtered animals, hanged, burned or just lying on the ground: stabbed to death. He wanted to find a way out, quickly. Before the murderous koala came, but it was too late. Cosmo came, with a huge box of cleaning materials, brooms, mops and other sorts of stuff like that.

"Will you clean this up for me?" Cosmo, said cheerfully.

Bubushka replied "S-sure W-why not." Bubs, was doomed after this point, as Cosmo gave him plenty of blood stained tools, and cleaning stuff. Then he whispered,

"You will end up like them, once your job is done!" Cosmo said with a smile.

For all bubushka knew, he could kill him in anyway in anytime. This was readily creepy for Bubs, as she wanted to live, and dream. Yet, this psycho Koala, kills all animals, that are fans. They wander in his den, then get trapped. They clean up a mess, then get killed themselves. This is why animals have gone missing, no one would ever look in a alphas house, especially Greely, and cosmos'. Bubs, needs to get out of here. This is basically a dungeon he was in, blood on the walls, ceiling and floor. Don't forget the dead aniamls swept into a bamboo cage left there, to rot. Bubushka began cleaning, but also looking around to find a way out. Then, oh then. Cosmo came once again.

"You're working to slow, I might as well kill you here and now.." He said in a mean, grumpy voice. He then added "The pain and torturing of animals is simply amusing to me, and Greely!" 

Bubs, thought: AND GREELY!? WHY GREELY!? WHY NOT LIZA!? OR GRAHAM!? BUT GREELY?! Cosmo, came closer and got his brass knuckles that were altered to have little blades at the end. He swiftly put them on, and began punching Bubs, as if he was a Punching bag, 

"Stop, P-plz.." Yelled Bubushka, hoping for it to end. Cosmo simply replied,

"You never go into stranger's houses, do you?" And still was at it, punching Bubs, weakening his flesh each time, then the last blow. Bubs went down, on tthe blood stained floor, numerous skin punctures squirted blood like a fountain. Cosmo, simply watched this, then another alpha came out of the shadows.

"Ah Greely, you're just in time!" Cosmo announced while his eyes locked onto the Koala.