Warning! It may creep out some users below the age of 11! Otherwise it should be okay for those who are 11 and above.

Snowflake Skypaw was the most normal wolf you would ever see. She was nothing but white with a grey underside with dark green eyes. She was shy, modest, kind, loyal, and would do anything for a friend of hers even if it involved death. 

There had been recent rumours around Jamaa about a secret place that was top secret and could only be accessed by the AJHQ staff. They said it was a scary, dark and misty place that was deserted - they even said that a spirit dwelled amongst it, its name unknown and its appearance unknown.

But if you talk about Snowflake, that was just plain nonsense to her. It was a kid's game, for goodness' sake! Why on earth would AJHQ create such a place?

Meanwhile, her friend Flora Arcticclaw was talking to her about the actual story of the secret place. It was a legend untrue. "They say that the deepest and darkest place of all Jamaa was Deep Blue. But it is not. It's full of harmless anglerfishes in there, and no more. The real place you'll get spooked out by is the... The Fog." She had said.

Snowflake rolled her eyes. "You know, Flora, that's just an old tale." She told her friend. "But Snowflake! A spirit dwells there. Nobody knows their name. Nobody knows what it looks like. Nobody knows what animal it is. Nobody knows if the spirit exists. And the only way to find out is..."

Snowflake bit her lip. This myth was going to go on forever, even when it was clear in front of all the animals' own noses that the story was not true, and never will be.

"Is to hack the AJ staff." Flora finished. I stood agape. Hacking?! Now this was going overboard. Then I got this tingly feeling. Every Jammer said that the story of 'The Fog' was true, and the only way Snowflake could possibly find out and prove those Jammers wrong is if she actually knew how to find The Fog.

But that was by hacking the AJ staff. Snowflake had never, ever hacked in her entire life. She was too scared to see what the results were if she even tried.

"Don't worry, Snowflake, I do it all the time." Flora reassured her. "So THAT'S how you got that rainbow elf tail armour every Jammer went drooling after." Snowflake pointed out. Flora grinned. "That's rather true, my friend."

"If my BFF can do hacking so easily, then I don't see a problem with doing it myself." Snowflake said confidently.

"That's good!" Flora exclaimed. She put up the big grinning emoticon. "I'll email you all the details." She said, and then she logged off Animal Jam.

Snowflake grinned excitedly and logged off AJ, shutting down her computer lid. She couldn't wait to get that email from Flora.

Later that night, Snowflake skipped dinner and insisted for her parents to let her stay online for longer at night. They agreed, if only she got back to bed by 9:30pm. 

Snowflake glanced at her watch. It was 8:40pm. She had plenty of time. So she opened up her computer and checked her email. There were no new messages other then free ice-cream coupons and a real life friend's message saying "Hey, what's up?" 

In disappointment, Snowflake closed down her laptop and began to read a book for a while. 

She finished her book by 9:00pm. She frowned. Time was ticking by fast. She needed to get that email as soon as possible, she only had 30 minutes to spare.

Checking her email again, nothing new. And again. Nothing. It was getting late and it was already 9:51pm, past what she should've gone to bed at, and her hair was scruffy and messy, her eyes were wide and you can see red lines in the eyebulb, and she was gaining a headache.

"Maybe I should get a little shut-eye before I receive that email." She murmured, turning off her computer and lying down on bed. She couldn't get to sleep 5 minutes later. She pretended that she was asleep for the next 4 minutes as her parents were getting ready for bed.

Once her parents were asleep, Snowflake got up from bed and snuck over to her desk. She opened up her laptop. She glanced at her watch. 10:00pm. She then checked her email once again. Ding! A noise went from the computer. The email! She thought, reading over the new message.

To: Lily Anderson (

From: Daisy Shine (

Subject: The details

Hey snowflake. U needed info on hacking AJ staff for that room, titled as "The Fog". Well here I tell u what u do.

1. Log in on aj

2. type in exactly this in your chat box "ghahackzanimalj@m^mehgod!fr!hhghtens#hashtag$monej%p%%%%()()the_fog_"

3. Your computer will freeze at the total of 3 minutes. Do not be scared by this. Then a new, small window will open up saying "Username: b3t@AJ_STAFF_" . Once you read over it, 10 seconds later, a button will appear saying "Open b_3_t_@_A_J_S_T_@_F_$" and then the AJ Staff login page will open. Type in the box for Username: "b3t@AJ_STAFF_" and for the Password, just simply type in "thefog"

4. The user's Dashboard will open up. This, in fact, is the user that created The Fog. Go to "Created Files" and search through. If you find "The_Fog_" , then click on it. It'll show you an editing page with the basic sketch of the spooky place. *shudder* then click the button at the top right corner, "Open file at a user's pro" and then there's ANOTHER login. Just type in your own AJ username and password and click "Login", and then it'll bring you to The Fog.

Done! Believe me, Lil, I've done this before! It's just as simple as that!

Snowflake stood agape at her friend's very detailed step by step guide on hacking that AJ Staff member into overlooking The Fog. Soon, she logged onto Animal Jam and did exactly what Flora said. She succeeded as she reached the AJHQ Member's Dashboard. She checked out Created Files, but she couldn't find "The_Fog_" .

"Hmm, strange. I will have to search it then I guess." Snowflake said, she typed in the search box, "The" and all sorts of results appeared. She searched through them. She suddenly found a file entitled with 'The_Fog_"

"Ah ha!" Snowflake shouted, clicking on it. And then she did the rest of what Flora told her to do. She then opened up AJ and found her avatar Snowflake Skypaw in a misty, dusty, deserted place. She had found The Fog itself!

She wandered through, curious. "This is so cool," she whispered to herself, "Why couldn't I try this... hacking business earlier?" 

She grinned, having fun in The Fog, but soon it got very boring. She wandered around the mysterious place, with nothing left to do. "Boredboredboredboredbored." She muttered. She couldn't leave the room though. She may never be able to open up this file again.

An hour later, she still had nothing to do. It was now 11:00pm. She had a hard time trying to find something to do. That was, until she spotted a faint outline of another wolf. 

"Hello?" Snowflake called out.

The wolf stepped closer in view. "Hello, Snowflake." He whispered, half-rasped, in a sinister, deep voice that didn't sound friendly to Snowflake.

"H-hi." Snowflake stammered. The mysterious shadow walked up to her a little more closer. She jumped a little in fright as he whipped out a bloodied claw, with dried gore on it. 

Snowflake began trembling in here. "Wh-who are you?" She murmured, scared right to the bone.

"I, am the mysterious MistDeath. AJHQ created me... and forgot about me... But when I started murdering all the Jammers in the game they threw me in this terrible new place." He whispered. Now that sounded familiar to Snowflake.

"I-I'm not sure if I've heard of you before..." She stuttered. "Oh, my dear Snowflake, every animal has heard of me. Didn't you hear them? Including your little friend Flora? They spread so called rumours about this place, and those Jammers who don't believe in me learn that the hard way." He explained. Snowflake gulped.

"Help me, my dear. Help me get my revenge on AJHQ and all of Jamaa." He murmured, "Come with me The one and only MistDeath." 

Snowflake thought about this for a while. "No," she said defiantly. "I'm forever loyal to my friends." MistDeath snorted. "Well, well, loyal to your friends? You'll be loyal to me once I TAKE YOUR CONSCIENCE!!!!!!" He laughed. His eyes glowed bright orange, and orange light filtered The Fog. Snowflake's eyes were filled with the orange light, and so was her body.

MistDeath's spirit faded away and he slipped into Snowflake's body. He had now possessed her. She belonged to him. He grinned wildly.

Snowflake felt light-headed, and blacked out. The next morning, she was in her virtual den. She woke up, but something changed about her. As she woke up, her eyes were no longer the beautiful pine-green colour they used to be. Her eyebulbs were now orange and glowing, but her pupil and iris were a deep, dark orange. She had been possessed and corrupted by MistDeath.

"Good morning, my beautiful Jamaa." She sighed. She had a slight demonic change to her voice. She padded out of her den. This is the day I get revenge on every Jammer that AJ has ever had, and avenge my imprisonment! She thought darkly, cackling to herself. 

That evening, she stalked to Jamaa Township. She saw her friend Flora. Flora's eyes gleamed and she grinned. "So, how did you go with that hacking plan?" She asked.

"Great." Snowflake said. Flora glanced at her in shock and spooked-out-ness. Her friend's eye colour had changed to an orange-reddish colour, not that charming grass green she used to have. Her voice also sounded very demonic to her too. But she shrugged it off quickly. Maybe she had hacked Colour Changes as well as The Fog.

"Did you find the room?" Flora asked. "What room?" Snowflake asked. "You know, The Fog." She said. Snowflake's eyes suddenly flashed a very, very bright orange. "The Fog, you say?" She sneered, slicing out her blood-stained claws which were as sharp as hell. Flora's eyes widened in shock.

"Y-yes." She stammered. Snowflake spun around, she raised the paw with the claws flexed on. She held up her scary claws to Flora's throat, gently holding up her chin with a talon. And then, she stared deep into Flora's eyes, her eyes glowing maliciously, the colour getting deeper and deeper.

"You belong to me." She hissed. Flora's eyes changed colour. They were the same colour as Snowflake's eyes. "Yes, oh faithful owner." She said with a demonic change in her voice. Snowflake cackled and turned her into mist. 

"DarkLight, resume your quest. I banish you to The Fog, where you shall do my job." Snowflake hissed, as she gave Flora, no, DarkLight, her new name.

Before DarkLight faded away for good, Snowflake bit deep into Flora's neck with her long, humoungous fangs. and slithered her creepy talons along Flora's side, and then she slammed her into the ground, and cracked her neck. Snowflake grinned. "I should call myself MistDeath now." She said to herself. And then she vanished.

At night time in Jamaa, it was Halloween. The entire time MistDeath had been plotting and hacking The Fog, Jammers were preparing for Halloween from left to right.

Ah, Halloween, she murmured, one of my most favourite nights of all. She then crouched down low to the ground, creeping up behind a bush, where she spied all the young Jammasian animals gather in the large spiral imprinted on the floor of Jamaa Township. She grinned as she eavesdropped, her eyes like burning flames.

When she knew that the time was right, she leapt out of the bushes, snarled, bared her fangs, and showed every Jammer who blood-stained claws. 

Every Jammer gasped and huddled together in terrirozing fright. "I am the mysterious spirit MistDeath, the creature that dwelled The Fog for all these years! It is my duty tonight, that I get revenge on YOU ALL!!" She cackled, rushing forward. Every Jammer began to ran, but as soon as possible, MistDeath caught up to them too soon. "You can never run from MistDeath!" She yelled, slashing them to pieces with only a few claws on only one paw.

Later, when AJHQ knew about all this havoc, they overviewed Jamaa Township, bloodied, motionless, gory, and deceased bodies filtered the clearing, blood pooling on the streets. Looking deep into their files, they discovered that MistDeath was on the loose again, portraying as an actual Jammer.

They all worked hard. For hours. Eventually, they banished MistDeath to The Fog again, and AJHQ were taken by surprise as they realised that the true Snowflake Skypaw was revived as MistDeath's spirit slipped out, and so was Snowflake.

MistDeath yelled and screamed as he was turning to mist once again, his long claws grappled onto Snowflake, and they eventually pulled her off the ground and he grabbed her, and as he turned to mist, so did Snowflake, and they were both banished to The Fog.

But the slayed Jammers were never revied again.

~That's it guys! This took me 35 minutes to make, literally. This is amazing work! One of my best fanfics so far. Sorry if the ending was a bit rushed, I just haven't eaten yet, and now it's 4:45pm. Ugh. Bye guys! Thanks for reading!~