(Hello! Uhh, this is my first story that isn't a real event so please be nice and give feedback nicely! This is also a WIP, so I'll update when I can.

Background info:

  1. This is a parody of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. It's just more AJ centric.
  2. The protagonist is a light blue and cyan seal.

Prolgue: Deep Underground

There are legends. 'Legends of what?' you may ask. Legends of a circus under the surface. It's supposed to be a paradise, with animatronics, food and plenty of rides and games. However, it's all a ruse. The children who went there never came back.

Do you remember the animatronics I mentioned. They are a bear with a cat puppet, a rabbit, a fox and a swan, all bipedal. They are the best at what they do. Both entertaining children... And kidnapping them. I will tell you the story of how this circus rose and fell.

Chapter 1: An Invite to the Circus

I was walking around Jamaa Township when I saw a flyer on the board at the center of the Township. It was late at night, so I could see it clearly and read it without having to block out the obnoxious traders that constantly screamed 'giVe mEH RaRES!1!'. It said "Come on down to Circus Bunny's Pizza World! We have games, prizes, and an animatronic band that will play it's best songs for you!" Under the picture of a bear with a cat puppet, a swan, a fox and a bunny, all performing happily, it read "In need of mechanic to take care of robots. Not responsible for bodily harm or death." Along with a phone number.

I needed a job so I thought "What's the worst that could happen?" Oh was I about to find out.

Chapter 2: First Day on the Job

For my first day at Circus Bunny's, I was told I didn't have to fix anything. Partially because nothing was broken, but mostly because I was here to get my bearings. I stepped into the elevator, the metal floor chilling my flippers. "Brr! It must be super cold down here: I'm a seal and I'm freezing!" I said, trying not to shiver. While the elevator rumbled down, a strange tablet thing popped up in front of me. "Greetings. I am the Helpful Arts and Technician's Server, but you can call me HATS. Please enter your name using the keypad. Be careful, because this is permanent." A rotary of names appeared on the screen. But it was all so broken! I tried typing in my name, Glitzy SunnyGlass.

But the rotor kept on spinning. Each rotor was just rolling round and eventually the HATS robot said "It seems you're having difficulty with the touchpad. I see what you were attempting to choose and I will autocorrect you. Welcome: Eggs SandWich." That was miles away from my name, but I had to roll with it. The elevator stopped and the door opened. I stepped out and took in my surroundings. The room I got off on was dimly lit, just enough so I could see a party mask, some odd dolls and two odd stands with two buttons each: a lightbulb and a lightening bolt. The left was labeled "Rivera" and the right was labeled "FunTime Foxy".

The bulb I could understand, but the bolt? I didn't know what that was for. HATS's voice began to talk again. "Today is just so you can check up on the animatronics and get to know the place. Let's see what Rivera is up to shall we? We need to make sure she's on her stage for the party tomorrow. Press the light button." I assumed that was the lightbulb button, so I pressed my flipper on it.

Nothing nor no one was there. "I suppose Rivera doesn't feel like dancing today. We need to fix that. Please administer a controlled shock." That seemed a bit harsh. Getting tasered just for not being where you were supposed to be? Oh well, it wasn't my place, so I hit the lightning bolt button. I was startled when a loud *ZZZPP!* was released and sparks flew from the window.

That was controlled? I'd hate to see what would happen with an uncontrolled shock here. "Good. Turn the light back on." HATS said. I turned the lights back on to see a lavender and white swan with a pearl tiara. Her eyes were closed, which showed off her darker purple eyeshadow. The swan wore a purple ballet uniform with cream lace decorating the fringe.

It really highlighted her... Curves for lack of a kid friendly term. (Please feel free to tell me if this is not for the wiki. I will edit it.) The swan, who I assumed to be Rivera, was twirling gracefully across her stage with smaller swans following her moves. She was rather pretty if I wanted to be honest. HATS's voice spoke up again. "Great! Rivera is prepared for her performance tomorrow. Let's check on FunTime Foxy and see if she's ready for her performance."

I turned on the light and saw, like Rivera's stage, nothing. "FunTime Foxy, it's not time to play yet. Let's give them a controlled shock to motivate her into getting back on her stage." I was still surprised at how strong the shocks were here. I almost pitied the robots here. Then I remembered they were robots.

"Let's see how Funtime Foxy is doing, shall we?" HATS spoke. I tuned the light back on and... Nothing. The stage was still empty. "FunTime Foxy, stop playing these games. We need to give her an extra motivation boost. Administer another controlled shock." I pressed the shock button again and tried dodging the sparks.

I turned the light back on and a pink and white fox with a red bow tie and yellow eyes was trying to talk to an audience that wasn't there. They also had red lipstick and painted nails, though they were female, so I didn't think much of it."Great! FunTime Foxy is ready for her show tomorrow! Crawl through the vents to get to Circus Bunny so we can check on her." HATS said. In the dim lighting I couldn't see the vents clearly, but I found they were surprisingly not dusty.

"Now entering Circus Bunny's domain." A female voice droned. I crawled through the vent and arrived at a dark room that looked like a spaceship cockpit. Another stand with two buttons was in front of a window, this time labeled "Circus Bunny". "Let's make sure that Circus Bunny is ready to lead her band in their performance tomorrow. Turn on the light." HATS spoke.

I turned on the light to see a large room full of party decor. What wasn't there was a rabbit. "Oh Circus Bunny. It's not time to garden your carrots. We need to motivate her with a controlled shock." HATS gave me the instructions, but I was already hovering over the shock button. With a loud *ZZZPP*, I gave Bunny a shock.

I turned the light back on, but still no Bunny. "Ah Circus Bunny. Always making mischief. We need to discipline Circus Bunny with a shock." I did at HATS said and turned the light back on. Still no Bunny. "Circus Bunny, we aren't here to play hide and seek. Get back on your stage." Though he didn't ask for it, I pressed the shock button one more time.

After I turned the lights back on, there was STILL no Bunny. Maybe HATS was serious, maybe he was got tired, but HATS said "Amazing work Circus Bunny. We know we can rely on you for anything." Maybe he was sarcastic, but the cheerful monotone he gives makes it unclear. "That completes your daily tasks. Get ready for some real work. " HATS said before I finally got out of earshot. After I got out of the elevator, I went back to sleep.

Chapter 3: Dancing All Night and a Crazy Bear

The next day, I went back into the elevator. The familiar rumbling was interrupted by HATS popping up in front of me. "Welcome back to your second day on the job! In order to keep you engaged in your job, we at Circus Bunny's ask you to choose a new companion voice from our wide selection. For Normal, press 1. For Female, press 2. For Text Only, press 3. For more options, press 4." HATS said. It was still the same rotor. WITH NAMES.

I just slapped my paw on the screen and hoped for the best. "It seems you're having troubles with the keypad. I have identified what you were going to type and will autocorrect it for you. Thanks for selecting: Scammed Child." The only thing I could think at that moment was 'Shoot.' I was bracing myself, but nothing could prepare me for just how GRATING that voice was. "WE NEED TO CHECK CIRCUS BUNNY! NOW!"

And that's sparing you any actual audio. I crawled through the vent to where Circus Bunny was. "TURN ON THE LIGHT! TURN IT ON NOW!"HATS screeched. I tried turning on the light but nothing happened. I tried again, but no go.

A sudden rush of glitchy gibberish startled me. It went on for about a minute before HATS's usual voice came on. "The voice synthesizer seems to have broken. As I was saying, the power module seems to have mafunctioned. Please stay calm as I attempt to reboot the building. While I am doing this, certain functions may be stopped. Some include: heating, lights and air circulation." HATS then stopped talking and all the light in the building was extinguished.

As I was holding my breath, a quiet, calming voice began to speak. It wasn't the location changing voice, or HATS. She said "I don't remember you. You are new. I remember this scenario. What a strange choice, however, to choose to spend your life in a place like this. Perhaps intrigue? Or perhaps idiocy. A hiding spot that was created by a former employee and it worked for her. Do hurry though. You will be safe with my guidance. It will be over soon. They will lose interest quickly. And whatever you do, DON'T. MAKE. EYE. CONTACT." I swiftly looked around and saw a small hatch. It had holes aplenty, but any shelter would do for whatever that soft voice was telling me would be a threat.

This was what the catalyst of both this circus's and my own downfall was. After shutting the door I kept quiet. I was scared out of my mind. What was coming after me? As I shone a flashlight I had brought With me around, I jumped at the red eye that peeked through the holes.

Well, so much for not making eye contact. After seeing the little eyes around the holes, my survival instincts began to kick in after hearing a suspicious *taptaptap* from outside. I physically jumped in fear when the door began to open. When I tried holding it closed, never before had I felt such an intense feeling of 'I WISH I HAD MORE DISTINCT TOES'. Have you ever tried holding a door closed with flippers?

Yeah, tip, DON'T. It's super hard. I had to do this two more times before those weird... Things left me alone. HATS came back only shortly after. "The power module seems to be in need of manual recalibration. Please pass through Rivera's showcase as quickly and quietly as possible to the breaker room."

I heard a quiet *clunk*. "The door to Rivera's showcase is now open." HATS said. I crawled back through the vent to the main room where the control panels for Rivera and FunTime Foxy were. Just before I crouched down to crawl through the vent, that soft female voice spoke again. "Do not do as the tablet says.

Rivera is off her stage again, and will not go back. Go through quietly and slowly. If you don't, she will catch you. AND SHE WILL KILL YOU. Listen for her song, and stop when it gets louder.

If it is louder, she is close. Wait until her music is soft again. She is blind, and can only listen for your footsteps. I have questioned many times why she cannot just open her eyes. But that would make your job harder, now wouldn't it?"

The voice stopped talking, so I assumed that she was finished. I crawled through the vents and turned on my flashlight. It was nerve wracking, listening for a threat that could only hear me. As I listened closer though, it sounded like Rivera was... Singing? "Why do you hide inside your walls... When there is music is my halls? All I see is an empty room... No more joy, an empty tomb... It's so good to sing all day... To dance, to spin, to fly away..."

I had to admit, she was good. Her voice was also quiet, but rather than being high pitched like a child's, Rivera sounded more like a mother, singing a lullaby to her children. But I was too concerned with my life to applaud Rivera too loudly. I nearly jumped out of my skin when she stopped her singing to say "Is it time for me to perform already? I can hear someone's footsteps...". I had to bite my tongue to stop a sigh of relief when she said "Perhaps not...". And then HATS just had to ruin my feeling of getting my technique down.

"You're taking a while to get through Rivera's showcase. Please go as fast as possible." He said, startling me enough to let out a quiet yelp. I was close to the Breaker Room and I was sweating bullets when Rivera twirled just inches from my flipper. I wanted so badly to move it away. But that would create noise, and with someone who relied heavily on sound to find their target so close?

I wasn't taking chances. When I was certain Rivera was gone, I crawled as quietly and slowly as possible to the Breaker Room. HATS came back on to tell me what to do. "Good job! In order to manually recalibrate the facility, you must recharge the power in all rooms. The morning technician will take care of it properly. Please note that this process might disturb nearby electronics. If you feel you are in trouble, please play the response audio." HATS said, before turning off. I saw another control panel.

But this time, it had a list of names (presumably the names of the rooms), each with a tag that said 0%. Just as I was about to start charging up the room labeled CIRBUND (probably Circus Bunny's domain), I heard the loud, childish voice of a 5 year old boy.

"HEY KIKI, DO YOU THINK THE BIRTHDAY BOY'S OVER THERE?! MAYBE HE WANTS A PRIZE FROM THE CLAW MACHINE!" I turned around to find a white bear with purple paws, cheeks and a purple muzzle with a yellow cat puppet with orange cheeks on his left hand. Despite the childish voice and stupid design, I had a feeling this thing could tear me to shreds for the heck of it. I looked for the so called "response audio" button on the side of the stand. I didn't look away from the bear, lest it kill me while I was looking away.

I found the button and pressed it. Instead of a sound too high pitched for me to hear, I heard "Oh FunTime Freddy, you know those things are rigged! And besides, it's super early. We should just go back to our stage and go to bed." I liked that audio. It was more interesting that just a droning pitch for five seconds. The lights flickered and I saw that FunTime Freddy, as the audio called it, was much farther back than just a few moments ago.

I kept charging CIRBUND's power until it reached 100%. 'Cool,' I thought. 'I just need to do this for a little while.' As the night wore on, FunTime Freddy's attacks became more frequent. "I SEEEE YOUUUUU! COME ON OUT HERE SO I CAN GIVE YOU A SURPRISE!" He'd scream. I'd had to repeatedly press the response audio. "Freddy, just give up. We want tomorrow to be purrrfect for the kids right?"

I facepalmed at the pun, but bad puns were a small price to pay for survival.

Eventually, all the rooms were charged, and I was allowed back through Rivera's showcase. This time however, I couldn't hear her singing. I had to rely on the questions she gave every time I got too noisy. When the exit came close, I slid quietly towards it and then bolted into it, knowing Rivera would be too big for the vent.