Ok it started this year in 2019 when i looked to see where my buddies are at it would say at nulls den me and my buddy discovered hackers before and summoned lost Jammer he told us why he hates Jamma but off topic me and her were talking yesterday Jan 21, 2019 about hackers and then we talked about the null glitch where it says your at nulls den so my friend looked the meaning up and she said it mean to cancel out or zero at first when i first saw the glitch i didn't think much of it then me and her looked up null in the buddy search and it turns out it was a forgotten Jammer we looked him up on Youtube and it said he's a hacker later that night i was on animal jam and i heard the noises of lost Jammer i was on my old account l61088 after that i was scared to go back to her old den and i didn't wanna be in my den alone i still investigate if it was lost Jammer aka 1decomposer or lost jammer

- ajwolfvanilla84