Yes, I, Count Desertstone, actually made a fanfic series in 2012 centered around my AJ character, Count Desertstone the crocodile. These fanfics were terrible, filled with spelling errors, plot holes, and Mary Sues. I'm putting this in order of the events the fanfics happened in.

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The fanfics

Count Desertstone: Star Croc

Summary: Star Croc is the prequel to Crocodiles of the Beyond. In the story, Victory Frozenmoon, as an older sister, is the narrator.


It was a starry night in the Lost Temple of Zios. I looked at the pure white egg that seemed to reflect the bright stars on it's snow white shell. I wanted another brother, not another sister, that would create another girl, and another, and another. I wanted this family to have one daughter, two brothers, one mom, and one dad. When I was sleeping, I heard cracking noises. My mom went to uncover the pile which the egg seemed to be on the top of. "Not another one..." Scar sighed. "How did this get up here?" she asked me. My dad woke up, and said "Those pesky phantoms found it and missplaced it. My Cornelious, this egg is quite warm on the other claw." "Maybe I missplaced it! I dont want another rat!" But sadly, my mother and father were to focused on the egg to hear Scar's rude language. The egg cracked open, and I saw a dark green snout pop out of the somewhat firey egg. I was two, so I was very curious and came closer. The mysterious crocodile hatched. "It's a male!" my dad exclaimed. "Yes!" I whispered to myself. "I think i'll name him... Count Desertstone!" I suggested. "Naah, what about Pesk" Mother nor father ever heard him. Of course, I thought mom and dad would dissagree. But they agreed! I gave Count a fox hat, spike wristband, spike collar, and clover blanket to wear. I swear he was the cutest little thing with all that on! There was a HUGE horse stampede coming up. Mom and dad tried to get us some food from the horses to feed to us, but it was a failure. I came closer. Mom and dad have been somewhat, gone. Not a single remain but a trail of scales and bones (only the heavens know what would happen if it was a wolf pack). A raccoon came. They're diet contained baby crocs. I, as a toddler, started hissing. The raccoon did nothing but come closer and closer to Count. As a last attempt, I opened my huge mouth and ate the selfish pretator. "I hate these guys. You better watch out for them." I warned my newly-hatched brother. "Sharp teeth, a mask, and a diet wanting any reptile, fish or bird in sight." Count Desertstone started chewing on the rocks. I took the rock out of his mouth, cought a trout, and replaced the rock with the trout. Count gulped it down. We can't chew, and our tounges are stuck to the floors of our mouths, so it was not easy to swallow for the little guy. He noticed a dragonfly on a leaf. He snook up behind it, and locked it in his weak jaws. He made it buzz down his gullet and into his... well... digestive juices (yes, I am a huge science croc). I was extreamally dejected about mom and dad, and Count hardly knew them. Before we knew it, a giant elephant grabbed us by the trunk! A crocodile brought it down, and ducktaped us around his scaly armor. He was running very fast. It seemed if Jamaa was rotating a bit too fast. We were running out of the Temple of Zios. We went past the icy caverns of Mt. Shiveer. Then we went into a large den-like place. The crocodile bit the ducktape and I kept Count and me on his back. "Get off, orphans" he told us. "That's not very nice!" another crocodile told him. A larger crocodile came took us off, and let us run into a corner. Another to St.Klum's Academy for Orphaned Crocodiles. I am Stork Strongruler, your leader. I will give out your numbers." One pushed us into a crowd of crocodiles! The rude crocodile stepped up on a stage and spoke into a microphone. "We do not accept questions of any kind, anywhere. Also, nobody hide from us. We will find you." I hissed. I roared. I jumped as high as I can. Another crocodile came up. "My pardon?" she roared into the microphone. "I am Finny. I incubate the orphaned eggs." "Sweet, huh Count?" Count was gone. "COUNT!?" I roared. He started walking up on to the stage! I grabbed him in my Ymouth. "Wait here" I whispered to him. I silently bit all the staff, and we ran out of there! I knew the way back to the temple. I brought Count with me. Shard, the original croocdile shaman was there. "Hello, fellow crocodiles. Have you seen the little fellow named Cornelious (he was 20 years old at the time)?" "No, but last time I saw him he was in Coral Canyons." I anwsered. Shard walked to Coral Canyons. After that, I never saw him again...

The next day, it was announced Cornelious was the new crocodile alpha. I rushed to congradulate him. I asked him were Shard went. He sighed in disbelief. "I'm afraid he went... beyond the beyond." I was spooked. Crocodiles could go to the beyond after death, but beyond the beyond? I didn't bother to say a word. "Thank you," I anwsered. "Little guy, can you follow me?" I said to Count with "puppy eyes." Count got off the warm, deserted rock and came near me. He followed me to a skelaton that resembled Shard. I stood there motionless. I drew a circle around it with my tail. Then, everything stopped. It was dark as sleeping. A see-through Shard came up. I grabbed Count in my jaws and growled at the ghost-like figure. I needed to make sure that Count was safe. Then, I relised something. Scar had ran to the lake and had pushed us out further into the wilderness! I could feel the rough cling of Scar's scaly claws. "You will soon see another member of your bloodline" the ghost said. He dissapeard, and the light was back. Then, I turned around. I saw my cousin, Rosy Icybeast! She was in the grasp of the same crocodile that snatched me. "Let me go!" she screamed. Then, she bit the rope. Then, that crocodile bit her by the arm and dragged her to me, litterallly! "Ouch! What is this place?" Rosy asked. "The furthest a crocodile can go from Crocsle, the crocodile Heaven, without dying. A.K.A St. Klum's Acadamy for Orphaned Crocodiles." but this wise voice wasn't me nor Shard's soul, but Count. Count Desertstone, my day-old brother. I immedently turned to my little brother. "Aww, he's so sweet and already smart! Did he come from that egg?" "Yeah!" I anwsered. I turned were Count was, but he wasn't there! He was on the edge of the cliff, gazing at the stars. The brilliant and amazing part of this was the stars reflected on Count's shiny scales. He was new to the world, which means newer scales, but I soon relised the crocodile that hatched was no ordinairy crocodile. "Did you see this? One of my sisters gave this anceint poem to me before I went exploring. Let me read it..." That moment, I saw the true Count in Count....

"One day, a light will shine from the darkness. Worthy, crocodiles, the most noble reptiles, will have a lot of doom and death. There will be a dark evil worse than Phantoms, which is one of the noble reptiles themselves. A blue and red moon blinked creature, with a scar on it's left eye. As the darkness spreads, a newborn will shine with the stars. The scales will reflect the moon, making its way around Jamaa, the most peaceful planet. The first darkness will be a dark version of the hatchling. The second will be a tidal wave. The third will be the creature, and that will be the last. The war will last for thousands of years. And when it seems if all the hope is lost, there is a chance that a light will shine.

Excerpt from the history of the reptiles

by Lyze of Keil"

Who's Lyze of Keil? I thought. "HOLY MOTHER OF ZIOS!!! OHHH NOOO...." I screamed. "What's wrong?" Rosy asked. "SCAR!!! HE'S RED AND BLUE, AND HE ALSO HAS A SCAR! OH, AND HE GOT MOON BLINKED! OHHH NO... MY BROTHER!!!! Wait, but my other brother. He may be that light. But 'thousands of years,' I'll die." I roared at the top of my lungs. Count looked at me. "We need to wait until we are fully fledged," Count said.

The End?

Count Desertstone: Crocodiles of the Beyond

Summary: none


It was the middle of the night, and the gator hole was full of water. "Better sleep, its late" Victory Frozenmoon whispered to his brother, Count. Count was very tired, and slept right away. "Good night?" Victory asked, twitching, then she went to sleep. Later on, around 3:00 AM, phantoms came around, creating an evil duplicate of Count when he was asleep. Victory, however, heard the phantoms, and tried to fight them, but it was too late. The phantoms had left the area, and Victory Frozenmoon screamed because of Dark Count. She grabbed Count by the snout, and brought him to her own Gator Hole. In the morning, Count woke up and moaned "I was born with glass bones and paper skin..." Victory smiled and laughed "Your overreacting! Come on, there are plently of Gar fish under the water!" That very second, Count silently slipped into the water. "I WAS BORN WITH METAL BONES AND SANDPAPER SKIN!" He vicously caught almost every gar there, leaving Victory amazed. There was a short fish feast, then Dark Count came. Count Desertstone found the evil Count, knowing about the phantoms and their ghastly plan. Dark Count took out a compass, and came closer and closer to the gator hole. The dark clouds came off of the creature's pitch black scales. There was a silence in the area. Jamaa was simply quite. Count remembered that they where in the Temple of Zios, so of corse many animals where watching them. An eagle silently perched on a vine over the crocodiles. He made a bunch of caws. Count knew languages of all kinds, and told his sister what to do. "We need crocodiles. Not just you and me, but all the crocodiles in Jamaa." Then, it all started to glue together. Crocodiles needed to work together to get rid of Dark Count, therefor that would also increase the amount of crocodiles in Jamaa all together. There was a red bunny with green eyes, white lighting, and a brown duck in the distance. It hopped to Mt. Shiveer. Victory followed the anymous bunny, and Count followed Victory. Mt. Shiveer was different then usual.... No animals where in sight, the bunny hopped back to the Temple, and there where dark clouds everywhere. Dark Count stood out of the darkness. "This is my first target. Step one, take over every land in Jamaa. Step two, control all the Jammers. Step three, kill Count." Victory hugged Count with tears. She got very mad and screamed "HEY! STEP THREE, YOU GET KILLED!" Dark Count created a dark array of fire around Victory, where there a no escapes. Count threw water on the fire, and it went out. Victory called out for other crocodiles, but nobody came. Nobody but the same bunny they saw before, that went back immidently. "Your gone." Dark Count said, and everything went pitch black. Within a second, Count woke up in the gator hole. Victory was right above him. Count was sweating, and was really hot. Thats why there was a fan next to him (an eco freindly one of coarse). "Wha-what happened?" Count said. "You got hit by lightning..." Victory Frozenmoon sighed. Count simple fell into the water to get cooler, but then he relized something. Victory was holding his fox hat AGAIN! She did it every time she wanted to have fun... She put the hat back on Count. "Here you go, Princess Desertstone!" she chuckled. Victory Frozenstone then relized that Count Desertstone left and had left a note at the door. It said "Dear sister, I am going to get some prey, but it is not for us to eat. It's to attract other crocodiles. Your brother, Count." On the other side of the river, Count was busy with some fish, and deer, and even some lions. He put the food on the tree nearest to the den water hole, which turned into a den because the water dried up and it was an Underground Den. Later on in the night, Victory and Count woke up. "What in Jamaa is that noise?" Count showed Victory the many crocodiles eating the meat that Desertstone had put up earlier. Count screamed "HEY! Everybody, there is an evil croc trying to destroy Jamaa and-" a black hole appeared. Dark Count came out as the black hole went away. "Well well, Crocodiles. We meet again... My plan is to take over Jamaa, take over Jammers, and be the only Croc in Jamaa!" One of the crocodiles gasped. Then the entire reptillian mob backed away, including Victory. Count and his evil self were snout-to-snout. Slowly, the sun started to fade away as the night stayed on. The moon was not shining, and it was dark. A librarian crocodile

handed Victory an old book. Her eyes where wide open, and handed Count the book. The cover was dusty, and Count blew off the dust. Dark Count did not move. The cover looked like one dark and scary crocodile followed by a light crocodile. In dark words, it said simply "Croc" The two crocodiles where around some type of sun-and-moon space with stars. Count flipped the pages. Here were the words:

"Long ago, when Crocodiles first came to Jamaa, there where two that kept Crocodiles in Jamaa. One kept crocodiles awake, the other would keep them asleep. One day, a crocodile refused to make the crocodiles sleep until the other would not let them wake up. The crocodile vicously attacked the tired crocodiles, but it was stopped. The light crocodile banished the dark croc in the core of the planet of Jamaa. But, all is still not well. It is belived that two other crocodiles will be born to be a lot like the other two that caused an epic battle between life and death."

Count put down the book. "Well, we must be those two." Count whispered to Dark Count. Dark Count was completly silence for a second, until he jumped up with his jaw opened full of razor-sharp teeth. At the last second, the mob of crocodiles came out and pushed Dark Count Desertstone out of the way like a wave pushing shells. "What a pity..." Dark Count mumbled. The dark crocodile fell over, and banished. So did Count. Count and Dark Count where in a dark area. Dark Count froze Count in an ice block, and he got out. Dark Count was about to put Count on fire, but Count threw water on it. "You will perish." Dark Count said. He grabbed the water and created fire all around Count, even above him. As the fire started to move closer and closer to Count, he ducked. "You will perish. There will be eternal darkness. There will be no crocodiles." Dark Count said in a very evil voice. Then, it was completly dark. The fire went away, and Count was the only sorce of light. There was a sealed box in the distance. It had a crocodile carving. In carved words, it said "When the darkness comes back"

"I will open it. Maybe the light will come back. Maybe Dark Count Desertstone will perish. Maybe Jamaa will come back to normal. Maybe time will reverse. Well, even if anything bad happens, its right."

At that very moment, those where words to remember forever. The words went out to every crocodillan in the universe. Every crocodillian ever. Count opened the box. There was a crystal. Time was reversed. It was like a slideshow of everything on Count's quest. Then, Jamaa was normal. Count was in his water hole, sleeping. Victory came by and woke him up, telling him the news that Dark Count had been found dead in Mt. Shiveer. Vultair watched the crocodiles as they started catching fish.

~The End~

Count Desertstone: Lost World

Summary: Count Desertstone: Lost World is the sequel to Crocodiles of the Beyond. But in the story, Count is the narrorator.


I was munching on a deer leg, when I heard a howling voice screaming "EXTRA EXTRA!" A wolf gave me a newpaper. I never read any of them, nor I ever had a subscription. But I relised that the newpaper was very important. It said "NEW NEWS! CROCODILES WILL SOON BE GONE! LEARN MORE ON PAGE 5!" I flipped to page 5, breathing heavily. I read the entire page:

"All over the world different species of reptiles become endangered. But sadly, we will soon have an endangered reptile in Jamaa. Have you noticed there are not many crocodiles swimming in Jamaa? Well, you may be sad, but crocodiles will soon be endangered! In a few short weeks, Jammers will no longer be able to buy new crocodiles! If you keep your crocodile, you can still play as it!"

I was crying at those words, and my heart was beating very fast. This newspaper was the worst ever. I got my pet tarantula, Zippyspider, and hugged him tight. "Your sad too, right?" Zippyspider closed his eight eyes, and his fuzzy legs where against my muzzle. I shook my V-shaped snout and Zippy wrote "yes" on a rock. He was my nicest pet, and he came from a pirate ship, hence his pirate hat. There was a lost world out there, and I had to save it. Crocodiles where top-pretators, and can rip and tear phantoms. I don't know about wolves, they howl until the phantoms get annoyed, I think. I looked around just to see another copy of the newpaper with tears on it. I came near the newpaper, just to see my sister crying on rock. As I came near the rock, she hissed. I hissed back. Victory hisses when she wants to be alone, but I always just hiss back. Victory got off the rock, pointed to the words "No longer" and "crocodiles." "I can't stand it." she said. "Glorified apes on earth called HUMANS never get this treatment!" Victory screached. I growled in agreement. Frozenmoon put her small claws under her muzzle. I could tell she was starving. I cought an elk and brought it over to her. "Sorry, don't want it..." This was super strange, because elk was her favorite food! There where very few elk, however, all because of these wolves. I need a break. I chomped on the elk, and left a few pieces left for the poor thing. She didn't lay a scale on it. She only ate the thing crocodiles are known for eating, fish. Pure fish. That's all. Nothing else. "Enjoy life, get up and move..." I sighed. It didn't work. She just stood there with the newpaper on top of her eyes. I yanked the newpaper off of her eyes and into the river, where the newsprint met it's doom! Victory sniffled. I am against eternal sadness and do not like it. I wanted the spirit of the Sun Crocodile to help, but it was a myth anyway. Vultair came along the swamp with Cornelious. "Have you heard the news, dad?" Vultair asked Cornelious. "Yes, indeed to my fathers, the Sun and Moon Crocodiles. Thats why we came here. Also, my leadership will be passed on. You will see me no more after today" I came towards the crocodile shaman and his son. I was taller then Vul, and it felt like I took advantage of him. I never knew that the Sun and Moon crocodiles were Cornelious' fathers and Vul's grandfather, what a story to behold! "Why are you here?" I asked the sad crocodile alpha. "The Great Crocodillian Meeting" he anwsered. I had went to many Crocodillian Meetings, but this was the very last one. "The Moon Crocodile and Dark Count should be teaming up by tomorrow." I was suprised to hear this. The next day, at the crocodillian meeting, I never saw Victory there. "Where's your sister?" Vultair asked, "I haven't heard from her in days." I looked around. "You mean she's... she's..." It seemed my heart got cut off and it ended up in the very tip of my tail. Cornelious was dying, Victory was dying or dead, and the crocodile meetings were dead, and I cared about it all. I searched around the Temple of Zios for Victory, and I saw her munching on an elk leg in the bottom of a deep, emty gator hole. "I hid down here as soon as I heard about the next crocodile alpha." She said. "Crocodile meeting dismissed" At those words, Cornelious walked away. He whipsered in my ear. "Follow me" he said, and he led me to a portal, which took me to a dark place above Jamaa. It was known as "The Chamber of Croc"

"My duties have ended. You see, Count, each time a crocodile dies, they're death is recorded in this book. I am passing my duties to you."

Cornelious dissapeared in thin air. I looked around the chamber, and I came closer to the book. "Cornelious, where are you?" I whispered. This story was over. Crocodiles would be officially endangered in a week or so. I was allowed to visit freinds and family on weekends and such.

~The End~


  • The fanfic series ripped off the the Guardians of Ga'Hoole and the Legend of Spyro.
  • "Cornelius" was mispelt as "Cornelious" on the wiki every time he was mentioned, and it was never corrected.
  • Despite it's bad writing, this series was often praised in 2012.