WARNING: May be violent for some readers. BEWARE!


Hi, I'm Emma. This is my first diary entry. I'm an 11 year old girl and I've been hooked on this new game called Animal Jam. It seems a little... well... babyish at first, but once you play it, it's SO much fun! You basically make any animal and go around trading and making friends. I made a wolf called Gorgeous Cottonsun, and she's rich! Anyways, today is a Halloween Party and somebody sent me a cool phantom necklace! It was glowing blue, too. I think it's really valuable. I'll go check now! Bye, diary!


It's been 5 days since my last diary entry. So hooked on Animal Jam! I found it's a little glitchy, but still LOADS of fun! I also made a panda, eagle, and lion. Well, sort of it. Bye!


Strange things have been happening to my account! Whenever I log back on, my wolf is black and dark red. My den is also a torture chamber with dead animals! Probably just my brother, Gus, fooling me. Whatever... will just try to ignore it.


Okay. It ISN'T my brother. He never lies and he crosses his heart on his grave he isn't changing my account. Nobody else knows my password, except AJHQ, of course. But why in the world would AJHQ hack me? I need to look further into this mystery..


The beast I saw on my computer



The Phantom Necklace... it's


cursed. Whenever I wear it and log off, I come back to a torture chamber, an evil wolf, and dead animals in my den. I tested it out today. I wore my Phantom Necklace and when I put it on, 20 seconds later I saw the words  " ERROR #7183: DEMISE. LIFE IS HELL. "  in large, red letters. Then, my animal became a beast... my den, a doom chamber. I am afraid. Nobody believes me.  They call me insane... mental... soon this beast with kill me. I am in fear... I know the end is near. Not just in-game... in real life.. please, believe me... anybody...


I now have scars and blood dashed upon my body. I also lost my left arm. The beast came. It's blood-soaked claws came to me in a nightmare. When I awoke, I was as described. He is the Freddy Kruger of Animal Jam... soon he will kill me. I know this for a fact... help.


This is Emma's dad. It has been exactly 4 years since my daughter mysteriously died. I now know why. Exactly 4 years ago, my daughter woke up in a pool of blood and torn apart limbs.  On a note on her bed read:  " BEWARE THE WOLF. " This game has killed her.. Why... why didn't I believe Emma when she said she said a wolf will kill her. I am such a fool.  She was only 11... I reported this to the media and the game Animal Jam has now been shut down.  Conspiracy clubs says whoever speaks the name of my daughter's jammer will be haunted and killed in 24 hours of saying it. For my daughter, I shall say it:  GORGEOUS COTTONSUN!  I just want my daughter back...



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