This is my first story featuring all of the Jammers in Animal Jam wiki. I'll try to contain the Jammers on AJ Wiki that I know. If I didn't include you, please comment what you want to be.

Please no hatred! Warning is below!


Chapter 1- Jamaa and Lunifer in the meadow

It was almost sunset. Jamaa the red wolf was walking with her human friend, Lunifer, along the meadow of the wikia world. Suddenly, they saw a vast shadow.

"W-w-w-h-h-at, is.... that?" said Jamaa with her teeth chattering. Suddenly, Puppy appeared and said, "Hi Jammers, you may be traveling! May I join?" "Sure," Lunifer said. So now there were Puppy, Jamaa, and Lunifer walking in the meadow of the wikia world.

Chapter 2- Into the Jungle

Suddenly the 3 Jammers came into a big jungle so spooky and black. Gray was there looking at the spookiness of this ghost jungle.

"What is this jungle?" Lunifer asked Gray. "This is the Phantom Jungle," replied Gray. "It has lots of phantoms hunkering in this forest. So you better watch out for them. I'll join you." Then Jamaa, Lunifer, Puppy, and Gray crept into the forest trying to not make a single peep.

Chapter 3- Phantom Attack!

When Jamaa made a step onto the rock, she felt pain on her back leg. She turned her head- THERE WAS A PHANTOM! "Save me!!!!!" she screamed as she kicked the phantom with her other back leg. The phantom let go and blood gushed out of Jamaa's back leg.

Jamaa yelped as her back leg bleed more worsely. Lunifer made a moon boomerang and killed the phantom with it. "All clear!" said Puppy. "Wait...." Gray looked behind puppy. There was a dark shadow, could it be another phantom? Then there was a little black cat and a white bunny. "Stay away from the cat!" howled Jamaa as her back leg started to blood clot. "It means bad luck!"

"No, I'm Nightwing," said the cat. "And the bunny is Pookie." Suddenly, there was a sound of static. Pookie mumblely murmured, "I-I-I-I-It'sssss..... s-s-s-slender m-m-m-ma-ma-man!" Jamaa and Lunifer looked behind. There was slender man, dressed in a tuxedo with a faceless head and tectnacles. "RUN!!!!" screeched Jamaa. The Jammers ran as slender man teleported to them. Finally, they hid in a bush. Gray opened the bush and announced out in the night darkness, "No one there!" "Phew!" said Nightwing tiredly. Puppy said, "Noooooooowwwwwwwww leeeeeetttttttttt ussssssss haaaaaavvvveeeee......" Then there were no sound but the snoring, the Jammers has fell asleep already.

Chapter 4-Crossing the Irky river

Hours later, a faint glow touched Pookie's eyes. She suddenly woke up and shouted, "WAKE UP!" Everyone opened their eyes and saw the sun rising in the dawn. "Now what do we have for breakfast?" asked Nightwing. Lunifer pulled out chicken from his backpack which meant that will be breakfast. In a blink, everyone nommed the chicken. In just 1 minute, the chicken is gone. As soon the Jammers crawled out of the bush, there was a dark river with water splashing onto the banks. "The Irky River..." Nightwing said. "It has bloodthirsty crocodiles and loch ness monsters that lurk though the black water. It's really dangerous to swim across the river." Suddenly, a husky and a guinea pig was spotted by Gray. When Jamaa touched the husky, the husky turned around and said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" The guinea pig widened its eyes. "We're trying to cross this river," Pookie said proudly. "But we can't swim across this because a loch ness monster would eat us. And what's your name?" "I'm Maya," said the husky rubbing her bloody scar on her arm. "And the guinea pig is Bubbles."

When Bubbles started to say a word, Jamaa interrupted and said, "MAKE A BOAT!!!!!" "SWIM FAST!!!" screeched Puppy. "WALK ON PLANKS!!!!!" yelped Pookie. Then everyone were babbling about how to cross the Irky River. "BE QUIET!!!" Maya scolded firmly. "Bubbles will tell you an amazing idea when you listen to her." "Hmmmmm....." Bubbles said. "I got it! We can use a log to cross the river just like a boat!" "I knew it!" screamed Jamaa. Then Lunifer found a log and everyone lifted it.

"I'm sleeping!" shouted a voice. Then slipped out Lily so tired. That dog Lily said, "What's the heck is this?" "We're trying to cross the river with this log," said Nightwing. Lily didn't reply but she joined anyway. At the edge of the bank, Lunifer chanted, "1, 2, 3, let go!" Then the log was thrown into the river and everyone jumped onto it. They tried to keep the balance but it wasn't so easy. Suddenly, a loch ness monster got out of the water and bit so much. Everyone had blood gushing out. Then Pookie and Jamaa lost their balance and fell into the water. Lunifer tried to catch them but it was too late.

Pookie and Jamaa drifted away so fast that they couldn't be seen in Lunifer's eyes. Miracly, the log reached the bank. Everyone jumped off, they were glad they survived. "Too bad Pookie and Jamaa was lost," said Lily scratching her irritating scrape. "But we survived," panted Nightwing. Slow and steady, the Jammers walked more in the Phantom Jungle.

Chapter 5- Phantom swarm

As soon Bubbles crept into a bush, there was sounds of buzzing. Bzzzzzzzz..... It was like a bee's buzz but it was more deadly. Everyone raised their head, THERE WERE PHANTOMS SWARMING IN THE AIR!!!!!

A phantom scraped Lily's back, another phantom pierce Nightwing's paws. It was more deadlier than the phantom attack before. Blood splattered and screeches were echoing. Bubbles was majorly wounded, she couldn't take a single step. As a phantom bit Bubbles' back, she was dead. Lunifer yowled as phantoms bit his back. Suddenly, light glowed. Maya who was suffering from pain screamed happily, "There must be heaven that will save us!" Then Frost came in and sprinkled dust which killed the phantoms.

"You saved us!" cried Nightwing with his aching back. "Your welcome!" said Frost. Then the ground shaked. "I hope it's not Bigfoot!" chattered Lunifer. Then there a dinosaur carrying wounded Pookie and Jamaa. "Digi!" screamed Nightwing. "You saved Pookie and Jamaa! They could have drowned or eaten by crocodiles!" "Yes I did," said Digi. "When I was a the Irky River to take a drink of the black water, I saw Pookie and Jamaa drifting in front of me. In a blink, I got them and looked for you to bring them back."

Pookie and Jamaa fell off and whispered, "Thank you." "They an still talk," said Maya. "But they are uncouisous. they need rest to recover." Then the Jammers walked more in the Phantom Jungle. I might take a break from continuing the story. I will add more requests, Anakin, and blah blah. So be patient. :)