Jammers think we're dangerous. They hate us. But they don't know the truth. We weren't born black. At first, we were living happily in Jamaa, with Mira, (thumb|link=File:Download_(2).jpgwas) our mother. But one day she brought six animals to Jamaa. The first Alphas: Liza, Peck, Greely, Gilbert, Cosmo and Graham. They didn't like us. Liza, the oldest of them told Mira she has to ban us from Jamaa because we're evil. Mira was heartbroken, we were her children. But we were evil. She left Jamaa the same day. The Alphas overtook Jamaa and brought several animals to our land. Liza told them we will kill them if not stopped. This was the beginning of the Phantom War. We were trapped in the Phantom Lands. But we want our home back. We just wanted to be free. And we had to become evil. This is the truth.

My name is Blacky Blacknight and I am a half animal half phantom hybrid. I am one of the best warriors in the phantom army and I fight to save my people. This is my story.

More coming soon... or not