*Note* This is not based on Animal Jam. All rights to Bluestar28689. This story is rated PG-12 (made-up) because of intense scenes added. 


The air was warm, Lexianne's lungs were stiff. She felt like screaming inside. Her shadow was noticeable. The walls of the concrete were gray, as gray as a wolf. Leixanne felt her heart beating. This feeling stormed inside of her, while the blue moon arose. Sweat trickled down Lexianne's face as she saw the beast. The-the creature that snarled by her face. It's dog breath, its sharp fangs. What will she do?

Chapter 2 

Lexianne Illianna Jones was a teenage girl, in high school, who had long wavy brunette hair. Her eyes were olive green, her outfit tomboy-ish. Lexianne hated her self, especially with her tan skin, because she hated the beach, which she was forced by her mother to go to often. Lexianne felt a tap on her shoulder, causing her to hesitate, only to see her friend Violet. Violet was a small girl, with blonde straight bangs, and dark blonde straight hair, with blue ocean eyes. "You scared me, Viol!" Lexianne calls Violet a nickname, which she made up and Violet usually calls her Lex or Lexie. "Girl, calm down, so I heard Zach's party was coming soon! I know you like him Lil' Lexie." Lexi hesitated. "No I don't! Shut up." The bell rung, and Lexie went to 3rd Period Science, meanwhile Viol went to 3rd Period Math in Ms. Berlin's class. However, Lexi forgot to lock her locker, and there was silence after the bell, then a shadow of a person. Who was it? Find out in chapter 3.

Chapter 3 (Coming Soon..)