This story may not be all about AJ.

Chapter 1-It was silent. No one dared to speak on that bus. We all had no idea where we were going, we were just told we were going to 'The Academy.'. I sit next to a girl named Jasmine, but we just call her Chief. On the other row, there's a boy who we call Gray, and my friend Anakin. The bus pulls in. The breaks creak. "All may exit now." the driver says. Almost 50 people, aged anywhere between 9 and 19 get off the bus. "Hello! Welcome to the Academy!" a shadowy man says. "Here you will learn to be a carachater. A fictional carachater." he says. A constant whispery mumble goes over the crowd. "Quiet, quiet. Now, I know you have a lot of questions. Your counselor can answer those. But first, we should cover the basics. First, You will take a quiz to decide which world you will enter. It could be the dystopian world of Panem, or it could be a perfect utopia. Who knows, maybe you'll end up as a cat from warriors." the man says. I honestly never thought about which of these worlds I belonged in, but soon i would know. "Once you get your world, you will train with the carachaters. You will become one of them, and eventually join them. Each world has their living area as well, but during your training, you will still do some stuff together." he says. He then steps out of the shadows. "Alright, let's begin the test. Let's see... Frost? Is that your name?" he says. My real name's Frances, but i'll stick with Frost. Everyone calls me that. "Yes" I answer reluctantly. "Alright then. Could you step up here?"Chapter 2- It had been about half an hour since we took the quiz. I was sitting in a room waiiting for my results. Then, the man stepped in, his hat almost covering both of his eyes. "Excuse me, could Frost and-um-Dylan come over here?" he says. I look over to Dylan and we stand up. We follow him to a room with two groups of people. One on  the left with 9 people-and is that-Percy Jackson? On the other side... I can't tell. He's covered in shadows. All i can see is a bowtie. "Both of you tested inconclusively... You are in a mix of both Percy Jackson and Doctor who." he says. I had always thought of myself as a bigger fan of PJO, but when i'm faced with this choice, I don't know. I know that Dylan will choose DW... that's pretty obvious. "So it's your choice" he says. I walk up to Percy and Dylan walks to the Doctor, who is currently the Eleventh. I'm not sure why, but I almost wish he was the 12th. That would make the choice much easier... I've always loved Matt Smith. But I have to go with my gut, and go to Percy. "Hello Percy. Teach me everything you know." I say with a smile. "And Doctor..." I begin. "Nice Bowite." I smirk. I hope these years of training aren't only bad fandom refrences, but they may become that. "C'mon Frost, let me take you to the Dorms." Percy says. He's followed by the rest of the seven, Nico, and Reyna. I look back to the Doctor, who is taking Dylan back to his room. I turn back to Percy. "So, your goal in training here is to get claimed. Once you're claimed, you can join us" Percy says. "You're 15? 16?" he says. "Yeah, sixteen." I answer. "Okay, you can bunk with Piper" Percy says. "McLean?" I ask. "Yeah." he answers. He enters the main living area and grabs a cookie. A blue cookie, with chocolate chips.Me and my other friends meet at lunch. Anakin, Gray, Chief, Mackenzie, Lily, Tornado, Caspea, Diamond, Uni, Luni, Klint, and Dylan meet. "Why didn't you choose the Doctor?" Dylan asks. "I don't want  to get too attached. He has to regenerate sometime." I tell him. "Oh. Okay then." he answers. "So what world did everyone get?" I ask. I breathe in deeply, and ready myself for where my friends will be going.Chapter 3-"Well, I just met the hooded man from assassins creed..." Anakin said with a smirk. "The two of us are in warriors... I dunno about if we're going to turn into cats or not." Chief and Luni said with a laugh. "I'm going to inkworld... I think i'm the only one who's heard of it." Gray said. I barely listen to the others, I was starving. The rest of the day goes by quickly until i get back to my dorm. "Hey Piper" I say as i unpack some of my stuff. "How was your first day of training?" She asks. "Okay, i can't wait to get claimed!" I say eagerly. I actually am not sure if I do, because i'd be leaving a lot of my friends behind. On the other hand, i'm already pretty good friends from a carahater that i used to post instagram pictures. "Just pray to not get Aphrodite" she says and rolls her eyes. We stay up until 11:00 then go to sleep. Percy wakes me up. "Hey, sorry to wake you, but you've got mental training." He said. "Um... Okay? Let me get some clothes on." I say and rub my eyes. "No need." Piper says from across the room. She snaps her fingers and i have on a purple tank top and some jeans. "Alright, I'll get to the test room. Anakin, Gray, and Lily are in the room already. More people filter in within five minutes. The shadow man, who i just call Shadow, hands out a test. It looks like the SAT, but harder. I finish it first. Before i can hand it in, an owl flies above me and lands on my shoulder. Chapter 4-I know what that owl means. I just got claimed-by Athena. Not that i'm unhappy, but I don't want to leave this early. "Here, take the quiz..." I stagger over to the door. "Hey Annabeth?" I peek into her dorm. "Or should i say, half-sister?" I smirk. I guess i do that alot. I don't do anything much that day. All i find out is that Diamond had been shot. He's expected to survive though. I go to sleep at 10:00 PM that night. After i eat in the morning, Dylan comes over. He's wearing a bowite, probably a gift from the Doctor. "Hey, I have some news..." He says. "Well, me too i guess." i say. "You first." I say. "Okay... I'm ready to leave." He says. "Me too... I got claimed yesterday..." I say. "So i guess this is goodbye." He responds after a few seconds. "Don't worry. we all change. We're all different people, all throughout our lives. And that's okay, that's good. You gotta keep on moving. As long as you remember all the people you used to be. i will not forget one line of this-I swear-I will always remember... When this quote no longer applies to my life. Derp." He says with a sad laugh. "Wait-How do you know-" Dylan cuts me off. "He regenerated shortly after I got my dorm." He says. "Well then, I guess that makes this departure easier on you." I say. "Yep..." He responds."I'm going to Camp Half-Blood in five minutes." I say. A tear forms in the corner of my eye, but i don't let it roll down my cheek. It shows weakness. "And I'm off to Gallifrey." Dylan says. "So... I guess... ALLONS-Y!" ~~ ]</p>

The end.

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