Once, i got a headdress. This headdress was special. Once i first saw it.. I knew it was mine. This guy didn't want it. He said it has powers.. Horrible powers.. 

On Monday, 2012. There was a Headdress. One Mighty Headdress. I wanted it.. So bad, it was like.. It needed me, and i needed it. The same day, the same wolf was trading away the same headdress, for a few rares. I was happy to oblidge, so.. I traded a Rare bow, fox hat and rare freedom mask. Suprisingly he accepted and soon after yelled..

"FINALLY THE CURSE IS GONE! IM FREE!" Thinking none of it. I returned to my den, where i was met by a horrible sight. A panda.. with sharp peircing eyes, it yells..

"GIVE ME BACK WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE!" I didn't, after all i traded some good stuff for this, NOT to be given to a panda, that just thinks he can have a RARE headdress for free. I replied "What are you gonna trade for it?". He simply replied "Pain, Sorrow, misery and Anger!" I didn't like that at all, NOT at all. 

He grabbed me, and took my headdress. He said after "HAHA got it!" After he was gone. I was sad. But atleast i was safe. From a maniac Panda. Tha steals people's Headdresses.

Goodnight for now.. Tomorrow.. I will get my headdress back.. And when i do.. Panda, you'll be sorry..