This is the story of the Alphas in Jamaa that I am going to tell you. The story will be about their life, and how they met.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Jamaa

Mira, the founder of Jamaa woke up early and turned to Zios and said, "I think it's time for a new generation of animals to become the heros of Jamaa", she said. Zios nodded in agreement. It was only 6:00 in the morning, and the den was very small. Mira went outside for more room. As her beautiful wings rose like glory, a huge boom blasted in the air and there it was, 9 little eggs of different types, spawned on the grassy lawn. Mira scooped the eggs up in her arms, and took them inside the den. They shut the door behind, as snow fell down the soft grass, in the biggest winter storm Jamaa has EVER recieved. The eggs were placed in a small bed Zios and Mira had made out of straw, and they were kept warm for 20 weeks. After the 20 weeks, Mira and Zios had planned to go out on a vacation together, hoping the eggs to hatch and grow by the time they get back. Meanwhile, when they were gone, the eggs started to hatch one by one. The first egg hatched was a gray egg with black spots. It was the panda egg. As the little panda looked over onto her hatched egg, there was a sticky note attached to it. The note read, "Liza". The little panda was smart enough to understand that Mira and Zios had named her Liza. Liza tip-toed over to the next egg as she changed into an ancient outfit with a purple ceptor (IDK how to spell it). She watched the egg next door hatch, a lilac egg with purple stars and gold hoops. The egg hatched, and out came a little bunny with gold hoop earrings. Her name was Peck. 7 more eggs hatched, each a different animal. Their names were Sir Gilbert, Greely, Graham, Amelia, Harper, Cosmo and Sophia.

Chapter 2: The great big world

The next 20 years, the animals had grown up to have their own special powers. Together they formed the Alphas, the heros of Jamaa and rival of the phantoms. One dark and stormy night in November, the alphas were soaking wet and looking for a home. Luckily Harper the seal's teleportation powers took them to a big den, pre-furnished and fit for a kingdom. The alphas went inside, and each chose a room for themselves. They went to bed until morning, when everyone was awake except Greely. At breakfast, everyone was eating blueberry pancakes, until Liza noticed something weird. Where's Greely? She asked. Harper looked at her magical watch, which was used to activate her Seal Sense powers. My powers said he had a nightmare and could not sleep last night. But he is missing for now! Everyone looked at Harper like she told a lie or something. We have to go find him! But what they didn't know was... The phantoms took over and froze Greely into stone. They can't do that! Said Amelia. Yeah, they're not Medusa or anything! Liza agreed. The phantoms turned out to be watching them.

To be continued......