WARNING: May scare some young readers. BE WARNED

It was 8 years ago, when I was 10. I was playing this cool online game called Animal Jam, AJ for short.  You make an animal and play around. I was my favorite animal, a cheetah. Pretty simplistic. But for 10 year old me, it was the best thing since the Wii. My friends and I would go on everyday after school. Even when Animal Jam was closed, we'd hack into the system and play. 

One day, though, we broke the limits. AJ was going on maitenence and there was nothing else to play. I called up my friends, Tina and Marco, and told them we needed to hack it.  They understood and came over in a split second. Now, I can't remember everything that went on when hacking, so let's just get to the important part. When Marco finally broke into the game, we played in the empty servers. We even played a game of tag. I was it so I ran like the cheetah I was to catch my buddies. 

" Haha! Can't catch me, Mythical Tinystar! "  Marco chanted to me

" In your dreams! "  I replied

When I caught him I didn't touch Marco's animal, I stabbed it in the back with my Nonmember Sword. Blood splattered on the screen and slowly dripped. I swore to Tina it wasn't me, but the game itself.  She didn't trust me. She tried to go  offline, hoping she wouldn't be next....

" Mythical Tinystar, YOU'RE INSANE!  " she screamed at me.

She was next to be gruesomely killed. This time, she was shot in the face with a Rare Bow and Arrows. I looked next to me and told Marco and Tina to just make a new account, but they were dead too. Tina with an arrow in her face and Marco with a knife in his back. My actions in-game killed them in real life. Suddenly, when I was all alone, the screen I was playing on was clear from blood, but had another sight. It showed the words:  " YOU'RE IT. WHOEVER SPEAKS YOUR NAME SHALL DIE. IN-GAME OR OUT. "  I was shaking in fear.  Suddenly, a banshee was slowly creeping out of the screen, claws tearing my arm to shreds.  Just in a matter of seconds, the banshee was fully out of the screen. I tried to run out my door, but It was locked. There was no escape, no matter how hard I tugged the door. The foul ghoul entered my body, controlling me at times. 

I am It. Nobody speaks my name anymore, in fear of being murdered. Everybody knows to never speak the name of me. It's been on the news, in magazines, and internet. Whoever does try to speak my name will be stabbed endlessly in the heart. I wish this cruel world would end. I am writing this in a prison, locked up until the banshee leaves to another body. My parents spoke my name and they are dead. My friends are dead. The cellmates are dead. 8 years of pure demise before my eyes. Help me.  

DO NOT SPEAK THE NAME OF   Mythical  Tinystar  OR SHE GETS YOU....