Once there was a beautiful young Arctic Wolf, who had a red hood that her mother gave her ever since she was little. Her name was Howline. Howline was often known as little red Coyote Hood by the community. But, all she cared about was her red hood, who made it happen.

One day, Howline's mother had a favor for her to do.

"Take these sugar biscuits to your dear nanny. She is sick at home, and needs a cure. These biscuits will do", said her mother.

Howline promised to not meet any old phantom on the way- the path leading to her Nancy's den had a phantom nest hidden somewhere in the trees. The path started in Sarapia Forest, all the way to Jamaa Township where Nanny lives.

Howline took the biscuits with her, and on the way..... She saw a big bad phantom disguised as a new jammer!

"Hello!", said the phantom. "I'm new to Jamaa, but I'm lost! Can you help me?"

Howline nodded. "Of course!", she said. "I'm happy to help!"

The phantom turned over to his fellow phantoms and gave them a sly smile and a wink. Then he turned over and followed Howline down the path. But on the way there... The phantom said:

"You must be tired. You can take a little rest. I think it's about close enough, I could get to my den now", said the phantom.

But Howline believed the phantom! The phantom laughed mischievously and snuck to Nanny's den.

Later, Howline noticed her beak was too long! She ran to her Nanny's den and came inside. Then she knocked her hood off and fluffed it, and ran to her Nanny's room.

There the phantom was, now disguised as Howline's nanny. "Hey Nanny! I have a surprise that could cure your sickness!", said Howline.

"Oh great!", said the phantom. "May I try one?"

"Sure!", Howline said sweetly, but as she took a biscuit out of the basket and handed it to the phantom, she noticed extra legs tucked inside the covers.

"My, how many legs do you have, nanny?", asked Howline, scared and confused.

"Enough legs to hug you with", the phantom replied.

"Oh, what big eyes you have, nanny!", said Howline.

"Big enough to stare at you and EAT YOU UP!"

"Aaah!" Howline screamed for help.

Suddenly, The phantom broke out of his disguised and spit out Howline's nanny!

"Howline! Thanks! We're you the one who fed the phantom the biscuit and it landed in my mouth when it got in his stomach!"

Howline gasped! The phantom was injured, but he was mad. Meanwhile, a hunter was walking in the woods. He was trying to get rid of the phantom nest when he saw Nanny's den. He came in. Then he saw the big bad phantom and said, let's get rid of the nest. Howline and her Nanny and the hunter did a great job getting rid of the phantom nest. THE END!