By:Dew Drop Reptile

It was a terrible day in jamaa. The phantoms won the war.. my family was trapped and sent to the dungeon I was the last crocodile (that I knew of). I ran away  far away to the ruins of The Temple Of Zios.I saw a truck with the poor hopeless animals in it, the alphas were banished to the hive which got remodeled and had more security King Daarkness laughed so did his master Shadows, Mira's brother.Suddendly out of no where a phantom attacked. He poked me with some sort of dark spear. It corrupted my  tail and my tail turned to ashes , I ran knowing this is a danger. I saw a  broken down armor store I went in and got a tail armour.I knew I had to save Jamaa.I found shelter in a half of a castle den. I scaveneged for food, the lakes were polluted and jamaa was gaurded at every corner by phantoms.and every 5 hours the phantom king went by to see any rebels. I have found a group of jammers one a monkey, the other a panda, and the other a wolf. We together formed the fellowship of Jamaa.A week later, we got out of hiding and started to devise a plan to defeat the phantoms. We snuck  past the gaurds dressed in all black. then one noticed we were animals and said"Nach ihnen!" I thought about that and said"I never knew phantoms speak german!". the other gaurd said"snel ze krijgen voordat ze weg te krijgen!" We got captured to the dungeon with the alphas.I asked my dad, Cornelius "why do phantoms speak german and dutch and other languages?" he replied "ah, phantoms have a complex language of many languages combined but their writing looks different. I said' oooh" while I was talking I noticed one phantom dropped a key phantoms cant hear well because they aren't adapted to hearing things.Graham noticed it too and started working on a invention he asked me for 3 supplies  Mech Angel wings a claw from the claw machine and a handle from a shield. I gave him them and he put the machine through the bars of the cell and got the keys!  I opened the door and  we escaped.the gaurds were on break so the phantom monster was gaurding. we walked past him then he said " who goes there!" He turned over and roared the alphas started to hold him off while graham and I build a weapon. We built the phantom destroyer vine.  The alphas and the fellowship of jamaa held  it and striked it in the phantom monster's(who's name is demise) mouth. he blew up and all  the phantoms dissapeared to their land.But most animals dissapeard too and scattered in spirit stones accross the land. A year later Jamaa was rebuilt.Animals came back the alphas found the spirit stones of most of the animals .