This story may not be all about AJ.

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Soul Animal

Every Jammer has a soul animal. Soul animals are just any animal really, that are a spirit that live in your soul and they are in all sorts of colours, and they effect how you act and your abilities. They match exactly what your personality is like. They also give you advice in your dreams. Here are the three basic rules:

  • Always have belief and passion in your soul animal. They will never let you go in the dark alone.
  • Believe in the dreams you have and follow your soul animal's advice. They will make a huge difference in your life.
  • Soul animals tell you what's right and what's wrong. Listen to them. It could actually relieve stress in the future.

Those rules are extremely important values. Now follow them. 

When you are being created, there's a bright, glowing orb deep inside you, in your soul. Once you are born, that orb explodes and all remains is your soul animal. To find out your soul animal you must tell your personality to an experienced Soul-Teller. A Soul-Teller is like a person who can tell what your soul animal is. I you tell the truth, then the Soul-Teller can be correct.

If you dislike your soul animal, you are clearly in the wrong. They can be taken out, but then you will never get a new one.  

Every Jammer has one. No, their soul animal is not the animal they play. Animal Jam doesn't have all the animal possibilities as an animal avatar, doesn't it? You can get any creature for your soul animal.

At rare occassions, a specially destined Jammer, like an Alpha, will have two soul animals. This only happens to extremely weird people or destined ones.

Now, Jammer, you have a soul animal. Don't obsess over them, they're just there for you. Now go explore. Go dream. Go believe.

~The End~