Years ago, when Jamaa was conquered by Phantoms, there was a little island next to it named Holinia Isle.

There was only one familly living in there. The family was a octopus who was named Takoyama-san (her father) and there was a majestic wolf named Majora Masquerettetia (Her mother) ,and there was one little wolf pup named Snowflake Shylily.

Her middle name, "Shy",  fit her well as she was really shy. She liked to swim, so she swam all day, and ALL NIGHT.She just loved to!

But one night there was a awful storm and it made the sea go crazy and somehow she drowned.

The next day she was found on Jamma's Crystal Sands laying unconcious, until a panda poked her to see if she was awake. Snowflake Shylily was knocked out. The panda sighed sadly and the panda was Liza, the Panda Alpha.Liza whispered to herself "Oh boy, you need to get to Greely the Wolf Alpha.." , Liza grabbed Snowflake Shylily gently and carried her to Greely.

Snowflake Shylily was on a little bed, Snowflake Shylily slowly woke up and felt strange. She noticed that her eyes had changed and she felt something in her chest fur.They were octopus tentacles. She needed somehow to cover them up.

Snowflake Shylily asked with a rather strange roboticly voice than her normal cheery voice "Uhh guys do you know how to cover these things?" Snowflake Shylily showed her chet fur where some tiny octopus tentacles grew.

Greely said "Unusual for a normal wolf. Well,what were your parents?"

Snowflake Shylily said "Well my dad was a octopus, while my mom was a normal wolf."

Greely was surprised. "How on Jamma can a octopus have kids with a wolf?!"

Snowflake Shylily said "Well magic stuff happens."

Greely found some stuff to cover up the octopus tentacles. They were a Top hat,a Heart Locket,some Spirit armour, elf bracelets, and tail armor.

Years passed, and she was 16 years old, ready to fight the phantoms.

When she got in the war, she met up with a Bunny who was part Phantom like Snowflake Shylily was a part Octopus. The bunny got Snowflake Shylily a Nickname it was "Nunya" and "Nunya" nicknamed her "Dani".

They did everything together, they got Slender Wolf as a pet and it was Nunya's pet.

And now you know the story of the octowolf named Snowflake Shylily.

                                                                THE END