Note: This is not an Animal Jam-Related Story if you proceed in this you will be reading a PG-13 warning, because of gore or violence included in this story. All the credit to Bluestar28689 for this horror folk tale. 


Chapter 1: The Strange Night

The moon was glowing, pushing the darkness away. The wolves were howling. Jamie Skerbokacht was taking a shower while her mother Abigail Skerbokacht was cooking dinner. They had shrimp and pasta, the ordinary meal for dinner, since it was Jamie's favorite. Abigail divorced Jason Nobles because she couldn't stand the "late nights." Jamie thought her mother was full of balony. How insecure she thought her mother was. "Mom, I just have to change, is dinner almost ready?" Abigail set the dinner table to a formal dinner, to Jamie's surprise in which her mother never sets up the table, as it is Jamie's job. "What's going on, are you feeling okay?" Abigail laughed, and then placed the camp-for-summer tickets on the table, causing Jamie to groan.

"Mom, you know I hate camp, I know you're working and all bu- No. No. No buts no buttercup excuses honey!" Jamie groaned and sat down in her usual spot. Dinner was amazing, which was weird considering how bad of a cook her mother was. "Mom, this is amazing, but I have to run to Harriet's house!" Jamie packed up her fruit candy bars which she stored up in her lavender bag. Jamie was friends with Harriet Tubsan who was a 13 year old female who loved school, and they both were friends with Sport (Spencer) Smith. The wind was howling tonight, like those wolves on the mountains. Jamie hated those wolves, they always kept her up all night. While thinking of the wolves, Jamie ran to a dead end. Which was weird considering the fact that she walks through' 'the path. "What the-" A bush rumbled and shaked. "Uh, hello?" A black cat soared through the air landing on the ground, perfectly. 

Jamie screamed dropping her bag. "Stupid lousy cat, look what you made me do!" It hissed frightening Jamie. "Ugh, a dead end." Jamie shivered, how she hated dead ends, the eerie thought of being alone with no turning back. The leaves fell off the trees, making them look deceased. All of a sudden lights flickered on, a door was opened. "Jamie, over here!" It was her dear friend Harriet, who was wearing a magenta robe, all tied up. Another odd thing was Harriet's house is usually on the right, when now it was on the left, next to the dead end. "Today is such a weird day," added Jamie while they both were painting their nails fuschia. "How is it weird?" Jamie hesistated to speak, and didn't know how to mouth what happened, but didn't finish her statement she was about to make. "Nevermind.."

Chapter 2: The Big Reveal

 The night was brutal, like the heavy winds. All of the lights were flickered off, and Jamie and Harriet went to bed early, not talking one word to each other, strangely. Jamie whispered to herself, "Today has been weird, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day." As she closed her eyes, there was a thump. Then lightning struck a tree, causing it to crash on the ground. No one woke up, except Jamie who heard the noise, falling out of the bunk bed. "...." Jamie was speechless. The thunder sounded like clouds slamming into each other, brutually and hardly. Harriet was kicking and rolling herself over, almost falling off of the bed. Jamie got back on the bottom bunk, and when she closed her eyes she saw an old man. He was skinny and crippled, with a white beard and dark brown eyes, demon eyes more like it. Jamie screamed waking up to a cloudy and rainy day. She looked on the top bunk, to her surprise not seeing Harriet, who was a deep sleeper. She looked out the window, seeing the man in her dream, causing Jamie's heart to beat faster and faster...and FASTER.

Chapter 3 (Coming Soon..)