Hello. My name is Blossom Glassflower. I am a blue and pink bunny who has played Animal Jam since the beta was released. I am one of the rarest jammers in Jamaa and have lots of great buddies. I feel like I should be happy. I feel like I should be out on the township hosting parties, trading centers, markets, whatever.

But for whatever reason... I feel nothing. I put on a facade of excitement and jubilation for everyone, but when I am alone? When no one is there to see behind my mask? I drop it all. My smile fades into a limp line, my eyes lose their luster and rather than my energetic and peppy posture, I slump into a neutral position.

Lately however, I've been feeling one thing: loathing. For myself, for my buddies, even for the land of which my fame has been born. At first I thought 'It's just you. You've never felt anything before, why start now?' But as the days went on, the loathing, the sheer HATRED of everyone and everything around me, began to take a toll on me. My mask began to crack in public.

People noticed quickly and asked if I was alright. Oddly, I wanted to say 'NO! I AM NOT OK!' But I fixed my mask and said "I'm fine, just having an off day." After I was alone, and the disguise was safe to take off, instead of having thoughts of how to make my mask stronger, more convincing, I was thinking one thought. It was on repeat, it was all I could think of.

"Why don't we just burn it all down?" No more hatred. No more scammers. No more arguments. Just the crackling blaze and the heat of which none could survive.

No one would live there anymore. It would just be too hot. And yet it seemed so appealing. I made up my mind. One day, where no one other than me and my buddies were around, I told them "I have a plan to stop all hatred, fear, scamming and general unpleasantness around Jamaa."

They asked me what my plan was. When I told them I planned to burn everything down, they gasped. "But that's so dangerous!" One said. "People are gonna die!" Said another. I shut them all down saying "I have the power to make your life a living nightmare. Help me. Or I will make completely sure that you are one of the first to die in the blaze."

They all helped me then. We wandered around at night, pouring gasoline, oil, paper and other easily flammable things around Jamaa. After hours of work, we finished. One of my buddies was about the light everything, but I said "Wait. I want everyone to see how we fix everything." People wandered outside, confused at the smell of gasoline that seemed to coat everything.

"Everyone," I declared. "My buddies and I have a solution to all scamming, hatred, and unhappiness in Jamaa." People murmured at the bold statement, some in mocking terms, others in intrigue. "We have decided to burn everything to ashes. No one can suffer if everyone is dead." The crowd cried out in protest at the extreme movement I was making. But it was too late.

I flicked a match and threw it on the ground. In what felt like an instant, all I could see was shades of orange, red, white and yellow. Smoke was all anyone could breathe. All I could feel was heat, intense heat that I knew I wouldn't be feeling for much longer.

All I could hear were the roar and cracks of the fire, mingled with the ragged coughing and fearful screaming of jammers all around me. And slowly, everything turned black. After what felt like an eternity, I felt my eyes... Opening. My body became less stiff, albeit still hot and numb.

An unknown voice began to speak, soft and motherly. "I see you've woken up." I bolted upright, confused as to where I was. I was in a room with velvet carpet, green walls swirled with gold highlights and an assortment of soft beds, one of which I was laying in. A few other animals lay in beds nearby.

They were a seal and a giraffe. The seal was doing something on a tablet and the giraffe was sleeping. "Where am I?" I asked. "This is the afterlife. Specifically for those who reincarnate Jamaa." The soft voice said. I was confused, a first for me.

In fact, I felt lots of emotions. Odd, considering I felt nothing when I was alive. "Reincarnate? What do you mean?" I asked. "Get out of bed, I'll show you." The voice said. I slipped out of the bed I was sleeping in.

I noticed that instead of my usual Flower Crown and purple Beaded Necklace, I was wearing Butterfly Wings and a Tiara. They didn't look bad, but I much preferred my usual. I slipped out of bed and saw a pink door with a butterfly decal. I stepped through to find an arctic wolf. They wore a gray Worn Blanket and white Flower Gauntlets.

Their fur was ice blue with black highlights. 'Strange,' I thought. 'Those items don't come in those colors.' The Arctic wolf turned around to reveal eyes greener than the Lucky Clover items all combined. "You've been asleep for a while. Usually it takes less than an hour for them to awaken." The Arctic wolf said. The waved their paw in a dismissive manner.

"Ah, no matter. You must be curious as to how all this came to be, no?" They hit the nail on the head. I nodded, unsure of if I should trust this animal. "Oh, you need not be afraid of me. What guardian would I be if I slaughtered all who came here?" That piqued my interest. "Guardian"?

"You see, once every few thousand years, the land of Jamaa gets too advanced for its own good. The Alphas do what they can, but their power only goes so far. So too does Mira and Zios's power. We are not gods, merely protectors." The arctic wolf said. As they spoke, images flared to life on the floor. A slowly growing village, Silhouettes of the alphas calming everyone down and Mira and Zios slowly deteriorating. "W-what? Are there other guardians? Where did you come from? And you said something about reincarnation?" I stuttered feebly. I had so many questions.

"While I cannot answer how I came to be, I can answer your other questions. Yes, there are other guardians. There are many, but the main ones are the guardian of balance, guardian of chaos, guardian of life and the guardian of death. The guardians of life and death stop any lost souls from wandering places they really shouldn't. Chaos and balance keep things running smoothly, yet interesting. I pity the guardian of death... Sorting all those animals into their proper afterlife... Especially after what you pulled." They said.

My head was spinning with everything that was being suddenly piled onto me. The Arctic wolf turned around. It was then I saw that they had no stable face. It kept morphing, changing. Trying to focus on one was nigh impossible. It was almost hypnotic. "You need not look at my face. Just look at the floor so you don't get distracted." I did as they said after shaking my head to clear my thoughts. The arctic wolf chuckled. "You may ogle me after I tell you the rest of the answers to your questions." I couldn't tell if they were serious or not.