PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS STORY IS PURE FICTION. ANY CHARACTER OR PLACE IS USED FICTIOUSLY. It was a Normal Day. I went to Sarepia to Roleplay when I saw a carving in the Tree near the Zios Sign. I wondered what was inside the Carving, so I went right in.  My Eagle Pet flew next to me without having to "Call" it.  Then, I saw a Bridge. It was much like the one in Coral Canyons, Only there were Missing Pieces to it and it was made of a Crystal of some sort. I walked upon the bridge, and my character just stepped along the steps. Then I saw a Huge Hole. I saw I couldn't go back, So I just went down the hole. Luckily, My character landed safely, But I saw Plushies That talked. An Elephant with a Top hat Greeted me and said "Please Sit on the Table". I said that I didn't trust him, but then he started Yelling at me, so I went onto the table and politely sat for him. Unfortunately, It was a Trap. An ice prison fell right out of the sky, onto me. I was trapped.I asked them why they did it. They said "Your the only one....." Then I asked them another question. "Only what?"  The croc answered this time. "Your the only one here."  Then, My screen went black. I saw my Arctic Wolf, On top of a BUNCH of branches. I clicked a bunch of times and eventually, My Arctic Wolf Was out. I saw alot of debris, and Blood on the plushies. The Panda even had it's head off, and the Monkey's tail and ears were gone. I noticed a Portal. I went through it for the sake of my Arctic Wolf's life. I need to mention my Arctic wolf had blood on it, too. The portal acted much like a Nether Portal returning me to Earth. I ended up at Sarepia Forest, where the Hole was. The Hole was now chained up, and Greely guarding it. Greely noticed me jump out of the Portal. He told me to come over. I was happy to see he was Alive from that Greely's Inferno disaster. He asked me how I ended up surviving that. I said that I didn't know and asked him, "Why is this locked up?". He answered saying that there were Mutated Evil Plushies in there.  I told the truth that I entered there and that there was a Crystal Bridge. He said that it was part of his Statue. He said that Jamaa would be destroyed if I hadn't gone in there because then Greely wouldn't know it existed.