**Please Note This Story Has No Real Life Implications**

Chapter 1: Welcome To Jamaa!

Welcome To Jamaa! Collector

"Welcome To Jamaa!" Liza said with a smile.

And with that, a New Jammer had started. This user's name was hurricane75. Now they weren't just anybody; they were the sibling of another jammer who had already started. The very first time they started out in Jamaa Township in the middle of rush hour. The usual "My den if you like me!" and "My list for rare spike jamagram if deal!" People were there, but there was one special, unusual one:

"Plushie Shop My Den!"

Their sibling had told them about shops, because they owned one. Now, this New Jammer went to that person because they thought it was interesting. One thing they had overlooked; they had no items. After learning they couldn't buy anything, they asked where you could get plushies. Some random monkey said to go to the spaceship looking building and go to the first thing on the right. So the penguin went in.

Chapter 2: The Story Begins

Chapter 2 Title Collector

"Hmm" The new jammer thought "This is the plushie thing?"

It was the plushie thing. They would soon learn it was called "The Claw" and soon paid their 5 gem fee and dove right in. After two tries of nothingness, they finally pulled out something! What could this be? Unfortunately, it was a glitch. Nothing ever showed up. Determination up, they tried again. But what was this sound? They had never heard it before. This gift thing pulled up out of the claw. And that was what sparked an obsession with plushies forever.

Chapter 3: The Very First One

You Won!

"What could this mean?" Said the jammer, only about 15 minutes into their new life.

It was but one thing: A Black Panda Plushie. No features or whatsoever, they tried again. This time, it pulled up a Red Monkey Plushie. To this day, nobody knows where they are at now, as they could be in somebody's prized collection or in a stockpile of used plushies, waiting to be reinserted into a claw. Anyways, the new jammer was done for the day. But, when they went to bed that night, they knew what they wanted to do with Animal Jam: Become the best plushie owner they could be.

Chapter 4: The Next Day

Now, the New Jammer knew they were going clothes shopping the next day (Which they HATED), so they got on as soon as they possibly could and just started doing the claw. About 2-3 hours later, a funny thing happened: The den filled up! They were ready to start their plushie shop. They went out into Coral Canyons (Since Jamaa Township was full) and started yelling the same thing most do: Plushie shop my den!