One of Jean's best blessings, yet curses were the fact that her brother was an expert hacker. Without that, she'd just be another clueless victim, too panicked and confused to do anything. But no, Jean knew alright. But upon knowing is that there was absolutely no way of getting out of it.
He'd warned her about that game.

"A lot of weird stuff's been going on," said her brother, Theodore. "And not everyone on here are safe people. There is a certain coding that can allow anyone with the right tools to pull up someone's IP Address."

"What's that?" asked Jean.

"It's basically like the DNA of a computer. Each computer has their own and it's specific to it. Holds a whole lot of personal information about the computer and owner. Decoded correctly and hacked into, you can identify the user's files, where the have been on the computer, and even the exact location of the user."

"Whoa," said Jean. "But I heard this game is not worry, bro. I'll be fine."

Well, that dark night, Jean began to play Animal Jam. It was a fun little game, and she made a virtual friend. They traded and played and giggled and adventured.
Well then her friend had to go offline, so Jean's animal went to her own den to decorate, virtually eat, and rest.

She went inside and hopped towards her bed, but she soon realized she wasn't alone in her den. There was a wolf, completely black. Everything was black except for his eyes, which were glowing red. He appeared to be glitching: at first he wore nothing but then a split second a sword flashed, along with his eyes flashing from the regular straight circles to narrowed eyes, then back to normal.
Jean's bunny gulped.

"C-Can I help you?"
The wolf stood up, glitched, and turned into a fox looking and flashing the same way.

Jean remembered what her brother told her: "If someone online is making you feel uncomfortable, leave."
She did just that. Clicking her map she moved to Appondale.
Confused and gasping, she walked around a bit. But then coming right after her was the fox!
He glitched, then turned into an elephant without the regular transformation animations.

He looked even more menacing while he glitched. Jean decided to run to the Lost Temple of Zios.
But the elephant was waiting for her. She clicked on his player card in order to block or report or ask to stop, however she was quite shocked by the results. The username read: undefined. The animal's name in-game was blank and on the player card it read undefined. All the other buttons were not there; the only button left was trade.
Jean ran one more time, this time to Deep Blue (thankful she had a penguin).
But the elephant was underwater as well. He walked closer to her and said, "Trade me or else."
Jean gulped. She stood up and screamed for her brother.
Theodore ran into the room. "What's wrong, Jean?"
Jean pointed at the computer with a trembling finger and wept out the story. Poor child was only eleven.
Her brother listened and checked the elephant. "Scoot over."
Jean did, and Theodore typed a bunch of stuff until a dialogue box opened up. All it said was: Undefined.
Theo put his hand to his forehead. "This is crazy. I can't pull up his IP. I can't pull up ANYTHING about him. But from what's coming up, it's not a glitch, but it's not a player either."
Jean gulped. They heard their mother calling Theo.
"I gotta go. Just log off the game and turn off the computer. The folk's makin' me come with 'em to that stupid dinner party. Stay safe k?"
He kissed her on the forehead and left.
Jean was now alone in the house.
"You have five seconds to trade," said the elephant, now turning into a arctic wolf. Jean recognized no one else was online with her. It was just her and Undefined.
"Put something on trade," said Jean. The arctic wolf did so, (a glitch diamond ring that turned into a sword) and Jean traded a plushie--the only thing she had--for it.
The arctic wolf got closer, turned into a lion, glitched, then said, "Undefined. Undefined."
Jean tried to log out, but it wouldn't let her.
She tried to ex out the window.
However, one large dialogue box appeared with a huge font, and it seemed to be red, dripping with blood. The word in it read UNDEFINED.
Heart beating fast, she clicked ctrl alt delete. However when the window popped up, it immediately exed out. And was the lion appearing to be getting bigger--no--closer to the screen?
Panicking, Jean ran over and unplugged her computer. The computer screen went black. Sighing of relief, Jean flopped back on her chair. But then, the screen went black. The lion was getting closer, and the blood-dripping word still flashed bigger and brighter.
Jean screamed, threw her monitor on the floor and covered a blanket over it, and ran out her room.
All the lights went out.
Oh how she missed her family...hated being alone. And that's when she heard it. The creaking sound of wood.
She wasn't alone.
It seemed to be coming from downstairs. Jean grabbed a flashlight, flicked it on, and slowly walked downstairs.
The door was closed but unlocked, and a sheet of paper was right in front of it, almost as if it had been pushed through the mail slot. Jean picked up the paper and read it.
It had no words, just three long deep red and shiny lines.
Blood, Jean thought.
And then she heard what sounded to be a whooshing sound. Jean turned around but saw nothing there...
By that I do mean nothing, for the stairs had disappeared.
She turned to the door that led to the living room and pulled on it. But it was locked.
The dining room door was locked too. All of the doors were locked too.
Heart pumping fast she ran to the door, but could not get that open.
Jean wanted to scream but realized it was impossible. She looked down at the sheet in her hand, and gasped as she saw something different about it. The blood had formed into letters, and they spelled that exact horrible word.
And then, she felt something behind her. Something creeping up. She turned around, but already knew what she was going to see.
A tall shadowy figure, narrowed red eyes, and a sword flashing. Creeping closer to her.
The last thing Jean thought was her brothers words:
"There is a certain coding that can allow anyone with the right tools to pull up someone's IP Address."

The family was sick and tired of the booshy people at the dinner party. They swung open the door and walked inside...
The mother screamed, the father gasped, and the brother's eyes widened.
Just in the empty hall was the bloody body of that young girl. The three looked closer, and specifically at her arm, and saw one thing encrypted on it.