(This is a Metroid and Animal Jam crossover for the most part, but Pokemon, Super Smash Brothers, and EarthBound are in chapter 5. Sorry if the writing seems lazy or cheap, I'll improve it later.)

WARNING: Chapter 4 is extremally bloody, is supposed to sound like a creepypasta, and is slightly disturbing. Have fun! c:thumb|500px|link=File:Ridley_First_Encounter.png

A crocodile decides to go take a trip to Mt. Shiveer to get some cocoa, but instead of cocoa, he finds an alien reptile from another universe.

Chapter 1: An Explosion


Count Desertstone



It was an average day in Jamaa. A crocodile named Count Desertstone was walking around Jamaa Township, getting his daily "WHAT FOR SPIKE" and "WHAT FOR TAIL" messages. Getting annoyed by all of this, he decided to go to the Cocoa Hut in Mt. Shiveer by going through Saerapia Forest. While crawling through Sarepia Forest, he heard an explosion followed by some sort of strange, loud roar. Before Count could react, loud voices screamed "GUYS THERE'S A PTERODACTYL AT MT. SHIVEER!" and "OMG OMG DRAGON!" as numerous animals came in. "Let me guess, some roleplay?" Count tried to go to Mt. Shiveer, only to find out it was full. "Julian2 is online, I guess." After 3 minutes of Mt. Shiveer being full, Count finally got there, only to see that there was a strange creature there after all, and it was right on top of the tip of the mountain.

"Now, I will end this" the creature said, and then it shot a fireball from it's mouth. It was not for decoration: it actually made every Jammer that had clicked on Ridley at least once to lose the animal they were currently using along with any items it was wearing. A group of seals that were trying to break the ice watched in horror as the ice broke apart as they crashed into the water and were all transported to Deep Blue. 3 Eagles who were exploring the skies escaped to their dens in fear, and a group of Wolves who were doing a Warriors Roleplay ran into Sarepia Forest. Count, who was near the entrance from Sarepia Forest, was the only animal left. "I know I should be scared..." He whispered, "but I need to see who this is..." His heart was beating quickly as he walked closer and closer as the creature spread its wings.

Chapter 2: The Dragon

Count closed his eyes, cleared his mind of all thoughts, and ran right into the creature's somewhat soft, yet defensive scales. The winged creature glared at him with his orange and yellow eyes. "OH MIRA I'M SO SORRY PLEASE DON'T KILL ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I WILL DO ANYTHING ANYTH-" suddenly, the creature slammed Count's snout into the ice. "You talk too fast." It said. "Hey, uhh, what's your name?" Count asked. "Ridley." the creature replied. "I am the leader of the Space Pirates, and I'm afraid I have no time to talk anymore." He made the same strange and loud roar he made when Count was in Sarepia Forest, and a ton of animals came into Mt. Shiveer as another explosion happened behind Ridley.

After the sudden explosion, there was a large portal that looked like a spinning galaxy. "Oh, and you are coming with me, insignificant water-based reptillian lifeform." He grabbed Count, and held him up in the air. "LET... ME... GO!" Count growled as he was trying to bite Ridley's palm. Before he could, Ridley flew into the portal, and it closed. The animals that were in Mt. Shiveer went insane, and many sent letters to AJHQ. Right when everybody was going to leave, the Alphas came to Mt. Shiveer to investigate the wreck as the animals watched. "What creature would be able to scorch permafrost this bad? It can't be a Phanton, because they don't leave behind 3-clawed footprints..." Greely said, looking closely at the footprint. "Something seems out of place here..." Cosmo said. The other Alphas came around, and then Sir Gilbert looked at a strange rock with marks like that of a red Lava Glove with a purple R in the middle. The tiger alpha turned over the rock, and then noticed a star on the back.


NOTE: After this, the events of Flaming Scales take place, and the story splits into two seperate stories. Flaming Scales is about what happens in Jamaa happens after the Universal Stone is found, and the rest of Ridley the Space Lord is about what happens to Ridley and Count.

Chapter 3: A Hole in Space and Time

The inside of the portal was like a long tunnel with lots of colors and pictures flashing on the walls. "Ugh... Let... Me... Go..." Count muttered. "You seriously think that this is easy for me, do you? It isn't. I have to ignore the fact I might be practically flying to my death when I go through Space Rips." Ridley told the crocodile, tearing up a bit. "Space Rips?" Count regretted asking that question for a few seconds, thinking it would be some sort of killer weapon, but he got a response from Ridley. "Yes, Space Rips. They allow you to go anywhere ever. ANYWHERE. However, they are incredibly dangerous. They cause explosions when traveling to a far away place, and if you try to use them to meet yourself in an alternate universe, in the future, ect, they can actually destroy an entire section of existance. Also, these flashing colors can be deadly if you are easily distracted by bright things, unlike me." Count noticed the shapes on the walls, and he saw numerous pictures. Mira, Zios, the Phantoms, Ridley breathing fire, and a bag of Gems were all that he could see until he heard a roar, but not just any roar.

It was the bone-chilling roar of Sir Gilbert, and he was followed by all of the other Alphas, who were riding on a robotic version of Mira that was about the size of Ridley. Peck was holding a strange rock with marks like that of a red Lava Glove with a purple R in the middle. "I FORGOT TO GET THE UNIVERSAL STONE!" Ridley shreiked. "Give the crocodile back." Greely howled. Ridley flew incredibly fast to get away. "ACK, RIDLEY! STOP! I MIGHT LOSE MY FOX HAT!" Count screamed. "I HAVE TO-" the Mira mecha bit Ridley's tail, and he was flung backwards into the Space Rip, and then something burned his wings. "...DON'T LET GO! DON'T LET GO, RIDS!" However, Ridley fainted, and right before Count was going to try to get the help of the alphas, Ridley crashed through the bottom of the Space Rip and the entire Space Rip seemed to explode into nothingness.

Chapter 4: Inexplictable Possibilities

"W...Where am I...?" Ridley woke up in some sort of empty, dark blue universe. His wings were suddenly back, as if they were never burned. There was nothing there. Nothing but a mirror. "What is this doing here...?" Ridley
Ridley the space dragon metroid by gregzilla14-d4ywtt3
looked into the mirror, and found a horrifying image. It was him, but with blood all over his teeth, claws, tail, and legs. "YOU ARE EVIL AND YOU KNOW IT." The reflection said in a voice that was a G-Major version of his that echoed through the area. "...Oh, well..." Before Ridley could say anything


else, the reflection came out of the mirror and pulled him inside of the mirror. "YOU ARE EVIL. AND. YOU. KNOW IT!!" The inside of the mirror was all of Ridley's nightmares thrown into one place. Blood was on the walls, the bloody reflection replaced Ridley's shadow, Giygas appeared to be all over the floor, and the sky was black with dark purple clouds saying the words "BANNED FROM THE WORLD', but he found something that seemed like a relief. It was his old friend, Crocomire! "Hey, Crocomire! It's been a while!" Crocomire smiled a bit. "Oh, yes. It sure has. Everyone has missed you, you should come back." Crocomire whispered. "Everyone wants you back." As Crocomire was saying that, Ridley noticed Crocomire's eyes got darker and the 8-eyed somewhat adorable creature's heart stopped beating.

Mecha Ridley

"Everyone is ready to bite you, stick spikes and missles down your throught, throw spiked rocks at you, and make your life nothing but a never-ending tragedy." Crocomire dissolved into darkness, and then came back as clone of the bloody reflection. "That's... Bizzare..." Ridley said, trying to hide his fear. The clone of the reflection that used to be Crocomire collided wth the original reflection, and now Ridley's shadow seemed to be able to grow larger whenever it wanted to. Ridley walked around, and ran into his old creation, Mecha Ridley. "My creator, you are back... Do you want to have fun?" It said in it's deep, robotic voice. "Oh, uhh, sorry, but I think that this won't be fun..." Ridley muttered. "LET'S HAVE FUN!" The robot that was built in his image held Ridley up in the air and threw him back into the ground. "...Do you know what true terror feels like? The feeling of your soul not wanting something because of the heart's disliking something nightmarish... The emotion triggered is that of fear." Mecha-Ridley said. "And remember what Crocomire said, 'Rids. Everyone would love to see you return back at home... They would love the feeling of getting to physically harm the being that left them to die... Who is 'everyone'? Everyone you love."  Mecha Ridley became a clone of the bloody reflection, and Ridley's shadow split up into 2 parts. The three reflections grabbed Ridley, and he was thrown out of some sort of window, and he landed in a machine. "What is life again?" the reflections said together.

Chapter 5: A Crocodile's Heart

Count was running through a large forest with red trees. He didn't know why he was running or where he was. He looked behind him, and found a dark, shadowy
Ridley Idle

Dark Ridley

Ridley. "YOU MIGHT AS WELL GIVE UP, IT'S OVER. YOU'VE FOUGHT HARD, BUT IT'S THE END." It screeched. "What's over?" Count said, shrugging as if he didn't care. "YOUR DREAMS. YOUR GOALS. YOUR LIFE. YOUR SOUL. YOU WILL BE WIPED FROM HISTORY. MY NAME IS DARK RIDLEY." the creature said. "I AM A DEATHSTAR." Dark Ridley roared furiously. "Deathstar? That sounds like a bad Warriors fan character name." Count grunted. "YOU JUST DON'T CARE, DO YOU? THE ALPHAS ARE FORMER MEMBERS... THEY QUIT, BUT THEY STILL ACT LIKE DEATHSTARS." "What's a Deathstar?"

Suddenly, Dark Ridley stopped, and Count stopped as well. Behind Dark Ridley, a shadow began to form. A shiny Umbreon came out of the middle, and Porky Minch and Master Hand came from the edges. The Umbreon in front of Count. "We are the Deathstars, a group of people who keep everyone in their universes. Since Ridley is a universal traveler and he created Space Rips, he is our main target, but you went in a Space Rip. Anybody who is inside of a Space Rip and is not one of us or the Alphas needs to be exterminated or corrupted. Which reminds me..." The Umbreon turned towards the shadow. "We'll discuss this later." Suddenly, Count blacked out, and woke up in Mt. Shiveer.

Chapter 6: The Phantoms

"Where is Ridley...?!" Count said. "Ridley is nothing more than the false prophet." A nearby fox said. Count looked around, and found pictures of Phantoms with crowns everywhere. Adventures were no longer accessable. Count got up, ignoring the fox, and ran towards the Sarepia Forest entrance. When he got to Sarepia Forest, a Cheetah ran into him. "Hello, you must be new here. The Phantom King gives you your freedom." it said with little emotion. "The Phantoms are evil..." Count growled. "HE KNOWS TOO MUCH!" a random voice screeched. Every animal left, but for some reason, Count wasn't able to go a
nywhere. Every exit was blocked by an invisible wall. Phantoms surrounded Count, and then a large Phantom Portal came out of nowhere, and a red carpet rolled out. After the carpet was surrounded by the Phantoms, the Phantoms forced Count to sit on the end of the carpet. A winged figure came out of the portal. It looked like Dark Ridley from the forest with red trees, but this one looked different. The tail of the large, draconic creature was replaced with a sharp sword and its left claw was replaced with an axe. The face was covered by a mask that looked like it was made just for him, and it had a large red stripe painted over the right hole for the eye.

The Masked Reptile flew near the middle of the carpet slowly. Count flew into the dragon's head, clawing it with his Lava Glove. Count bit it and hit it with his wings, and the Masked Reptile fought Count with his its tail and teeth. After a while, the wounded Masked Reptile flew backwards a bit. It put its axe arm into the air, and then a large flame came from the sky and burned Count's wings. "Who... Who are you...?" Count said before fainting after getting burned. After Count fainted, an eruption of cheers came from the many Phantoms. "Masked Reptile, you are my hero!" One hollered. "Yeah, mine too!" Another yelled. Even though it had been recieving all of this praise, the Masked Reptile silently walked back into the portal.

Chapter 7: Jailed Alphas

After Count regained control of his body, he went to sleep. He was afraid to find out where he was. He just knew that he wasn't home, or anywhere peaceful for that matter. Suddenly, he felt a tiny paw touch his wing. "He's breathing." Peck announced. "Cosmo, why did you come with us in the Space Rip?!" Sir Gilbert roared. "But..." Cosmo muttered. "No excuses." Sir Gilbert screeched. "Calm down, Gilbert. Who was that masked reptile?" Greely said. "It seems to be a high-ranking member of the Phantoms." Liza said. Count opened his eyes, only to find himself in a prison cell with the Alphas. "The Masked Reptile?" Count questioned. "It's a masked, winged, one-armed, sword-tailed monster of a being." Sir Gilbert replied. "I actually found out he actually doesn't have a heart when I spied on the Phantoms. He's 80% robot." Cosmo informed the others. Suddenly, Graham ran in from a door. "Guys! Mira is back, and in another part of this jail! She knows every detail of the Phantom takeover!'

Count wanted to ask Mira about Ridley badly now. He only knew Ridley for a few hours, but he was so interested in the large dragon. Even when the galactic traveler caused the explosions in Mt. Shiveer, Count knew that he had a good side, like everybody. He firmly believed every being that wasn't created with robotics, tears, or anything that was born instead of created had a heart, soul, and good side, and nobody was ever completely evil. "Is Ridley alive?" Count whispered to himself. "What was that?" Greely responded. "Oh, uhh..." "No, Zios isn't back, sadly." "THE MASKED REPTILE JUST DESTROYED THE REMAINS OF THE ZIOS MASK!" Sir Gilbert screamed. "What?!" Peck said. "IT ALSO DESTROYED THE MIRA STATUE IN JAMAA TOWNSHIP, AND EVERY SHOP IS GONE!" Sir Gilbert continued, ignoring Peck. "Everyone, let's ask Mira about this." Liza said, opening the door Graham came from.

The Alphas and Count walked through a large hallway. Nobody said a word.

Chapter 8: The Reveal

The Alphas and Count walked into a large room with a Great Blue Heron in the middle. "Mira, we're here." Liza said. "Ah, here you are! It's been a long time!" Mira said. "Is this the crocodile?" She asked. "I'm Count Desertstone..." Count replied. "Ah, I have news for you, but I'll save it for the end..." Mira told him. "When and why did the Phantoms take over?" Greely asked. "They took over when you were in the Space Rip, and they took over because they wanted to end the peace once and for all." Mira answered. The Alphas and Count asked many questions about Jamaa lore, how to fight Phantoms, and other things. "Who is the Masked Reptile?" Sir Gilbert asked. "...All Alphas, leave. Count will tell you afterwards." Mira cawed. The Alphas didn't say anything, and left.

"The Masked Reptile is a dragon who was stuck in an endless nightmare dimension and turned into a heartless cyborg by the Phantoms." Mira said. "Was the dragon evil?" Count asked. "Well, it's debatable, but in reality, he was trying to stop his own universe from exploding. You see, he was the last of his kind, and he lead an army of Space Pirates. His friends, Kraid, Crocomire, Phantoon, and other creatures, died one by one. Soon, the creature had enough. He decided to move to another universe, but then he found out that the Phantoms were going to destroy his own in a dream he had. He created the Space Rip, and he came to Jamaa to try and destroy the Phantoms, but started chaos unintentionally." Mira explained. Count's heart skipped a beat as he heard these words:

"Count... The Masked Reptile is Ridley."

Chapter 9: An Unwanted Battle

Even though the beds that the Alphas made were incredibly comfortable and the jail was quiet, Count couldn't sleep
that night. He stared at the prison walls. He didn't say a word the entire night. Suddenly, he heard footsteps.

"No, don't get me, Masked Reptile, no, NO-"

The Alphas all woke up. Blood stained the walls. The Masked Reptile walked by, eating a Phantom. The blood on his teeth splattered like Giygas. Eventually, the blood reached his sillver mask. 

Not a single word was spoken by him.

As he passed on, the blood dripping from his mask and onto the concrete below, Count couldn't help but feel tears coming in. He slowly forced himself to drift to sleep.

When his eyes firmly shut, a utopia flashed before his eyes.

Giygas swayed back and forth, blood dripping onto him. 

"YoU neEd tO kiLL, cOuNt..."

"No!" Count said.

In the darkness, in the gap where there was no Giygas, the Masked Reptile leaped out. He had a crooked, emotionless smile. Blood was all over his teeth. His gleaming mask was stained with blood, but it still glowed in the moonlight. He jumped at Count, and Count dodged.

"GoOd, GoOd..."

Count let the second leap catch him. Blood broke out of his scales, covering the Masked Reptile's own scales. He grabbed his heart and ripped it out.

He then proceeded to laugh. "Love doesn't exist. All your friends are an illusion. Your 'friends' would love to do exactly this. Exactly this. Exactly this."

Count started crying. 

"You're banned," the dragon whispered before chucking the heart into Count's mouth. Blood from his very own heart flowed into him as his teeth punctured the flesh. How was he still alive? He looked over at his own open skin.

There was a robotic generator.

A group of Phantoms escaped from the gap of darkness, holding a mask molded into a crocodile's head shape. They snapped it onto Count's head as the Masked Croc clawed out his eyes, replacing them with soulless orbs.

He tried to speak.

Nothing came out. 

The phantoms sliced his back open and connected a jetpack to his nerves. The jetpack had sharp and edgy dragon wings inside. The wires tangled within him, sitting with his bones in his system. He couldn't do anything now.

They sliced off his hand, replacing it with an arm cannon.

The Masked Dragon reached into his mouth. 

Count snapped down.

what edgy thing will happen next?