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If looking through various files of the quite popular game Animal Jam, you can find a rather disturbing room not added in-game. The file is named simply Volcano.xroom. The room is similar to other rooms in AJ; it is a snowy-type room, just like Mount Shiveer. There is a volcano on the top of the room, with a purple fluid pouring out of it, and scraps of metal scattered around the room. However, what is creepy about the room is that there is a bloody torn apart body--of who you might presume? 


Greely, The Wolf Alpha is found dead spot-on in the middle of the map, mangled and with blood gushing out of his body. Even more creepy is the fact a couple of spirit animals, (if you don't know what a spirit animal is, its just basically one of your typical animals, faded all in blue, as if it was a ghost) and a couple of Phantom's dancing around the corpse, totally oblivious to you being there. A couple of hackers who have found the room have spoken a couple of comments about it. 

"It is possibly a scrapped room for Greely's Inferno." -Juniper Frozenfeet 

"When I saw this room, I almost barfed, literally. Who the heck at AJHQ though this was okay for kids?" -Fuzzy Fierycat 

"My guess? It was probably some sick joke made by the AJ Team, people like to do that, you know?" -Teensy Happyclaw

"AJ is just one sick game... I hope no one else can find this room." -Pilgrim Fancypuppet

"What even? This is just...WOW. That's all i have to say. WOW." -Blossom Tinystar

Here are a couple of known facts about the room.

  •  In the files, it is placed right next to Shiveer.xroom and Cocoa.xroom.
  •  It was made before Greely's Inferno, the completion date reads November 29th, 2011
  •  There are a couple of Chomper Plants in the room, possibly meaning this could have been a VERY early adventure room.
  •  Interestingly, there is a Journey Book entry for this room. To get the prize, one must find all of Greely's internal organs scattered around the map. Once complete, you can unlock Greely's Gravestone, an unfinished furniture item, with only the name being complete. 
  •  With the dancing spirit animals, there is a cobra animal in the crowd. Not a pet, but a full sized cobra, about as big as a bunny. A few hackers believe it might be a upcoming animal.
  •  When you exit the room, on normal AJ, every 10 minutes a picture flashes of Greely's dead body. It takes up the entire screen. It only appears for a few seconds. Jammers have no idea why this occurs, except for speculation that AJHQ wants you to always re-pay the fact that you went into the code and found something you were never supposed to see. 


A few hackers have finally decompiled individual files for this room. Among them is a .txt file named "reasons.txt". If open, it reads:

   "Wow, I can't believe anyone actually found this room. How do I start this off? Hello, my name is Charlie Lanbor, Australian, Age 25. I've been working at AJHQ for almost three years. I design some of the rooms around AJ like the the Appondale, Outback Imports, and a couple of the party rooms. Let me also point out that some my co-workers are straight up madmen, specifically, Derek. Swell guy, but has a very dark morbid sense of humor. You have Bill Ramnes who codes in all of the items, Jake Umber who creates all of the music, and Derek Flouds who also designs out rooms. I make the layout, he makes the visuals. Around October 2011 all of us found out we had to make the designs for the soon to come "Adventures" (which didn't come out until around two years later, weird huh? We'll get to that in a moment). We were already creating "Greely's Inferno", which at the time was called "The Phantom Volcano". I had already created the layouts and Derek created all of the visuals which you see now. The end room, however was a bit different. Back then, Greely didn't stop the eruption, the player had to solve a puzzle to stop it. If you solved it in time, You would get the normal ending you get today, with Greely there, thanking you for "saving Jamaa". However, if you didn't stop it in time, You would get the room that you see in here, the dead Greely room. How was it even created, you might ask? Well Derek did it in privacy, I didn't even know until the Thursday night when we were supposed to release the adventures, it was supposed to be like some big surprise for AJ. I had told our boss and got Derek fired (Sorry Derek!). We had to recall the "Adventures" project due to deleting the remains of the room. Derek put some real effort into making those files untraceable and protected. Heck, he made three of every file in various folders! Around 2013, we finally gave up and just moved all the files that we could find into a .xroom file, used for a unused room named "Frosty Hotel", that's why its placed right next to Mt. Shiveer in the code. We then released the adventure, and didn't speak much of this until news started spreading about the room. Don't ask why that sprite of Greely pops up, I have no clue. As I said, Derek took some effort making those codes untraceable. Its currently 10:48 PM January 9th, 2014. I'm not even supposed to be in the building right now, usually at this time we just let all of our bots do the work, but I felt as that I should probably explain that AJ isn't being haunted by a "evil entity" or whatever, just a sick joke. So now you know, now you know why the heck this was created. So please just leave these files and don't come back... You might just come across something as twisted as this room... Believe me, I know what's in our servers."