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Contains: Cruel Violence. Romance.

Chapter 1: Introductions.

In a galaxy where Animals were anthros (Walk on 2 legs, smart, talk, etc like humans) and had their own system... For an example. The lovely Canine system with the planet Mutt that homes all of the dog breeds on it, and the lovely planet called Wolfe home all the wolves. But in this story we're going directy into the life of Anakin, a black and white demonic vamp fox. That's all the power he can store right? Wrong... that is barely 20% he has, let's speak about the past of the power no one knew he had.

Past of Anakin:

Anakin was just a wolf, a decent fighter, and a beginner shapeshift-Hates that word but is one anyway. He was in "The Travel's Break" nebula on a forest planet called "Slieth". To make this short and sweet, the police and a newly formed government only let rich people in their 2 towns. "Important people" only got dibs in the houses of the city, behind the towns. Some of the guards tried shot an innocent female coyote for begging over and over. Anakin swiftly grabs he pistol and shot the guard's knees, punch to the face, and a trip then a hard crush on the head. Anakin escort the poor away from the city. Let's fast forward a bit cause no one likes pasts much... or maybe just on Halo and Gears of War...

Before we get back on track, I would like you to know something. There are 2 types of Anthro. Type A and B. Type-A anthros had human legs, a mixture of paws and hands or just hands with paw pads, and a human chest. Type-B had legs with 2 knees like the orignal animals, hand paws that are flexible enough to hold something but Type-A can hold items easier, and a animal chest, they also have the ability to walk on 4 paws. Anakin in this part is a A-type.

Anthro Anakin

Example of Type-B (This isn't Anakin.)

Later, Anakin talked the poor in their camp, he asked for the poor's strongest and smartest men, once they got picked out, Anakin trained them to become Soldiers, some of questioned about their train, Anakin said he can't stand to be the poor get beat up. Eventally he formed a small squad, and sabotaged the town; causing random explosions, stole some things from the rich, and punched a few guards. They returned to the camp, thinking that the sabotage was a great thing. They kept on sabotaging and sabotaging until the rich jerks and the police or guards left the planet. The town is the home for the poor now. They adapt to their new homes.

Chapters 2: A strange power.

One day Anakin sensed something unusual... He felt weird... his pelt starts to crawl... it feels like something is calling to him... it starts to attract him... then he started seeing visions... A small and surprisingly young-looking fox with furry white chin, chest, socks, and stomach. He had two swords with the blades holographic-looking and the hilts were black with red symbols on it. The fox was lending an army... of syntheics... surprising for a robot... or droid... or whatever... they act like organics... smart... emotional... it's... unbelieveible. Their armor plates were orange equiped and were outfitted with basic weapony.

The visions changes the sence to the fox kissing a yellow and white collie... and said "I love you so much Lily... I would never let you go, leave you, or hurt you. I will be with you forever" the vision changes sences again. Showing the fox having a massive fleet. It looked like 12 Battleships, 3 Support Fortresses, 16 Cruisers and 30 gunboats. With hundreds of Fighters and intercepters patroling... and... some personal flies with aerial attachments... thrusters on their back and shoulders, how do they control the thrusters fused with them? It seems like the equipment has an invisible aura that read the users mind or maybe connect with the mind. The vision changes and flashes, showing the fox slaughtering thousands of different types of his enemies, the vision keeps flashing with blood everywhere, then it stops. Followed by a voice. "It may be Gory... but believe it or not... we're the hero like this... don't worry... the slaughter has a reason... you will find out... like I did... it's really not that bad... it was... necessary..." Anakin drops to the ground... and becomes unconscious... it could be possible he is mentally hurt...

Chapter 3: "I need to go"

In one of the buildings of the captured town, Anakin wakes up, with a huge headache too. He attempts to get up. But the headache interferes his strength and focus. He falls on the ground, making a loud thud. A rose pink type-A cat comes in and asks "Are you ok?" he answered "Yes... just a headache...". "Stay here I'm cooking something for you. You like spaghetti, right?" Anakin's face falls to the ground... "Love it" he muffled. As time passes he starts to recover from the headache. His spaghetti arrives as the cat puts it on the table by the bed he woke on. "I just show you, fainted, between here and the city. Oh and thanks for kicking their rears for us to live here. But don't you think peace would've a better opinion?" Said the cat. One of the guards almost shot a lady without hesitation, they're thugs." Said Anakin as he eats the spaghetti. "This tastes good by the way. And I need to go soon." "Thanks and why?" "Um... I need to scout... to make sure... um... they aren't anymore more jerks..."

He finishes the spaghetti and get his gear. "Ok... and are you tak-" "I need to go" Anakin sprints out of the house and towards the source of this weird sensation. The city was in the way, so he hikes around it, beat up some witnesses, and tried to run without break, didn't even drink water, whatever's attracting him, it's attracting him goooood. He reaches a military digging site, hold on... this planet is for Vacation, what are the galactic Military doing here. Oh wait, it's obvious, however, they digging blind, just picking random spot to dig and the result? Nothing! Anakin sneaks by a crane, and knocks out the worker. His plan: Basicly "Disable" any witnesses. Oh, don't worry. The estimation of witnesses here is 30. He could probably scare them off... but how...? He gets on the crane seat and pressed every button he could fine. Not professional but does the trick. It worked, the crane's claw just fell and crushed an unmanned vehicle. The workers and sentries freaked out, luckily the vehicle explodes and caused a chain reactions of more explosions. Everyone in the site ran away. The chain reaction made a huge hole to the source of what's calling Anakin. He jumps down and presued to the source.

Chapter 4: Embracing power

In the huge hole cause Anakin created, was covering a tomb of some sort. Anakin goes towards the enterance, but the doors were locked. Anakin tries to figure out how to open it, when he touched it the visions appear once again showing the fox lift up a wall and crushing his enemies with it followed by a voice "You will have great and superior powers to destroy your enemies and defend others..." the vision ends for now and the door is opened. He walks into the tomb, then a trapdoor opens under him and falls to a room. The visions appear again showing the fox leading the army of syntheics to battle. "You will be a leader..." said the voice. Anakin got up and one of the door open. Leading to a chamber. with a huge, steel, metal, diamond in the center, it was the source attracting Anakin.

It opens up... and puts Anakin's arms and legs into stasis, he can't move. "This will cause alot of pain... but it will end soon... and by soon this'll take dozens of minutes..." said the voice. Suddenly Anakin's body explodes with pain. He becomes smaller, his tail grows big, his face shifts and changes it, and... oh my... his bones in his legs, fingers, arms, and chest make a huge snap. He's changing from a type-A into a type-B! Painfully to add. after 6 minutes of transformation and pain. He changed into the fox in the visions. Oh... he's unconscious... I wonder what happens next.

(More will come later)