Just pixels..


Has anyone wondered what happened when you recycled a Animal for gems? I have a theory what happens to the animal.

There was once a Jammer who always deleted his animals, and never knew what happened to them.

He only kept his fox, which was named Master Cool spirit. He did not care about his wolf that he started with. Not in the the slightest bit because when he got a membership, he just deleted the wolf.

But one day, he saw a wolf that looked like the wolf he started with. The wolf got closer and closer to Master, then the wolf disapeared and got in the Jammer's Animal avatar list. The wolf was a deep dark gray color, with red X eyes and a red thunderbolt pattern. On the floor of the wolf's window were some drops of red, as if the wolf was bleeding.

The Jammer tried to delete it, but a error message came on that said "Do you know my pain?" having  "Yes" or "No" buttons. The Jammer clicked "No".The Error Message window closed, the AJ gameplay window glitched, and 10 seconds later it stopped. The Jammer was teleported to Sarepia Forest,  and no people there but the Jammer and his deleted animals. The animals were a bunny, a giraffe, a octopus, a penguin , an arctic wolf, and an eagle. Finally, the wolf came out of the Animal Avatar list.  They all said "YOU KILLED US, YOU SENT US TO PIXEL UNDERWORLD

." And they came closer and closer, and they all left bloody wounds on Master Coolspirit. Then, the octopus sprayed poisonous acid-like Ink on Master Coolspirit, and all of the fox was left was just bones.

And they and the fox's skeleton said "

"NO PLZ STOP IT HURTS!!!!!!!" and the player wet his pants.

                                                                                               THE END