-Sequel to The Three Directions-

The screen is pitch black. After ten minutes, it still remains black, so you close your computer down and six hours later you go back on and the blackness of your screen has finally faded to a bright, blazing light. So bright that it hurts your eyes.

After that, you expect to go to some wonderful place like Rainbow Rides or Heaven, but with shock you realise that you must've survived. You find yourself at the end of the Trail of Death or the Pathway of Doom, and you are right in front of an ancient, yet fancy looking door.

The doors have patterns. The door in Rainbow Rides is meant to be gold, but the Trail of Death has a silver door, but the Pathway of Doom has a bronze door. You open the door, walk in it, and yet again expect to go to some wonderful place like Rainbow Rides or Heaven.

But instead, you find yourself in an ancient room. There are statues of the alphas, scrolls, bottles of cures and remedies, guides, etc. But something catches your eye - an open scroll. You walk over to that scroll, and you read it. There's a message that says:

"Well done fortunate traveler, for finding this note. We're sorry for the trouble you had recently suffered, although a dark, mysterious force that was once defeated and crippled has rose yet again. They are the mischievous phantoms, young one. Creatures causing discomfort, disharmony, and distress. Something so dark and terrible even we, the Alphas, cannot destroy. Therefore, we are need desperate need of apprentices, that carry Jamaa's hope and shall save us for once and for all... Are you ready for your adventure, Jammer? There is a secret portal next to the river in the Temple of Zios where you had found The Three Directions. Please. You are Jamaa's only hope."

"On it," you murmur, rolling up the scroll and keeping it in your inventory, and then you go back through the door you came in from, and you are back to the Temple of Zios.