Flash of Feathers
Flash of Feathers


They did not know she was watching them, for she had hidden amongst the trees and thistles. But she listened to every word they said.

Her name was Rosy Arcticrose. Although with a cheery name, she was solitary, a warrior, although still young.

"..It's impossible," a voice said. "How could this happen?"

She heard a grunt, then another voice. "If one thing you should know about them, they do as they want."

"We are not safe...nobody is...but no one else must know..." said a third voice.

"Has Liza been notified?" asked the first.

"Liza let them in!" snapped the second. "And the other alphas approved."

"They do not know what they have done," said the third with a sigh.

The young fox listened intently, both curious and intent on what they were reffering to. Who was "them"?

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They were not safe from what? WHAT had the alphas done? Rosy knew whatever they were chatting on was important, and could shape Jamaa's future in some drastic way.

She leaned closer to the voices, however, the vine holding her back snapped, and she tumbled forward.

In panic, she quickly got to her feet, slid out her sword, and held it out in front of her. She was surprised to see a buck, a crocodile, and a bunny staring at her in confusion.

"Who are you?" asked the buck.

Rosy gripped on tight to her sword. "I am Rosy Arcticrose, and might I ask who the four of you are?"

"I'm Baron Spiritscout," said the buck.

"Me?" asked the croc. "Pioneer Roundclaw."

"I am Fuzzy. Fuzzy Snowyeyes," said the bunny.

Rosy slowly began to lower her sword.

"Are you a spy?" asked the croc.

"Spy? I work alone. And for who may I ask would I be spying for?" said Rosy, holding her sword firmer.

"So your just another clueless fox who can't mind her own business," remarked Pioneer.

Baron kicked him. "We were asking if you were one of them," he asked. "But it seems apparent you are not."

"Them?" asked Rosy.

"So you have not heard?" asked Fuzzy with a sigh. "If we can trust you to secrecy, we may need to tell you something."

"My lips are sealed, and I hardly share a single thing with any other," said Rosy.

The three animals exchanged a look. "They are coming. The large birds, eagles as some call them," said Baron.

"Yes, I have heard," said Rosy. "The alphas are apparently excited about it as well. What is wrong then?"

"You do not know about the eagles," said Fuzzy. "They are creatures of pure evil and destruction. They care of none other than tearing those apart. Although with a regular creature most could fend off. These are flying creatures, an unfair advantage, and they have used them for evil."

Rosy was confused. "Eagles are evil?" she asked.

The three nodded solemnly. "We found out originally by the owls," said Baron."You see, the owls and the eagles formed a conspiracy to raid Jamaa. The owls themselves were not to, but to allow the eagles to come and destroy. It was a pact made: the eagles destruct Jamaa, the owls are tended by them, cared for by them, eat off their plate, etc. Plus the owls wanted revenge for being shut and locked away from long ago, only to be released recently but still with a lead chain on them.

"However, my pet owl had heard of this but was against the idea. Jamaa was his homeland and he hated to see it die. He was locked up with all the other owls, yet seeked not revenge but a possible peaceful way of avoiding getting locked again. Once hearing the plans, he told us of it. There WOULD be something we could do but apparently the alphas had already accepted the eagles in."

"Jamaa shall fall apart," sighed Fuzzy.

"And everyone else is too stupid to avoid it," said Pioneer with a sneer. "Prepare for a raid of Jamaa. No bunny, wolf, koala, horse, raccoon, or any animal shall be safe. Heck, the phantoms will probably flee."

Rosy's eyes widened. She could picture it, Jamaa once beautiful until a large mob of feathers swooped by, next thing known: eagles holding bodies of bunnies in their beaks, dens set on fire, monkeys and deer lying dead, raccoons screaming, wolves howling, the ocean red with the blood of creatures, even the phantoms huddled up in a corner. Wings flapping by, horrible laughs...

She blinked and looked away. She turned to the forest, heart pounding on her chest. But then, she saw something. A pair of glowing red eyes, fixed right on her. Rosy's heart skipped a beat, and found herself frozen in that glance. Suddenly, the eyes disappeared, and all she saw was a flash of feathers.

She tried to swing her sword but it was no use. Whatever it was had disappeared.

She turned around to find the other three mysteriously gone as well. Once again she was alone.

Rosy headed back to the forest, when she heard a horrible, screechy voice say in her ear,

"Death shall be upon you, fox. Your ground will be stained red. The animals of Jamaa shall fall and the Flash of Feathers WILL rise!"
Flashoffeathers eagle