Welcome to The Elementalists, a story by 652Graystripe.


Pouncing Chillypaw winced as he trod on a thorn. Thankfully, it didn't penetrate his rough cat paws. The forest was mainly obscured through a growth of ferns and a gossamer mist that curled between the trees like a serpentine cloud. The ferns parted, and Pouncing (who was called Gray) emerged into a clearing. A wolf faced him. Its lips were drawn back in a snarl. It sprang just as Gray turned aside with amazing agility. The wolf landed on the forest floor with an explosion of flames and plowed a rut in the soft podzol. Gray jerked his head back as a small flame floated up at his nose. He then whirled and pelted around the clearing, disorienting the large wolf. Finally, he struck, leaping up onto the wolf's back and crawling up to its neck. Electricity arced around the clearing, charring the wolf's fur.

As you can see...

Gray is really good at baking pastries.

Will add more later!