Mira stood along the edges of Jamma. She stared out into the broken, scarred wastland. Her wings brushed softly up against her matted feathers. She sucked in a breath, shutting her beak tightly and closing her eyes, listening to the distance sound of rythimic 'whirring.'

The phantom king appeared on the horizon. He rose into the air steadily, nothing but just a black-purple smudge against the blood-stained sky. He narrowed his single eye at her, and spoke slow, deep menacing voice.

"Give up, Mira. Jamma will soon belong to us. It is almost time now."

Mira flung her head around, stiff-faced to one side as she spat into the ground. "I'm not giving in. No matter what. You do not belong here in Jamma. You re just a mere creation of my tears, and I will control you. If you know best, you would listen to your creater's voice." She slowly lifted her head up to the phantom king, defiant turquoise eyes clashing against the black emotionless irises of the Phantom King's. "Get out now."

"Mother..." The Phantom King said in a low, sick voice that oozed with the gooieness of honey. "We were created in Jamma. Are we not to stay in our home."

"I am not your mother. And this is not your home. I am not afraid to take action against you."

"If you... insist.." The phantom king slowly turned around with aggonizing slowness. His two limbs slowly dragged through the air, as if they were made of iron themself. "MIRA!" The Phantom King hissed. Her whirled around, spinning through the air with surprising speed as he summoned a hoard of Phantoms.

Without hesitation, they flung themselves at her, bodys cackling with white electricity.

But a seasoned warrior, having months- almost a year of training and fighting, easily overpowered the phantoms. She flew into the air with a caw of outrage. She was all but a flash of blue as she descended upon the hoard. Feathers spun about everywhere, fluttering in the breeze like broken butterflys.

The phantoms widened their eyes in surprise as the blue heron struck with such force. Her talons swung through the air and slammed into the helpless black blobs. With a few cries of astonishment and pain, the phantoms dissipated into wisps of black smoke, drifting away into the wind silently until they were no more.

Huffing, Mira whirled around. Clear anger stood out on her features like a sore thumb. Her feathers puffed up dangerously like quills on a porcupines back. She took one step torwards the Phantom King, her talons barely touching the soft, weathered down ground.

"Enough. It is time for you to go back where you really belong. I will not tolerate this."

The Phantom King, suddenly came to a realization of all the things that were in store for him. Her widened his eye until the whites of his iris was visible. "No no no no no!" He roared in outrage. His tentacles pounded against the ground in fustration. "You can't do this!"

Mira swiftly arose into the air. She softly flapped her wings, letting the wisps of wind flow through her wings and steadily raise her higher. "I can, and I will."

The wind blew and roared. It slowly gathered around the blue bird and the Phantom King until they were barely visible.

A tear found it's way down from one of Mira's eyes and embedded itself into her cheek. "I am sorry, Jamma. I have to do it."

As Mira lifted her wings one final time, a bolt of lightning clapped in the distance, omnious and terrible.

The Phantom King screamed as a fissure opened up into the earth below. It slowly pulled them in, sucking the two into the earth, sealing the way behind.

And suddenly everything was still in quiet.

(Well, that was long and tiring to write. Why is the phantom king back? Well maybe he somehow escaped. Or maybe the phantoms freed him themselves.I guess that sorta explains the downfall of Mira.)