A Crocodile named King Stinkytoes wanted a date. He said "IF U LIKE ME COME TO MY DEN!".  A pretty arctic wolf named Princess Arcticwolf came. When King asked her to kiss him, She first yelled, "HAYUKAN!" , then kissed King. King Flew across his Hacked Dungeon den! Princess said "You stupid idiotic Nightmaric Scamming Stealing Hacking Kissing piece of TRASH!".  Then, King said "Dolls. Just Dolls." Princess's Nametag disguise started peeling and so did her Animal's costume. She turned into a Blood-Red and Pitch-black dragon, and I don't mean Crocodile. I mean LITERAL FLAME THROWING DRAGON! Her Nametag said "Online Daterssuck".

Then, She opened her mouth. King was ready for the worst. A huge fireball came from her mouth. King was unable to dodge, and was turned to a Pile of ashes. She turned back into Princess Arcticwolf as the Alphas praised her with Glory.