In Animal Jam, they released a French server. Since I speak French, I decided to make a French account.

I told some of my friends first and made my account, "Miralune" (which is Miramoon in English) Miralune-cosmic. I really liked it so, I played it.

Then I traded a few items to my French account. Then I tried to get on my English account, but I went on my french account! I was very confused...

The next day something happened. My French account was a member when it was non-member just yesterday!

The next day, I was the only animal there. Even though French AJ isn't so popular, there are still people. Then, my screen showed pictures of my animal with a knife, taking the membership of members after killing them. It was gory and it scared me.

I had a chance, so I took a screenshot of one of them. Here: 
Im evil... sorry

The french jammer