Fabulous Frozenbelle was always annoyed with clanners. She simply hated them. Not only are they idiotic and violent (in her opinion), but there was one incident she had with a clan that she’d never forget.

Fabulous never understood why clanners would use wolves instead of real cats for clans. Wolves looked nothing like cats! Also, she hated how violent they were. They would even kill other Jammers! So one day, she decided to patrol around Jamaa, waiting for a Jammer to advertise a clan. Until that one day when she saw a black and gray Member wolf with a sword and a fox hat, shouting, “WindClan my den!!!” Fabulous smirked, and saw the opportunity to troll clanners, which was what she loved doing. She constantly annoyed, questioned, and sometimes even insulted them for pleasure.

So Fabulous, as her tiger, went to that Jammer’s den.

The den was a volcano den, with dark wallpaper and furniture that was very clan-like. There were many Jammers there. What disgusted her was that all of them were wolves wearing fox hats, bow and arrows, elf bracelets, swords, and headdresses. Fabulous scoffed and started dancing her special tiger dance, yelling, “Tigers make better warrior cats!! And warrior cats don’t wear fox hats and swords!”

The warrior wolves stared at her in disgust, and whispered to each other, “Who does she think she is?”

“She should go grovel to twolegs for all I care!”

“What a mouse brained, dumb kittypet!”

Fabulous was barely stung by the insults as she danced and shouted more insults. Just then, the “leader” of the clan, who happened to be the wolf advertising the clan, stepped forward and growled. He leaned forward to her and said, “Why don’t you go and fly to the moon with your twolegs, kittypet!”

“I’m not a kittypet; I’m simply a warrior cat wanting to join a clan,” Fabulous replied.

“You are not a cat, you’re just a lump of fur with a girly name dancing like an idiot!” the leader growled.

Fabulous then stumbled and tripped over her paws on the stoned floor. She looked up at the wolf, who was glaring at her with pure hatred. The other wolves smirked and continued their leader’s retorts, “Yeah, you piece of mouse dung, you dance like a two-toed fox!”

“Cat, huh? With that flat muzzle and those short ears? With those fat paws and skinny tail?”

“I bet you’re the worst dancer with paws like that!”

“You don’t belong here!”

“Go and eat twoleg sludge, you striped freak!”

“You’re not a warrior!”

Fabulous had not been insulted as bad as this. She found that tears were flowing from her eyes onto the ground. She wiped her eyes with a paw and stood up shaking. “Awww, does the little kittypet need her twolegs to cuddle her?” a wolf sneered at her and pushed her. “Go on, stay with your twoleg friends, I bet they’d love to feed you so much you’ll be too fat to pounce!”

The wolves giggled at this remark. Fabulous stood up and dashed out of the den, away from the sniggering warriors, and all the way to her den, where she broke down in sobs.

You might think she had learned her lesson, but a month later, she plotted revenge.

By then, Fabulous had earned herself a beautifully polished sword from Adventures. If they insulted her again, she’ll respond with violence, then they’ll know how it feels!

She remembered where the leader’s den was, so she ventured there, and braced herself for taunts. If they did, her paw would stray to her sword.

She found the wolves sitting together, most likely having a clan meeting. A white and pale gray wolf, wearing bow and arrows and a fox hat, saw her, and barked, “Intruder!”

The black and dark gray leader spotted her, and a low growl sounded in his throat. He stood up and padded over to her. “So you’re back, eh, kittypet? How are your twolegs doing?” he smirked and twitched an ear. The rest of the wolves got up and smiled evilly at the tiger. The pale wolf who had called her out before came up next to the leader and muttered, “What should we do with her, Darkstar?”

The leader wolf replied, “I’ll make sure she gets what she deserves. Stay back, Grayclaw.”

“Yes, Darkstar.” He dipped his head and backed away in the swarm of other wolves.

“Thank you, my loyal deputy. Now, as for you, kittypet-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Fabulous had unsheathed the sword resting on her back and slashed his face. A large cut oozed blood onto the floor. Darkstar snarled, “Oh, so you want to fight me then, eh?”

Fabulous retorted, “You wil humiliate me no longer! I won’t stand for this! So you could be a real warrior, or a mouse-hearted coward!”

The other wolves gasped at this remark. “No one calls the leader a coward!” a warrior wolf whispered to his clanmate.

The clanmate replied, “Hopefully Darkstar will finish her off.”

The dark wolf unsheathed razor-like claws, and declared, “If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get.”

He crouched to the floor, and pounced on top of her. He slashed his claws where he could. He grinned to the sight of blood flowing freely from the tiger’s wounds.

Fabulous lashed out at him as well and bit his ear, almost tearing half of it off. The wolf yelped in pain and responded by clawing her face and latching his teeth around her throat. Through a mouthful of thick fur, he mumbled, “You could surrender, kittypet, or you can die for what you’ve done.”

Fabulous strained against the teeth tearing away the flesh at her neck. “I’ve done nothing! You and your sniveling “warriors” insulted me, hurt me, treated me like dirt, and you say it’s my fault?!”

“You disturbed us, interrupting clan business. Your thick-headed self couldn’t leave us alone. You made a big mistake messing with us!”

Fabulous let out an ear-piercing shriek as his teeth completely crushed her throat. Blood welled out of her neck as she slumped to the floor. Darkstar grinned and turned to his warriors, watching them chuckle with glee.

Grayclaw stepped forward and implied, “She was a feisty one, wasn’t she? For a kittypet.”

Darkstar nodded and replied with a sneer, “Yes, she was. I think she learned her lesson now…in death.

Now, my friends, you are aware of the tragic death of Fabulous Frozenbelle, the Jammer who hated clanners. If only she left them alone, then she wouldn’t have payed for her actions in death. Now you know never to mess with clanners….