Flutter Magicheart and Count Icyclaws were best friends on Animal Jam, even if they were different species. Flutter was an arctic wolf, and Count was a koala. This relationship was parasitic, however. Flutter only used Count to help her scam others out of their rares, which Count gave to Flutter because of their friendship. Flutter often mistreated Count, and taunted him for being so dumb. Count never forgot this, and one day, it reached a boiling point.

Count was drawing on the path outside his home in Jamaa, when Flutter happened to stop by. "What are you doing?! Chalk is for babies, you dolt!" She spat at him. She knocked him to the ground, and repeatedly kicked him. Once she had finished, she realized something had gone wrong, and Count had become cold. His eyes were glazed over, and he wasn't breathing at all. "Shoot, who will get me rares now?" She stammered in horror.

Meanwhile, somewhere deep inside Count, something clicked. Count was no ordinary animal. Instead of a beating heart, he had a robotic one. Count was a robot, designed by AJHQ to stop scammers, and learn about how players act in their world. But he had long been forgotten, and his programming code was lost forever to a small hidden file inside the mainframe.

Later that evening, long after Flutter and all other creaures of Jamaa went to bed, Count's program restarted, and he clicked on. But something was different. He was no longer the innocent little koala he once was. Count was now a monster, with dark black fur, blood red eyes, and sharp with fangs and claws. The new Count grinned as he made his way into Jamaa Township. The animals there screeched in horror, but when they tried to run, they found they were too late, and Count sliced them up, laughing as their pixels shattered to the ground in thousands of colors. As the pixelized animals faded away, Count remembered his mission. He needed to avange himself. 

He crawled to Flutter's house, where she was calmly sleeping, and began scratching at her window. Flutter groggily woke up, to see 3 long claw marks going down the side of her window. Thinking a tree limb must have brushed past the window, she settled into sleep again, only to wake up a few minutes later with a small koala shaped shadow leaning over her. "Count, what are you doing here? I killed you!" She screeched in horror, as the shadow morphed into a monsterous beast, its long white fangs dripping in blood. The monster laughed as it lunged at Flutter, sinking it's teeth into her neck.

AJHQ couldn't figure out what killed so many players. When they got to the house that the last disturbance was reported in, they found Flutter's pixelized remains scattered about the room. The only part of her that was whole was her head. Its dark glassy eyes were fixated in front of her, as if she was still looking at her murderer, and her mouth was twisted and opened wide, almost as if she was still screaming at her murderer. AJHQ was horrified when they found her head mounted on the wall. Even more horrifying was the message written in blood beneath it.



This creepypasta was by Diamonddragon88