This is an Animal Jam, Warriors, and Pokemon crossover.

A normal Jammer is playing Flappy Bird  Swoopy Eagle, and finds something incredibly mysterious and unexpected.

This is a different version of Ridley the Space Lord, and what happened in Jamaa after Ridley takes Count. If you haven't read Ridley the Space Lord yet, then read the first 2 chapters to get what's going on, because this happens right after the end of chapter 2, and the story splits into two seperate fanfics, the rest of Ridley the Space Lord and this.

Chapter 1: Sarepia Forest Clans

AnimalJam 1


Sergeant Firebeast, also known as Falcon, was sitting on the floor of Sarepia Forest. He was trying his new Mech Angel Wings on, and suddenly a wolf ran towards him. "KILLS EAGLE NO MISS NO NOTHING!" it howled. Falcon ignored it. He was used to this, as Sarepia Forest is known for its infamous Warrior Cat clan RPs. "Hey, look, i'm still here." He cawed, winking. "IT'S CALLED ROLEPLAYING! I'M FIRESTAR THE CLAN CAT!" the wolf screeched. "Why are you a wolf then?" Falcon asked. "Wolves look better" the wolf said. Falcon was tired of clanners and their terrible arguments, but he knew he couldn't end it. "By the way, Tigerstar is coming! I need to fight for my life!" the roleplaying wolf said. "You have a life?! Wow! I never knew that you had a life!"

Before the clanners could react, Falcon took off into the air. While flying, he accidentally flew through the portal to Swoopy Eagle. "It's okay, maybe I can just fly into a cactu-". Something was odd about this game of Swoopy Eagle. Falcon got the feeling that something was different. He smelled something up ahead, but he had a poor sense of smell so he didn't know what it was. Then he came across the 7th cactus.

Chapter 2: F-F-Fire!

Not only was the cactus on fire, but there was a strange figure behind the flames. It blended in with the flames, and it had blue wings that flapped up and down. "Yes, I am male..." it growled in a deep voice. Before Falcon could ask who the creature was, it grabbed him with its sharp claws. "THE NAME IS CHARIZARD!!! We really need to go down.." it roared. Suddenly, Charizard stopped flapping his wings, held on to Falcon's wings and they both fell to the ground of Sarepia Forest, back with the clanners. "OH MIRA, THE DRAGON HAS A FRIEND!!! RUN!!!" a Panda said. Phantoms swarmed Sarepia Forest before any animal could get out. "You..." Charizard growled. "The Alphas are gone. We need to take over while there's still time!" a Phantom screeched. "WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Falcon cried. "This is for Ridley!" the draconic flaming reptile screamed, grabbing Falcon by the beak.

More coming soon!

Or soon enough.

I don't know.

But the Charizard's a hero, and so is Falco.