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The Alpha Games-0

So, I've been looking through my old stories and I found this one. I read over it and decided that I should redo it, but with different characters and a plot. So, I present to you guys, the new version of "The Alpha Games."

-credit to Kat2wind2archer for the idea (although I am redoing the concept to make this story more original)-

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(powers and chosen weapons DO NOT EXIST anymore :l hoping to save them for another story)


I looked around myself, only to see nothing but dark sky, black and purple trees, and green water.

This was Jamaa in ruins.

A long time ago, the phantoms had separated all the animals in Jamaa into 12 districts. We lived in forests and lakes and deserts, living off of what little food we had. Until that fateful day when we asked "Can't you give us something to live for, something to work for?" What a mistake. It was foolish to think of such an idea. They said they would, and so came "The Alpha Games," a competition for glory and food. 2 animals from each district were chosen to compete, and the winner would get their entire district a lifetime supply of food for one year. It was a great honor. However, competitors had to kill to win, either that or evade the other animals and natural threats. And as the names for this year were called out, I thought of how old I had become. I had forgotten my age, but I think I was 92. I sighed, closed my eyes, and lay down on my old chair.

It was at that moment that the longest living member of all the districts died.

The Competitors (and their abilities)

District One: Teirin the Snow Leopard and Marooness the Bunny.

District Two: Dreadmore the Arctic Wolf and Jay the Crocodile.

District Three: Zymaul the Kangaroo and Zeil the Pig.

District Four: Fayrin the Eagle and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

District Five: Scarlore the Legless Lion and Cookie the Cougar.

District Six: Kremlore the Cheetah and Spokes the Toucan.

District Seven: Arkan the Hyena and Zigho the Horse.

District Eight: Thylin the Otter and Pirrit the Penguin.

District Nine: Vadek the Polar Bear and Fandra the Bunny.

District Ten: Delore the Owl and Ovor the Seal.

District Eleven: Hades the Lynx and Qonnolth the Kangaroo.

District Twelve: Farllon the Llama and Talon the Fox.

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The Bloodbath

Sorry it's so long, but it took a lot of effort to write, ok :'(

Fayrin: I looked around myself, eager to begin. I could fly, so this probably wouldn't be too hard. I bet I could survive at least 15 days. I saw the other competitors. Most looked average, but one lion was hovering on some sort of pod. It looked like a miniature flying saucer, except his legs were tucked into it, and the word "Starship" was written on the side. I decided that I would ignore him and focus on getting supplies. I looked at the supply pile and spotted a long, slender bow. Perfect. As the timer ticked down, I got myself ready, spreading my wings and lifting one foot off the ground. 3... 2... 1... 0!! I jumped off of the podium and took flight before hastily diving down to grab the bow. However, I missed my chance as a fox rushed past and grabbed it. I screeched in frustration. Fighting was already breaking out, and most weapons had been taken. I decided to try another strategy. I pretended to get hit, falling from the sky and limply hitting the ground. I landed inside the cornucopia beside a long, sharp, golden trident. I opened one eye and looked it over. I'd rather have a bow, but a trident would do for now. I took it and flew back into the sky as animals fought and fell beneath me.

Zeil: I was terrified. It wasn't my fault I had to enter the stupid games! I just wanted to live in peace. It just wasn't fair. I looked around frantically, looking for something, anything to protect myself. There weren't many options. Beginning to panic, I looked towards the woods. Now it seemed like a pretty good decision if I were to run away. Then, a cheetah ran past me. As they did so, they were hit by an arrow. Yowling in pain, and cheetah fell over, dropping a sort of metal container thing and some rope right in front of me. I looked at it, then back at the cheetah. They looked back at me angrily and gritted their teeth. Then they picked themselves up and began to run away. Shocked that the cheetah had actually let me live, I picked up the container and rope and ran, slinging the rope over my back as I did so. Taking cover inside of a bush behind a tree, I looked at the container. On big letters, it read "Lighter Fluid: Use with caution." It had the material you would use on the side of a match box on the side of it, and there were about 12 matches secured to it with a rubber band. I figured it may be of good use and put it into the bag I had brought. I kept the rope slung over my back, hoping it would be a good form of defense for the time being.

Scarlore: I sped up to the cornucopia, eager to get a weapon. Spotting a large, dangerous-looking sword, I hovered away from my podium to grab it. I snatched it as I sped by, then held it up to admire it. Thanking my own disability in my head, I zipped away into the forest. It wasn't that hard to find a good hiding place, as shrubs and trees were everywhere. I scanned the place for the best spot and settled on a particularly large oak tree that looked as if it may fall down soon. I stopped my hovercraft beneath it and let it fall to the ground. It would save the power. Sighing, I lay my head down on a patch of leaves. The patch of leaves sprang up and bit me, hard. Surprised, I yelped in pain and looked at it. It was a bird that had been covered in leaves, and as I watched it it squawked in annoyance and flew away. Embarrassed that a lion like me had been afraid of a little bird, I snarled. I wouldn't show weakness again. Frustrated, I swatted at a rock. It tumbled away across the ground before settling. A red light began to beep under the ground. Curious and a bit scared, I scraped away the leaves covering what the light was on, revealing the top of a landmine. I regretted everything in a single moment as the landmine exploded.


Oswald: I didn't bother even trying to get a weapon. Besides, I didn't need one. I had my ears! Sneering at the other tributes as they fought for weapons, I calmly walked up to the cornucopia and simply sat behind a box. It was large, so no one saw me. All of the weapons near the box had already been taken, so not many people were coming close. I figured that I could just stay for the time being because everyone was too busy worrying about themselves to notice me. I suddenly got curious to see what was inside the box, and my ears moved independently, prying open the lid. There was a basket inside, the kind you use when gathering easter eggs. I felt like it would be of some use, so I took it. Getting a bit bored, I looked around and noticed countless other boxes that hadn't been opened. No one would notice me if I decided to have a peek. Darting over to another, I opened it. Bam, silver bow. Another one. Bam, sleek, thin sword and two apples. Yep, I was going to stay here.

Teirin: My eyes darted from weapon to weapon, trying to find the one I was best at using: a spear. Finally I spotted one. It looked to be the only one in the entire games, so I immediately dashed towards it. Right when I was about to grab it, an owl (I believe her name was Delore) swooped down to grab it. I had been mad about flying animals competing before, but now I was just infuriated. I yowled and swiped at Delore, clawing her leg. She screeched and flapped her wings, rising into the sky. Our eyes met, and hers displayed feelings of anger and regret. She gave a final look of pure frustration before shrieking and flying into the forest. Spear in hand, I followed her. I caught a glimpse of a polar bear running away, glancing back towards the cornucopia as if he were running away from something. I only saw him for a moment before we ran into the forest. I tumbled a bit down a small hill, then hit something large and soft. Looking up, I saw the polar bear. He looked as surprised as I was, staring wide-eyed at me. I snarled, a gesture to run before this got ugly. Wth a look of fear in his face, he scrambled away. Feeling a bit hopeful, I began to explore.

Jay: I stumbled off of my podium, eager to begin this quest for survival, but suddenly realized that I had no idea whatsoever what to do. Panicking a bit, I looked around and spotted a toucan snatching a backpack. Roaring and focusing on where the bird was, I charged towards them. They screeched in surprise and dropped the pack before swooping away, obviously shaken. Knowing I was in high competition for a good backpack, I snatched it, hid behind a crate, and unzipped it. It contained a swiss army knife with a blade, a spoon, and a fork. I would use that. It also had a lantern, a blanket, a tent, and a water bottle (empty, much to my disappointment). I slung the straps over my shoulder and was about to set off towards the forest when I saw a black and white shape in the corner of my vision. I whipped around towards it and saw a black furred bunny with a strange white heart shape around their face. They looked towards me and made a "Shhhhhh," noise. Understanding, I gave them a thumbs up and made my way across the grass towards the trees, waddling as fast as possible.

Hades: Folding my ears back, I leaped towards the cornucopia, eager to get my share of weapons and supplies. I spotted a snow leopard, cheetah, cougar, and weird hovering lion, but kept my distance and smirked. Ha! They must think they're so big and strong. Well, I'll show you oafs what I can do! Now even more determined to prove my worth, I hissed as though I had already become victorious and jumped onto a crate. From this height, I had a view of a lot of weapons, but it was a huge, metal pike with a red pattern on it that caught my eye. Apparently, it had caught someone else's eye too. As I jumped down to grab it, an arctic wolf snatched it in their jaws. I could feel the rush of anger spread across my pelt as I let out a yowl of pure fury. The arctic wolf looked at me with a shocked expression and dropped the pike. Without thinking, I attacked them instead of grabbing the weapon and clawed their face over and over, leaving deep red marks. They wobbled backwards and howled in agony. I climbed down from their head onto their neck and clawed there too, also without thinking, but my claws stuck in the thick fur. I screeched, realizing my mistake, and pulled my claws out to get the pike instead. The wolf ran away, yelping in pain. By the time I was on the ground, the pike was gone. I hissed in anger, even more mad then I had been before, and instead grabbed a nice big shield that I found nearly as good. A bit unsatisfied with myself, I strode off into the woods.

Cookie: I was a bit scared and unsure if I should go risk my life for a weapon, or stay away and run into the forest. I had a larger chance for survival if I got away with a weapon, but a lot of the characters there looked very menacing. I spotted a lynx viciously attacking an arctic wolf, and my mouth curled a bit in fear. Then again, if I didn't go, I'd have nothing, and I was near completely sure that I had no sponsors. I mean, why would anyone sponsor a tiny, stuttering cougar with no knowledge of what to do, and who was the minimum for the age limit? Feeling tears start to well up, I suddenly remembered that I was on screen in front of everyone. Hissing, I narrowed my eyes. I'm not weak! I can be strong, no matter how big and mighty the other tributes are! I flung the tears from my eyes and ran towards the cornucopia. It wasn't long before I found a good weapon, a golden trident that was near perfect to my size, and snatched it from it's place next to all the swords and bows. I looked around to make sure no one had seen me, then screeched as a llama, their mouth dripping with foam, charged me. My legs kicked against the earth and I bolted on instinct, my heart beating like a drum. I practically slid into the forest and quivered frantically as I hid behind a large rock. My heartbeat slowed a bit as the footsteps strayed away. Gripping the trident close to my chest, I darted off to find shelter.

Thylin: Knowing I was spectacular at my aim, I looked around for any throwing spears. I was in the heat of the moment, listening for any movement or threat. I found no spears for throwing, only regular ones. My face tightened in anger as I realized that all the training I had gotten with those throwing spears of mine had been for nothing. I resisted the urge to tighten my fists as well as my face, for I didn't want everyone to overestimate me as they watched the games. I wasn't too capable with my strength, but with my speed and small build, I could really shine. Searching frantically for any other weapon, sweat dripped down my fur as the timer ticked down. 3... I spotted a bundle of knives, all bearing a label that read "throwing knives." I set my focus on that. 2... One thing I had learned was that I should go towards my own goal and not focus on anyone else. It was helping. 1... I leaped off the podium and charged across the grass, met by a green bunny with gray swirls cascading over her fur. Our eyes met for a split second before she ducked in one direction and me in another as I snatched the throwing knives and darted off towards the forest, thinking about all the survival tips my family had taught me.

(LOL only one character died during the bloodbath XD RIP Scarlore)

Day One

Game of Survival

Hades: Upon entering the forest, I immediately began searching for a good place to set up camp. I had several sponsors, I was sure, because upon leaving the interview I had been swarmed by at least 20 fangirls. Everyone saw me as the cool underdog, and I saw myself as set up for winning. Positive thoughts filling my mind like extra energy, I thought of climbing a tree to sleep there. I had gotten training for this, and climbing had been one of my strengths. After a few minutes of walking, I found a huge oak with sturdy-looking branches, all fit for climbing. My claws dug into the bark as I heaved my tiny body up the trunk and into the thick of the tree. I got an idea. -2 hours later- After finding an abandoned blanket, rope, and a few knives along with a fishing hook, I set up my trap. The blanket on the ground was the bait. It was covering a hole with knives sticking out of the bottom. The trap was at the bottom of the tree so I could easily monitor it. The rope in my hand was attached to the fishing hook, which was attached to the blanket. If anyone wandered on top of the blanket, I could pull the rope and they would fall into my trap. It was all set up. I mean, what could go wrong?

Pirrit: It was rather dark in the forest, the trees looming overhead and blocking the sun. I wasn't used to these conditions, me being a penguin and all. Even since I had run away from the cornucopia, I had been regretting everything. I had nothing to use, nothing to defend myself with, only my bare flippers. I didn't even have hands! Feeling tears coming, I shoved them back. This is live on TV. Don't look weak. Don't cry. I decided that I would search for supplies. Peeking behind a large tree, I spotted something big, patched, and brown. My heart soaring (unlike I ever could, me being a penguin and all XD), I ran towards it, then stopped abruptly. A rope was attached to the side, climbing up into the tree. Suspicious, I peered up. Nothing was there, and if there was anything, it was concealed by the branches. I snatched the edge of the blanket, not stepping directly on top, and pulled. The rope also pulled in turn, with a much stronger tug. I was sent careening backwards as the blanket fell away, revealing a pit full of upturned knives. I screeched in realization, futilely flapping my wings. That didn't help. Right before I fell into the pit, I grabbed the edge. I couldn't grip it well with my flippers, and I struggled madly to hold on. I didn't want to die, at least, not this early. This was on live TV, and I had a family to go home to. A tiny lynx fell out of the tree and landed nearly on top of me. "Please," I said. "Don't kill me. I can go on my way and we can both make i-" With a growl and a smile, the little cat's claws dug into my wing. Screeching in pain, I was pierced by a thousand pains.


Arkan: A cannonshot echoed across the sky, making a deep rumbling sound. That was good news for me, because the way I saw it, it was less competition. I had heard that there had only been one death during the bloodbath, which was astounding. Then again, the bloodbath was a matter I didn't want to talk about. All I had gotten from the cornucopia was a ****ing fishing pole. You can't even use that for battle very well, much less defense. Forgive me for swearing, I do have quite a foul mouth. It was a bit hard to navigate, for all the stupid trees looked the same. No unique features or different species, all identical, as if they were clones in some king of twisted video game. I shook myself, seeming clearing the anger out of my mind. My mane wavered in the breeze. My head now clear of negativity, I scanned the area. I had to find shelter. I spotted some sort of large boulder in the distance. This could get interesting. Bounding towards it, it looked like it wasn't much. I tried to climb on top of it, but failed multiple times. It was wet, as if it had rained recently. Finally reaching the top after several failed attempts, I stood up and looked around. Suddenly, I slipped and fell over on the opposite side of the rock. Getting up and growling in annoyance, I prepared to climb up again when I realized that this rock was not a rock, but a small cave! I stepped inside as water dripped from the ceiling and sat down, thinking about what to do for the time being.

Ovor: It was strange how quiet it seemed after the bloodbath, after hearing all the fighting and yelling and metal sounds of the weapons. Peculiar that it was all gone now. Hopping through the woods (seals hop, what are you laughing about?), I examined the trees. Anything could be a trick, a setup you could fall for. Even the trickiest person cannot evade their equal when taken by surprise. I yelped as my paw came in contact with something sharp on the ground. I pulled it up to see a squirming bee, squashed and buzzing on the ground. Curling my lip in disgust, I walked on and tried to ignore the stinging pain in my paw as it touched the grass. I needed something cool to soothe it. Water. I wasn't sure how I could get water right now, as the only thing I could think of would be a lake or river, and that certainly wasn't visible from the cornucopia. I was unsure of how to act when I smelled something. It was the familiar scent of fish, and I soon heard the rushing of water as I following the smell. I was led to what I had wished to see: a wide, rushing river, teeming with all sorts of fish. With a bark of joy (we bark too, idiot.), I jumped in and splashed about. Soon, I had enough seafood to feed a family. I climbed onto land to have my feast.

Fandra: I hadn't been able to find a bow during the bloodbath, but I certainly knew how to make one. I had been a proud fan of arts and crafts when I was younger, and I always worried about what I might do if I was picked to be in the Alpha Games. Now here I was, and all my skills were handy with me. I knew how to make any weapon from twigs and grass, along with some extra supplies. All I had to do was find the supplies. -45 minutes later- I had gathered a twig (which I had bent for good measure), a sturdy piece of long grass, and a stray set of arrows lying on the sidelines of the cornucopia. I had taken me less time then I expected, so I set to work tying the string to the stick. Finishing and making sure it was tight enough, I searched for a target. A moving one. Climbing into a tree, I looked beneath myself. It wasn't long before a stray squirrel wandered near me, and I took aim. The arrow flew towards the squirrel, and it noticed a bit too late. It started to run away, but the arrow caught in it's tail. It ran in place for a moment before stopping abruptly and squealing in fear. I felt bad for the thing. It knew it was probably going to die, and it was terrified. Pulling the arrow away from it's fur, I let it escape. I couldn't eat it anyway. I looked towards a tree with a strange circle marking and decided I would switch my aim.

Zigho: I had zero supplies. Zero. Zip. Nada. Funny that my name sounded like the word zero. However, this was not a time for laughing. I had to find a weapon, food, water... what else? Choosing to run away might have been the worst decision of my life, and if not, what could be another decision that had a more then 50% chance of killing you? Zero. I spent quite a long time searching (and finding nothing) before something hit me on the head. I whipped my vision upwards, expecting to see some cheeky tribute in a tree holding a handful of pebbles. Instead, a silver parachute attached to a huge, narrow, rectangular box was floating towards me. This only meant one thing: I had sponsors, and they were giving me a little gift. Nearly exploding with glee, I snatched the box and pulled it from the air, practically tearing it apart. It had to be a weapon, probably a spear. However, when I got to the inside, I found a hatchet. Picking it up, I realized it was exactly what I needed. With a hatchet, I could chop plants, trees, with the wood I could make a fire, with the plants I could eat and make medicine... it was perfect. I smiled up at the sky and saluted with my hoof, a clear sign of thanks to the animals who had spent so much money to help me.

Qonnolth: Like many animals, I had run away from the cornucopia. I thought that there would also be supplies in the woods, hidden in the unexpected places, but I was wrong. All that was there were trees, shrubs, and little animals. I knew this because a little field mouse had bitten my toe as soon as I had set out, and in annoyance I had swatted it. It didn't bite me again after that. I had always imagined that if I were to be in the Alpha Games, I would be the one person everyone liked, the one person who did good and made the best decisions. But now, seeing everyone else here, I wasn't very sure. The bunny who kept a straight face through the darkest of times, the otter with the knives who never missed her target, the cheetah who moved as fast as lightning, but worst of all, the other kangaroo, who knew all the berries and plant types before I had memorized five. I had always been the smartest, the fastest, the strongest. But now what was I? I was average compared to some of the tributes from the first districts. Feeling mad, I kicked a pebble before noticing something. A shape peeked over the bush ahead of me, and I could tell it belonged to a pig. Narrowing my eyes, I stepped closer. The pig, I knew, was from District Three, and her back was turned to me. A girl by the name of Zeil. Feeling I had found a chance to prove my strength, I followed the animal through the trees.

Delore: I flapped my wings to catch up to the other tributes. Dreadmore, Farllon, Talon, Jay, and I had decided to team up. We were searching for other tributes. I had a knife in my talons, a sharp wooden one, and I was preparing to use it. Being the smallest tribute, smaller then the lynx and the bunnies, I had my doubts. Doubting yourself is one of the worst things you can do in the Alpha Games, but you can't help it. This, however, made me much more determined to prove how vicious I could be. Despite this, I had run away from the cornucopia. The first thing on my to-do list was to find water. Right now, our group was also on the lookout for that. Jay laughed. "Hey Delore? What's it like to be able to fly? I was always curious." The crocodile grinned his toothy grin. It was menacing, but it looked innocent too. I thought for a bit. "It's terrible. You have to be constantly pumping your wings, which, by the way, is the same as pumping your arms, and if you stop you may plummet to your death." Jay's grin disappeared, and it was replaced by a disappointed grimace. "But, you can do lots of tricks. It can be fun too." I did a flip in midair, letting out a long hoot of happiness. Dreadmore snarled. "You (bleep)ers find anything yet?" "Watch your mouth, DM. You better say some nice things before it gets chopped off." Talon darted away as Dreadmore gave him a piercing death glare. Her razor sharp teeth glinted in the sunlight as I eyed the two, chuckling under my breath.

Spokes: Another day. The sun beat down on my flapping wings as I let off thick sweat, endlessly pumping my shoulders. I couldn't keep it up much longer. Searching desperately for a perch, I darted to each tree. I soon found that this was to no avail, as the branches were covered by twigs and leaves. I looked desperately, head turning, trying to see if there was anything else I could do so save myself. I was going to pass out any second. I looked at a tree to see the silhouette of a large cat resting on a branch. My branch. I swooped towards the figure and landed on the side of the tree. I slipped a bit, but I dug my talons further into the trunk and didn't continue to do so. I was a bit frightened for myself, considering that if the cat woke up they could kill me easily from this angle, so I tried to be as quiet as possible. The sound of my feathers scraping against the bark made me wince. I quietly snapped off a small branch and held it up. It was perfect. I slowly crept onto the branch and peered at the cat. It was a cougar, snoring away. I thought she had been unarmed before, but a trident rested right next to her, as if it were sleeping too. I quietly took the weapon, then held it up in one claw. It didn't feel right, killing her when she was defenseless like this. Instead, I squawked loudly. The cougar jumped awake and squealed, claws digging into the tree. Her ears folded and her fur stood up in fear as I spread my wings and shrieked threateningly. The cougar jumped down from the tree and sprinted away. Content, I settled down and fell asleep from exhaustion.

Vadek: I couldn't see much. It had been a bad idea to come to the part of the forest that was thickest with trees, so much that the sunlight had been completely blotted out. I tried to think of what it would be like at nighttime, then stopped. I shouldn't be thinking of negative things. Let's be positive... supplies. I needed supplies. I had come with nothing, and I wasn't leaving with nothing. Snarling, I bounded across the grass, searching for any material in the pitch-black air. I could barely locate anything, except for the sound of leaves crunching under my huge white paws. Then I stepped on something that wasn't a leaf. It was a long spear, simply lying on the ground. I felt the tip, then pulled my paw away and winced, feeling blood drip down my arm. I crept closer and saw a campfire, along with a small figure next to it. A pile of some small, round objects lay next to them. Gulping, I stepped towards the fire. The animal was a kangaroo, clearly fast asleep. The pile was of various berries, big and small. I wondered why the kangaroo would risk it, but then I remembered: this kangaroo was not normal. In training, they were legendary with berries and plant types, knowing every single one within milliseconds of seeing it. I gaped at the sleeping figure. I couldn't kill them, yet what else could I do? It was an opportunity. I gripped the spear, then prepared to put it down and take some berries before slipping away, but suddenly the kangaroo's eyes opened wide. They jumped up, taken aback by me, and my paw let go of the spear in my shock. The kangaroo let out a cry as it pierced their hind leg. They fell over, then went still. Shocked, I snatched the spear and fled, overcome with guilt and fear. What have I done?


Oswald: As I reached the field I had been searching for, a loud sound echoed across the sky and a hovercraft floated above me, floating towards the horizon. I knew another tribute had come to an unfortunate end. It made me sad. All the other people had been so nice in training... I picked up my basket and strolled through the daisies. I was trying to pick the best ones. I needed to make an allegiance with Marooness, the other rabbit in the games. I knew there was another, Fandra, but she had only gotten a six in training. Marooness had gotten a nine, and she seemed like she had much more potential. I hate to admit it, but yes, I do have a small crush on her. She had said in the interview that one of her favorite foods were daisies, so I was getting her some as a present. We could work together! Smiling, I skipped around and plucked the flowers from the ground. I wondered if the ones tainted with pink tasted any different, like how strawberry lemonade tasted different from regular lemonade. I laughed at the thought and continued my flower picking. It was nice to have some peace and quiet. Suddenly, I grew curious with the sudden realization that I had never eaten a daisy. I plucked one from it's stem and carelessly tossed it into my mouth. It was plain, yet it had a hint of sweet, followed by a slightly sour aftertaste. Loving it, I made a handful of daisies for myself and a basketful for Marooness, and began to skip along happily back to my shelter, the cannonshot forgotten.

Fayrin: Flying above the arena, I saw a hovercraft approaching me. I ducked underneath it, unwilling to be hit, then watched as it picked up the limp body of a small kangaroo, a bloody hole in their leg. I recognized it as Zymaul, the kangaroo from District Three. Feeling sorry that such an intelligent tribute had been wasted, I gave one last look before swooping away. A sharp pain jolted through my leg. Shrieking, I almost fell. It stung like crazy. I dived into a tree to take a look. Holding my leg up, I took a good, long, stare. To my horror, there was some sort of black beetle in my feathers, burrowed deep in the flesh, and it was eating away. It had already destroyed a good bit of my leg, and soon it would only be a bleeding stump. Screaming, I shook my leg desperately to get the disgusting bug off. It stood it's ground. I was panicking now. I grabbed a rock and tried to smash the beetle, but it had some sort of iron shell. Now it was obvious that the capital had created it. Tears rushing down my face, I threw my leg against trees, hit it, tried to pry it off with my beak, but all to no avail. I was either going to die a slow painful death by this thing... or... I looked towards a large oak tree, the trunk thick and tough looking. Realizing what I had to do, I faced it. I ducked my head down and charged straight at it. My head exploded with a pain I'd never imagined, and the world began to fade away quickly. Everything was turning black... I cried hysterically as my world faded to nothingness and a voice, perhaps my own, willed me to sleep.


Teirin: I wasn't sure where to go after the Bloodbath. It had been a while since I had run into the forest, but I looked around myself to see where I could go. I had to find food and water, fast. My stomach was growling like a feral dog. Snarling at the pain, ran behind a huge oak tree, clutching my spear. I was so desperate for food now, so hungry, that I ripped off a piece of wood and ate it. It made loud crunching noises, which was bad, but it still tasted like a huge Thanksgiving meal. For two seconds. That was followed by a sharp pain in my throat, and I realized that I had swallowed a splinter. I clawed my neck in panic, and when I did the pain faded. I sighed as my stomach rumbled louder. I looked around myself for any little animals, but saw nothing. Angry with my choice not to grab that bread I had seen right in front of my podium (I didn't mention it before, but there was one), I stomped off to find shelter. I soon found a burrow under a tree. It appeared to be a fox's burrow, and it had apparently been abandoned. Smiling at my luck, I crept inside. It was dark and smelled of old pizza crust, but I could get used to it. I flopped down and noticed something. A hunk of meat, freshly caught, was lying right next to me. I squealed in happiness and grabbed it. It took all of my willpower to not eat it in one huge bite.

Marooness: As I sharpened the stick I had found with a rock, I wondered what the other tributes were doing. Most likely wasting their time running around and trying to find food. They still haven't figured it out. If things get too boring here in the Alpha Games, the capital gives us some... fun. They like to send in feral animals driven insane with madness, the explosion of a hidden volcano, a flood... once they even made the tributes hallucinate. I needed to make sure that didn't happen, both for myself, and for everyone else. I grabbed the stick and stabbed my arm. Blood flowed from the wound, but I was satisfied. With this, I would be the center of attention. How's Marooness's wound? Did she die? Is it ok? How's Marooness doing? Then again, it wasn't good either. Always the center of attention? No way! I hadn't thought of that. Gritting my teeth in regret, I got up. My arm was still bleeding, but I was used to it. It was getting dark, and I had to find shelt- A bright flash suddenly came from a few yards away. I darted towards it and slid behind a bush, then peeked out. A cheetah lay on the ground, sleeping, their supplies littered about carelessly. Smiling, I stepped closer. I saw a box of matches, a jacket, a bottle of pills, fresh fruit (wonder where they got that), all sorts of good stuff. I smiled wickedly and snatched up all the stuff I could carry. Before leaving, however, I tore off a piece of the jacket and wrote, using the blood from my wound: Sorry about your supplies. I always had a reason to be proper. I placed it on the cheetah's nose and ran away as fast as I could, almost dropping a match in the process.

Thylin: I was a bit bored. Being Thylin, I got bored easily. Very easily. I skipped around and paced in circles, forgetting that I was in the Alpha Games and instead thinking that I might as well be waiting in a line at the capital supermarket. It wasn't long before I decided that I was going to give myself a project to do. I took a y-shaped stick and a long strand of grass, then set to work. It wasn't long before I had created my very own slingshot. I grabbed a handful of small stones, then used dirt to create a circular marking on a tree. I took aim and fired. I almost hit a bulls-eye, but not quite. Gritting my sharp teeth in concentration, I shot again. It was actually worse this time, barely making it inside the inner circle. Angry and unsatisfied with my skills, I shot about 6 more stones nearly at the same time. I grew even more angry when I realized that I had been going to fast, and I hadn't seen how good I was. I threw the slingshot against the tree and stomped off to find something to eat. It wasn't long before I found a raspberry bush. I scarfed down the juicy berries as red spilled down my chin. A squirrel leaped out of some bushes and tried to steal a berry, then noticed the red juice on my chin, which looked remarkably like blood. Squeaking in terror, the rodent rushed away. Laughing, I tossed a raspberry after it. I had always been willing to share. I picked up the slingshot again and aimed. This time, I got a bulls-eye. I decided to practice a bit more as the sun slowly sank into the sea.

Night One

Thylin: I had stopped practicing a while ago. The slingshot had broken from all the heavy use, and I myself had been getting tired. The sun was down now, turning the sky an ugly shade of dark purple, like when you get a really bad bruise. I wasn't going to start a campfire any time soon though. I didn't have any supplies to do it. I picked up a bundle of twigs and rubbed two together, then they exploded in a flash of light, fire burning on them. I suddenly remembered that the stuff in here had been made by the capital. I burned the pile of wood and threw in some moss and pine-cones for good measure. It was just like camping outside! Then I felt something hit me on the head. I looked up and saw a long, white box attached to a parachute floating towards me. A gift from my sponsors! I knew I had sponsors because I had gotten a nine in training while most of the non-career tributes had gotten six or five, maybe even four. Smiling a bit, I took the package and opened it with as little sound as possible. It was a hatchet! Squealing in delight, I took the axe-like weapon and held it high in triumph, very pleased with myself and my sponsors.

Jay: "It's unnaturally cold out here," said Hades, ears pulled back and shivering. I nodded in agreement, only now noticing how loudly my teeth were chattering. "We ought to make a fire. Jay, you fetch the twigs and I'll fetch the pine-cones." "Why do we need pine-cones?" "They burn better, you idiot. FETCH THE TWIGS!!" I could swear I saw real flames in Hades' eyes, and for a second I thought that maybe he was going to use himself to make the campfire. I hastily went to fetch some twigs. There were lots of different branches here and there, but I picked the ones with the most pine needles on them. Bet you didn't know those burn super well. Soon I looked like a tree myself, carrying all this stuff. I dumped it on the little mound of pinecones that Hades had made. Hades reached into his tree-bark backpack (he made it) and pulled out a box of matches and lighter fluid. "Dude, that's too much," I said. Hades grunted in reply. "This is the Alpha Games! There is NO TOO MUCH!!" You're too much, said my brain. Hades lit a match against his own claw, chucked it into the pile, and poured on lighter fluid. The campfire exploded, and the next thing I knew everything around us was on fire. Hades and I screamed as we desperately tried to put out the flames. Eventually, I was forced to pour water on our campfire. I was very, very angry. "I told you!" I snarled. Hades shrugged. "Other tributes would have been able to find us better though. Maybe a campfire was a bad idea anyways." As it began to rain, Hades and put on blankets and waited for the cold to pass.

Zeil: "So Cookie, what supplies do you have?" Cookie sighed. "I had a trident, but some jerk toucan took it and scared me out of my tree. He even hit me with the trident, and now I have this scratch on my neck!" I gasped. "That's terrible!" We were huddling around our little campfire, talking like the nervous girls we were. "So who were those four cannonshots for?" I asked. Cookie's eyes rolled back, as if she were trying to remember. "The first one was for the lion, he was the only death in the Bloodbath. I know that for sure." I nodded. "The second one... huh... I'm not sure who that one was." "I think it was the penguin, Pirris I think was his name? I dunno." "Ah, yes, it was Pirrit," said Cookie. She held up two clawed fingers. "Third?" Cookie narrowed her eyes. "Zymaul. I heard the poor guy got speared through the leg." I covered my mouth in horror. "Really? Oh my... who would do that?" "Apparently someone here. People will do anything in this arena." I suddenly remembered where I was and how serious it was. "The fourth was Fayrin." "Fayrin??" I was surprised. Fayrin had gotten a score of ten, and she could fly! Plus, during training she had been awesome, and really nice! Feeling terrible, I slumped over a bit. "Don't worry Zeil," said Cookie, a smile returning to her face. "Just think... one of us might win!" Feeling a bit happier, I looked at her and gave a weak smile. "I guess we can give some hope," I said. Cookie giggled. "That's the spirit!" She gave me a hug, and I returned it with a bigger one.

Delore: Kremlore was fast. It was hard to evade all her moves, but I had been trained way more than her. Knife in my talons, I dived down and barely missed her neck. Kremlore snarled in fury and charged at me, her silver dagger glinting in the moonlight. I dove to the side, but the weapon grazed my foot. It stung like hell. I screeched and slashed at the cheetah as she darted back and forth, as if dancing to some foreign music. Then it happened. Kremlore was suddenly behind me. She stabbed me in the back, then paced several meters away. Something warm spilled down my feathers. And I was angry. It didn't hurt, but my brain did. I was more angry than I've ever been before. I screamed and grabbed Kremlore by the scruff of her neck. Shock filled her eyes as she twisted, trying to escape my iron grip. I dove my knife into her back, slicing as hard as I could. Kremlore screamed terribly, which just made me more infuriated. I raked my talons across her face and stabbed her again, this time in her throat. I couldn't see anything, I just heard screaming and laughing. But why would Kremlore be laughing? Then I realized that the cackling in the night air was coming from me. I felt more warmth on my chest, but it wasn't my blood this time. The limp form of Kremlore fell to the ground, mangled and bleeding. I swooped to the ground and walked away, giggling under my breath.


Ovor: I fell over. Arkan was holding a huge fishing hook, one that I assumed he had obtained during the Bloodbath. The point had been sharpened to a thin line, and it looked as if it could draw blood with a faint scratch. The hyena snarled, bounding lopsidedly towards me. I nimbly dodged him, then clawed his neck with a swipe. He flinched, then dug his teeth into my tail as I spun around. I yelped in pain, then shook myself until he let go. I hopped away as fast as I could. Arkan was faster than me on land, and I suddenly regretted not staying close to my river. It wasn't long before I was pinned to the ground, Arkan on top of me, my head pushed back against the ground. The hyena growled, exposing his teeth. I did the first thing I could think of. I grabbed hold of one of the teeth and pulled with all the strength I had as there was a loud sucking sound. Then there was blood on my paws and dripping from Arkan's mouth, and he was clutching his lips, eyes wide with horror. I felt something in my paw, then looked down to see a long, blood-stained tooth in my claws. I dropped it, realized what I had done, then covered my mouth. My paws left red marks on my face. "Oh my zios! I'm sorry I wasn't thinking..." I rushed over to Arkan and looked inside his mouth. It was covered in blood, but it would be fixed soon. Arkan gave a muffled yelp of protest, but I managed to drag him over to my river, where I had left my medical supplies. I was going to help my enemy get better.

Teirin: I had a large bundle of sticks and moss now, knowing moss was good for burning. I'd heard of a tribute in one of the first games that had made a fire in the middle of the day. They hadn't lasted long. I wasn't going to be like them, and I was going to hide my fire. I had two large sheets of paper that I had gotten from some birch trees, and my plan was to drape them over the fire with two sticks in order to conceal it's light. I got back to camp and almost fell over as I collapsed. I was tired, too tired. I was too worn out to make the genius fire-hiding creation of mine, and I would have to settle with a regular fire. Angry with myself, I set up the sticks and started rubbing two together as vigorously as possible. It was a slow process, but I managed it. A spark turned into a flame, then a flame turned into the blazing fire I had been trying to make all along. I set the other sticks on fire, then sat back, admiring my creation. My paws were burning, and when I looked at them I saw that the paws were crimson and I had several cuts that needed cleaning. Snarling in annoyance, I took the meat I had recently gotten and began to roast it. It burned my paws to hold them so close to the fire, but it had to be done if I was to eat. As soon as it was done roasting, I scarfed down the meat. It left me satisfied, but disappointed. I went to sleep with a full belly and wandering thoughts about the next day.

Oswald Part 1: Marooness's den was just up ahead. There was no turning back now. Clutching my flower basket in hand, I walked into the burrow and immediately regretted that decision. Marooness was holding a pointed stick with a flaming tip and whirling it around as a huge shape paced around her, growling ominously. "Marooness!" I jumped at the thing as it leaped out to greet me. It was a black and white arctic wolf with a violet vine pattern twisting across it's fur, and it looked to be a girl. Marooness shrieked. "OSWALD?! GET OUT!!" Something scorched my fur, and I found that I was holding the torch. Without thinking, I thrust the weapon forward, and it hit the wolf in the eye. She howled in pain, and I could tell by her voice who she was. She was the muscular killing machine from District Two, Dreadmore. I'd heard the other tributes talk about her. She doesn't need weapons because her teeth are sharper than knives... I panicked. Dreadmore looked back at me, her left eye closed tight. She lunged at me and swatted me to the ground. I hit my head and tried to get up, but she hit me again before I had the chance. My head hurt and I wanted to stop, but blows were raining down on me hard, and I couldn't move. I opened my eyes a crack to see Dreadmore raising her paw for the death blow... "NO!!" Green and gray filled my vision as a shape darted in front of me. Marooness was in front of me, shielding me from the blow. There was a thwack and a scream before red filled my vision.

Oswald Part 2: I opened my eyes. Marooness was lying on top of me, blood spilling from her throat. She gagged and coughed, and was clearly trying to say something. "MAROONESS!! NO NO NO..." I couldn't think. I was too confused and scared and angry at the same time to think. I tried to stop the flow of blood from the rabbit's convulsing body, but it was too much. Soon Marooness was motionless, her bright eyes staring at nothing. Dreadmore began to laugh. "See that, rabbit? Your friend just died saving you, cause you were too stupid and slow to save you own skin." I was mad. I was angry at Dreadmore's stupid voice and Dreadmore's stupid grin, but most of all I was angry at myself. I knew she was right. Marooness was dead because of me. All my fault... Rage filled me. I'd never felt this angry, this provoked before in my life. I screamed in fury and jumped forward, surprising Dreadmore so much that she stumbled backwards, unbalanced. I still had the torch, but it wasn't burning anymore. I gave a roar and dug it into the wolf's neck. She yelped and twisted, begging for mercy, her once taunting face anguished. But I didn't hear her. All I heard was Marooness's choking, her final, desperate "NO!!" I couldn't hear or see anything else. My claws tore at Dreadmore, pulling her fur, tearing her skin, doing everything I could to hurt her like she hurt Marooness. Then it was all over, the wolf was dead. Marooness had been avenged.



Qonnolth: I was preparing to build a fire when I heard a noise in the bushes nearby. It was too big to be a mouse or squirrel, and too small to be another tribute. Before I could throw rocks or pull out a weapon or something, a rabbit so small it almost looked like a pet rabbit leaped out of the bushes, teeth bared. Startled, I hopped backwards and tripped over my own weapon. I fell onto the ground as my hands scraped against grass, making fresh burns. The rabbit landed on top of me, and I recognized her as Fandra, the girl from District Nine. Her teeth dug into my neck. Although it didn't do much damage for someone like me, it stung. I swiped at her clumsily, holding the side of my neck to keep it from bleeding too badly. Fandra dodged my attack easily and went in for a second hit. I felt one of my teeth come free from the blow of her back legs to my neck, and I spit out a bit of blood as I wiped my lips. I'm not weak. I can prove myself! I jumped forwards so suddenly that I managed to stun Fandra. Before she could react, I grabbed her and leaped into a boulder, creating a massive impact. She squealed in terror as I grabbed her by the ears. She was helpless. I held on tightly and whipped her once into the rock. Twice. Three times. Fandra was screaming bloody murder, but there was no stopping now. I hit her a fourth time, and when her head made impact there was a small cracking sound. I dropped her, and she lay on the ground limply, her neck twisted unnaturally. Realizing what I had done, I covered my mouth, grabbed my supplies, and ran away, guilt gnawing at my skin.


Talon: "Owowowowow!" Vadek was wincing and twitching from the healing ointment, or perhaps that fact that in order to apply it I had to touch the wound. "It's fine. This stuff was made by the capitol, stop whining." The gooey stuff was soft, warm, and sticky, but that made it easier to coat Vadek's fur with. However, Vadek made this feel like I was trying to give my little brother some food he had never tried before. The ointment was something I had found abandoned near the cornucopia after the bloodbath, when only several tributes were left hanging around for weapons. I guess someone had dropped it because it seemed of too little value, or they had to discard it so they had more room for other supplies. Stupid decision, if you ask me. You had to do everything to survive, and one step to that was getting the best supplements for your injuries. If someone say, got a huge, nasty cut on their neck, they'd probably die of blood loss unless they had bandages and leaves to cover it up. Either that, or it'd get infected. I thought of Fayrin, how she had committed suicide because she knew she would die later if she didn't die soon. Made me sad, knowing how such a good tribute had been wasted. But my mind was wandering. Back to Vadek.

Spokes: Scritch-scratch. Scritch-scratch. I looked at the sky as I rubbed my twigs together, perched on my tree. I wasn't sure how a campfire would work in this kind of setting, but eh. I'd figure something out. There were lots of stars tonight, but of course they were artificial. Inside the arena, made by the capitol. Dirty rats of the empire. I loathed them as much as I loathed the condition of my wings, They ached like heck, and no matter what I couldn't stop them. I shook my leg a bit to keep it from cramping. It gave me chills, for the rest of my body was covered in warm feathers while my leg was bare skin, exposed to the cold night air. I wondered who had died, and as in answer, I heard the anthem. In the sky in front of me, faces came. The muscled, hovering lion. I had a feeling he wouldn't last long. Next the stuttering penguin from training. Ah, yes, I expected him. Next Zymaul. He was a surprise, as I had expected the plant-memorizing kangaroo to live longer. Then Fayrin. That was very unexpected. A career, already? Kremlore. I had nothing to say about that. Then the unthinkable came. Two careers, Marooness and Dreadmore. Why were all the early-district tributes dying first? It made me think. Was this the capitol's doing? Or was there a secret lower-district killer? And most importantly of all, was I next? As the little twigs I was holding began to spark, I couldn't help wondering.

Zigho: Trotting through the trees, I looked for a good campsite. My hooves made clunking noises on the ground, which would endanger my safety if someone were to hear me. I heard a branch crack. I stopped and froze, hiding in a bush. I peeked out and saw some legs with hooves clomping along in a panicked fashion. I knew it was Farllon from the sound of the panting. I had memorized most of the tribute's voices by now. Farllon had been very friendly and happy during training, but also very nervous about something at the same time. She kept looking outside and checking the clock, as if she had something due at some point. She seemed afraid of something. Something screeched, and Farllon was off. She was out of my sight when a huge, thin hatchet hit the ground in front of me. I blinked in surprise as I saw a black paw rest on it. Hades. I didn't know that a tiny feline like him could throw so well. He jumped off and looked around before running away. A pair of clawed, webbed feet waddled behind. Jay. I came out of the bush and found that Hades had left the hatchet. I was confused at first, but then I realized that this was a way of finding his way back to camp. I pulled the hatchet from the ground and ran. Very, very, fast.

Farllon: Breathing is complicated when you run. In, in, out, out. In, in, out, out. When I was little, my mother called it the choo-choo train method. Thinking of my mother made me think of other things. Murderer, thought my brain. I stopped thinking and focused on the frustrated yowls of the black lynx running after me. I looked around, then took my chances and dived behind a nearby tree. Hades bounded past a few moments later, with Jay just behind him. Jay looked rather miserable. I panted for a bit, then began to cut small slits in the tree. Within minutes, I had lots to footholds to use, and I could climb the tree. I jumped and hauled myself up, bit by bit. I rested in the tree leaves, my feet sore from stepping on sharp rocks. I heard an angry yowl in the distance, and I assumed that Hades had realized that his prey was lost. I calmed myself down and looked at the stars. They were so pretty against the dark, creepy looking background of pure black. They looked like little lightbulbs of hope. I smiled, but then remembered. There were no clocks here. I looked around for any other tributes, then stuffed branches on top of myself until I could barely move. A voice echoed in my head. Kill, kill, kill.

Day Two

Vadek: Sweat was pouring down my face. The day was very high in temperature, and with me being used to cold temperatures I wasn't taking it well. I panted heavily and sat down, thinking a little. So hot... I licked some sweat off of my cheek and stood up again, continuing to walk. I walked until I felt ready to collapse. I was beginning to feel faint when I saw something up ahead in the forest. It looked amazingly like water. My eyes widened as, desperate, I sprinted forward to the area. It was water! Beautiful, glistening, cool water! I jumped into that water and smothered myself all over with it. Sighing in relief, I relaxed for the first time here. My eyelids drooped as I almost fell asleep, but then something nearby made a sound. I jumped into consciousness. "Who's there?" I looked around and saw a shape in the water. I began to shake. "Um, hello! I, I, uh... I didn't know this was yours..." A little furry head poked out of the water and looked at me. "It's fine. You can share." A hyena walked up behind the seal. "Who's he?" The seal smiled. "We have a visitor."

Zigho: "So, how'd this happen to you?" Thylin groaned. "I cut myself with a dagger I made. I know, stupid. I'm pretty stupid." "You're not stupid." I knew that was true. There was a good chance Thylin was smarter than me. The little otter looked up at the sky and squinted. "Doesn't it feel extra hot today?" I was a little distracted from my current status of trying to clean Thylin's leg wound. Blood was everywhere, but I wasn't very squeamish. "Hey! Earth to Zigho!" "Oh! Um, what did you say again?" Thylin rolled her eyes. "It feels real warm today, don't you think?" "Oh, um, yeah." "Wow. Convincing." Thylin smiled and giggled. She was better than me at this. Every time I needed to get an injury healed, I would squirm and scream and cry. Thylin didn't even seem to care. I reached into the bucket I had filled with water and dumped some of Thylin's leg. She winced, but kept her straight face. "Ow, this really stings. Can you tell?" "No." "That's good. I need to practice not showing weakness."

Farllon: I slowly opened my eyes. Everything was foggy and I was dizzy, my head hurt. I looked down at myself and saw blood staining my legs and chest. Oh no... I glanced around and saw the dead bodies of tiny birds and mice and squirrels everywhere. My eyes filled with tears. I hate myself, I hate myself, I hate myself... I picked up the body of a wilted baby sparrow that barely even had feathers. Their head lolled to one side. I clutched it to my chest and cried. Why, why, why why why why why... I quivered in grief and stared at what had done, what I had caused. I'm so sorry. I set the sparrow down and began to dig. That day, I dug a huge hole. It was six feet deep and four feet wide. I put the animals inside, stacking them up against each other. I shoveled the dirt back in and sat at the hole, my hooves over my face. They never deserved this. Something hit me on the head and for a second I thought I was dead, and that someone had killed me. For a second I was happy. Then the thing fell to the ground and I saw that it was a water bottle. A little parachute was attached to it. I smiled in gratitude, opening the bottle and gulping the liquid inside. It was fresh and cool. I set the bottle down on the animal grave and got up before slowly walking away.

Teirin: It would be nighttime soon. I rubbed two pieces of wood together, hoping to see a spark of light that would soon become what I needed to stay warm... fire. I waited with no success. Eventually, I grew impatient. I rubbed faster. Nothing happened. I was about to try again when something hit me in the eye. Rain. I threw the sticks to the ground in frustration. I can never do anything right. Why should I try? I grabbed the two sticks and set them in the ground. I pretended they were my mother and father. "Hey mom. Hey dad. How are you?" I knew I wouldn't get an answer. It was just nice to talk to something for a change. "I know that you miss me. I miss you guys too. I just wanted to let you know that I'm okay, and I can win this! I'll win it for you guys." The sticks didn't move. At that moment I realized how stupid I was, talking to two sticks, two... objects. I grabbed the stupid things and broke them. I stood there, panting with anger. Then I took the four tiny twigs, and I got an idea. I got a bandage from my storage pile and wrapped the twigs together until they were in the shape of a Y. I looked at a nearby reed and smiled. My parents would make a good slingshot.

Delore: Jay wasn't dangerous, I knew that. He was the type that wouldn't betray people, no matter what they had done or who they were. I was different. Jay, because of his foolish nature, was a tool to me. Once he finished gathering the resources that we had agreed to use to build a fire, I'd sneak up and kill him. I smiled to think of his blood running down my talons, and the surprised expression on his face as I struck. Jay was stupid. Slow. Weak. And I was strong. He wouldn't have a chance. I was so delighted to think of Jay's death that I almost let go of the bundle of wood in my talons. I bent down to grab a particularly sharp piece of wood that might make a good weapon, preferably a knife. I grabbed it in my beak. I spotted a thick oak tree to my right. Practicing my surprise attacks, I turned around quickly and flew towards the tree trunk. I stabbed it as hard as I could with my new weapon. Something squirted out of the tree and clung to my wings. I shrieked in horror and tried to get it off. It was sticky and gooey and smelled surprisingly sweet. Then I realized that it was tree sap. I groaned in anger. Wasting my stupid time... bit by bit, I peeled the sap off my feathers.

Oswald: There were almost no trees where I was. Just my luck. I was holding an axe that I had gotten from the cornucopia, inside a box. It was very useful for cutting wood, or at least I assumed. I hadn't tested it out yet. I sighed, shivering a bit at the cold air. I spotted a small tree and ran up to it. I was about to swing when a thought came to me. Someone might be watching me right now. Someone might be trying to kill me at this very moment. All in a single instant I realized how reckless I was being. My footsteps seemed as loud as drums and my breathing was like howling wind. I almost dropped my axe, then recovered from my daze. What are you thinking? Stay on track. Firewood. Get firewood. I held up the axe and brought it down on the tree. A huge chopping sound rang out, louder than I thought it would be. I dropped the axe and put my paws over my ears. "Do you hear that?" said a voice not far from me. "Someone's over there," said another voice. A twisted purr echoed through the trees, and when I recognized the voice I knew that I had to run. It was Hades. I scrambled to my feet and began to sprint as fast as I could away from the voices. I heard footsteps behind me and I turned my head. A fox and Hades, the lynx, were running behind me, slowly catching up. I almost tripped, but I kept running. If they keep their speed they'll catch me, I thought. I spotted a log and dived under it, hoping for my survival.

Qonnolth: I ready my bow and arrow, holding it up above my head. My arms shake. I don't want to do this, but I have no choice. I need food. There's a hummingbird perched on the tree nearby, looking around happily. My parents used to make me participate in lots of contests. They wanted me to be strong and fast in case I ever joined the games. They didn't really care for me. They told me to pretend I was a hummingbird, that I couldn't rest and had to keep humming. My parents were liars. They never told me about the games until I got picked. They said they were proud of me for winning all those contests. They were raising me like a lamb for slaughter. LIARS. I'm so angry that I lose my grip on the arrow and it flies towards the hummingbird. I'm scared for a second. I didn't ready myself enough. I didn't want to kill yet. I rush forward, grabbing for the arrow. The hummingbird sees me and it hops away into the branches before flying away. My arrow misses the tree completely. I stop running. I'm clumsy. I'm stupid. I can't even kill a dumb bird. Then I remember Fandra. I remember the fear etched on her face as I slammed her into the cold reminder that we all die one day. I remember her screams. Then I remember when we saw each other during training. I remember her smiling and waving. I remember that she didn't know I would kill her. Guilt floods me, and I barely notice the hatchet-shaped package floating down in front of me.

Talon Part 1: Hades tends to find different people, then abandon them and go on his own before seeking out more people. He says he was with Jay before. We've lost the rabbit, I know that. Hades is growling, his claws still unsheathed. "Hades," I say. "We've lost him. He's gone." Hades looks angrier, but he sheathes his claws. "Cheer up. We'll find some more tributes." "Yeah, right." I open my mouth to reply, but then water spills down my throat and I can't see. I can hear gurgling sounds, but I'm not sure if it's me or Hades or both of us. Then I see black eyes looking at me, along with a golden paw reaching out. I gasp and sputter, flailing my paws. "STOP MOVING FOR ----S SAKE!!" screamed a voice. I look through my murky vision at a hyena standing to the side. I turn around. A yellow seal carries me through water, smiling. "You'll be fine," he says. "As long as you don't fall off." I climb onto land from his back, coughing up muddy water. "There there," says the seal, patting my back. I give him a grateful smile and turn around, looking for Hades. The black lynx sits in a small cave, clawing a hole in the ground. "Who are you guys?" I ask. "I'm Ovor," replies the seal. He points to the hyena. "And that's Arkan." The hyena grins, and I notice a gap in his teeth. "Vadek was here earlier, but he left an hour ago." "Oh. Well, I'm Talon, and this is Ha-" Ovor laughs. "We know, we know. I wrote down lots of notes about all the tributes and their strengths and weaknesses!" Ovor holds up a notebook. I feel uncomfortable.

Talon Part 2: Hades steps out of the cave. "So, I was thinking... can we go hunt for tributes? It might be fun. Also I'm hungry." "Sure." Arkan lifts himself off of the ground and stretches, wiping his nose. Ovor groans. "Why is everybody so obsessed with killing? Killing, killing, killing. It's stupid. I am a well principled pacifist, unlike you weirdos. I refuse to come." "Well then, suit yourself," says Arkan, yawning. "Come on guys, lets go." We walk for a while until Hades hears a rustling noise. "Aha," he growls. I look towards the sound and see a small, gray cougar crouched under a tree, shivering. I feel sorry for them. "Hades, maybe Ovor is right. Let's leave them alone and just hunt for mice or something." Hades ignores me and creeps towards the cougar. Arkan follows him. With a yowl, Hades leaps out at the cougar. Then a pig jumps out from behind the cougar and holds out a bow, aiming at Hades. Hades sees her, and she sees Hades. Both freeze. The pig steps backwards. Arkan runs at the duo. Hades looks horrified. "Stop!" he shrieks. "STOP!" The posiions are switched now, and Arkan is the ignorant one. His jaws open and he sinks his teeth into the cougar's neck. "ARKAN STOP!" Hades rushes at the hyena and claws him. Everything is chaos. The pig fires arrow after arrow at Arkan. One arrow hits the cougar. One arrow hits Hades. One hits Arkan. Arkan drops the cougar, who goes limp. Hades pulls the arrow out of his shoulder. Arkan rushes at the pig. Hades is crying. Arkan rips his claws across the pig's face. The pig screams. Hades bite's Arkan's neck. Arkan runs away. Hades runs to the pig, who collapses. I faint from shock. The cougar doesn't move.


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