This story may not be all about AJ.

Chapter 1: "All of the alarm clocks in my cabin go off in an instant. I climb down from my bunk and go to the counselor meeting.  "Mackenzie!" Hestia calls out "Present" Mackenzie calls back. She was a tall, blonde-haired goddess. No gods or goddesses had claimed her as theirs, so she stayed with me, in the Athena cabin. "Opal" Hestia calls in her high-pitched voice. "Here" I say. The two of us were the only ones in the room. The rest of the counselors were probably still sleeping. I could already hear the Artemis children sharpening their knives and the Hecate cabin working on potions. None of them enjoyed the camp meetings. A blue-green mist came across all of the cabins. Everyone knew what that meant. Day off!  I guess you're wondering who I, well, am. I'm Opal, daughter of Athena. I live in Camp Fusion, which is like any other camp, but it's for demigods, gods, and goddesses. There's a section for Greek, Roman, and Egyptian demigods. There is a cabin for each god/goddess, and the goddess's favorite child is the camp counselor. That person, if they are not immortal, is granted immortality. In my case, I was already immortal. My father has not claimed me yet. Mackenzie is also immortal, but has not been claimed by either. She stays with me, even though books aren't exactly her favorite thing.

There was a new arrival up at the front gate, well, two of them. One of them was named Talia. She had choppy blonde hair and looked exhausted. I wouldn't blame her. She was a demigod, so monsters could virtually smell her. She was daughter of Demeter.  Great, another grain-obsessed hippie. I think at first, but apparently the reason she was so exhausted was that she had to face a Hydra on the way up. It had poisoned her, so she was rushed to the Apollo cabin to be healed before I could really talk to her. Behind her was a boy named Zek. He was son of Artemis. He was a tall, handsome boy with light brown hair and grey-green eyes. He looked a lot like me. Me and Mackenzie showed him around camp. Before we could finish, Hestia told us that there are not enough bunks in the Artemis cabin, so he will stay in the Athena cabin temporarily.I didn't admit it, but I was glad he would be staying in the same cabin as me. 

Night fell quickly. Right before we all went to bed, Hestia told all four of us to come for a meeting in the morning. I was nervous about it and I couldn't sleep, so I just stared out of the window, my fishtail braid draping down my shoulders. Rain pounded down on the side of the cabin. The sound soothed me, so I fell into a deep sleep. The alarm clock woke me once more. I headed to Hestia's meeting room and Zek and Mackenzie were just arriving. Not long after, Talia came. She was covered in scars from the hydra attack.  "Have you ever been on a quest?" Hestia says. A flood of joy came through my body. I had only been on two quests before. "Two." I say. I barely listen to the others. I was too excited. "Alright. Mackenzie and Opal will lead this quest. You must enter the underworld to revive a fallen Hecate kid. Monsters are rising from the dead basically. This Hecate demigod is the only one that knows how to stop Hades from bringing these monsters back from the dead. If Hades' armies rise up, there is no way to stop them." Hestia said. I wasn't as excited for this anymore. The day went by in a blur, knowing that the next day I would be taking a flying chariot to the hole that leads straight to the underworld. You may think that because I'm immortal this shouldn't be a problem, but I'm only immortal while in camp until the age of 18. Surprisingly, I slept well, but I think the Hypnos cabin played an (im)practical joke on our cabins by enchanting our pillows with a sleep spell. Nevertheless, we all managed to wake up right at dawn to get on our chariot ride. All four of us got on around the same time. The chariot was driven by a centaur. We were all hungry, so we stepped onto the food area. It was only a small vending machine, so I got a bag of chips and some water. Great last meal... I thought to myself.  Finally, after a few hours of traveling, we landed. The pit was enormous. It was surrounded by tall blueish pine trees. Hestia snapped her fingers, and the forest erupted into flames. Hestia got a surprised look on her face, like she didn't mean to do that. "Well, fire is good luck." She said "if you want, I can put it out. But it won't spread. I promise." All of us stepped off the chariot. In the middle of the pit was a pool of lava, then separate pools for each goddess. Each pool was full of fallen demigods. In the Hecate pool, there were only two people. There they are. Hades was sitting there, guarding. He widened his eyes and we all lost footing and fell in. He probably didn't realize we needed to get in. He gave a disapproving look. Hestia was flying overhead, watching. Talia tried to pull the Hecate kids out, with no luck. All of us got a disappointed look. While we were frantically thinking about a solution, a hole appeared underneath my feet. Right below me was a big pool of Olympian magma. Zek caught me. I flashed a sad smile at him. "Let me go. To get the just one of the Hecate kids out one person has to be sacrificed. It's either me or all of Olympus. Let me go." I said. I looked down onto the lava pool. There was only one thing down there- Persephone being held hostage. She looked pale and pleasantly amused. She was probably under the influence of some sort of spell. It was then that I realized what was going to happen- this was a one way trip. I glanced up at the sunlight above, some of the last sunlight I would ever see. Zek got a determined look on his face "if that's what you want, then that's what you'll get." He said. He stepped off of his ledge, and while falling down, he kissed me. At least my final vision will be of him.

Chapter 2:

Above, I could hear the Hecate kids, already living. Me and Zek were holding hands, but something caught on my back. I was sort of hovering, but I wasn't sure why. Now it was me keeping Zek from plummeting into the endless pool of lava. I heard a voice above me saying "it was the least I could do." I didn't recognize the voice, but Zek did. Above me was a lightning bolt, hovering. I just got claimed by Zeus, king of Olympus. 

Above, I could hear monsters being fought being signaled by hades. I moved my arms down and I began to fly up. Two unfamiliar people had nearly defeated all of them. The last monster standing was a cyclops. He looked familiar. He was holding a cloth that I recognized. The Golden Fleece. All of us got a stunned look on our face. Hades got a look of pride on his face, as if he just got a smiley face on his homework. I readied my enchanted dagger that athena gave to me. We all began to lunge at the monster. His greenish skin soon turned a pale red. Even though he could easily squish any of us, he was slow. While the others distracted him, I climbed onto his back. I gave him one final blow to the back, and he fell over. Right on top of Zek. All of us just sat there, stunned. We all began to try to lift him up, with no luck. I then remember what just happened, my claiming. I flew on top of him and, with all of my strength, I lifted him. Zek was just laying there. You're not getting away from me. Not after all we've been through. I grabbed the Golden Fleece off of the cyclops. I placed it on him, and his eyes opened. I was relieved. I glanced over at hades. He looked all of us in the eyes and said, in Ancient Greek, το γένος συμπαγής. Maiden's compact. I remembered Hestia telling me about it. It's something where you can't like a boy until you're 14. It starts with headaches, then fainting, then a coma, which some never awake from. I was 13 and Mackenzie was 12. I don't want to alarm the others until we got back to camp. I could tell that Hestia was reading my mind right now, so she signaled for the chariot. During the ride, I told Mackenzie about what all of that was about. She seemed stunned and scared at the same time. Talia was only 12, so we were going to wait one year until we told her. While on the chariot. I met the two Hecate kids who were hard at work trying to stop the monsters. "Hi, I'm Allea and this is Luke." They said. Allea had black hair and glittering blue eyes, and Luke had blonde, choppy hair with grey eyes. "Hello, I'm Opal." I say. Mackenzie came not long after and introduced herself. She kept taking to Luke and I went near to the bunk area to sleep. Zek was just getting there too, so we talked a little. Somehow we got on the topic of minecraft, and Zek randomly started singing I CAN SWING MY SWORD by tobuscus. I joined in. Mackenzie came in to the bunk area with an annoyed look on her face. "Who introduced Zek to minecraft?" She said. "Me and I have no regrets!" I said, then kept on singing. (We skipped the part that said "I am the oracle" because, well, you know...) All the singing got me lightheaded, and I blacked out. Here we go. Thanks a lot Hades.  I woke with Hestia standing over me. She tried to explain what it was about, but I already knew. I saw Zek peeking over the side of the bunk area. He began sprinting towards me and he bear hugged me, happy that I was okay. Mackenzie was still talking with Luke, probably completely interrupting his work. I felt a little rattling under my feet. We're back at camp fusion. I breathe in the fresh air. This curse can't hurt me at camp. I enter the athena cabin. To my left, there was a row of bunks, all pushed to the side. There were four levels of them. On my right, there was a kitchen, a long table for eating, desks, and a small library. At the back, there was a statue of athena. Mackenzie was jumping around the cabin, happy to be home. That night, we all gathered around the campfire. The two Hecate kids were staring at the moon in wonder, probably getting used to life again. They seemed really happy to be alive again. "It's getting late and I cannot seem to find my way home tonight, it feels like in falling down a rabbit hole, wonderfully falling alone." Allea sang. Me and Zek joined in. "What would my head be like if not for my shoulders or without your smile, may it never leave you to sleep in the stone. May we stay lost on our way home!" Everyone else joined in and we sang on our way back home until we climbed into our soft bunks. "Celebrate the night, it's the fall before the climb shall we sing, shall we sing till the morning!" We all fell asleep fast. I dreamt that all of us were sitting around the campfire, and it suddenly went out. It erupted into a dragon and then it was over. I woke up. Time for a counselor meeting once more. Apparently Luke had been appointed Hecate cabin counselor. Hestia was just getting there when Mackenzie started to levitate. Here clothes changed from here camp fusion clothes to a Grecian dress. She just got claimed by Aphrodite. Hestia got a stunned look on her face. She tried to cover it up by talking about what our jobs were. She told us to come upstairs. Mackenzie was taking forever because she kept tripping over her clothes. When she finally got there, Hestia revealed a portal. "This portal will teleport you to the wyvren's lair. Your job is to get there and take a few wyvren eggs." She said. "If you want, you can go now. When you get back I will tell you why.". One by one, we all stepped through the portal and were gone. The wyvren's lair was a forest with blue trees with white trunks. The grass was a light green. In front of me was a sky blue wyvren with green eyes. It was lean, long tailed and had a dragon's head. We all began trekking forward, like Hestia wanted us to.  "What do you expect to find?" Mackenzie said. It seems like after she got claimed by Aphrodite she now hated anything outdoors. "I don't know, maybe something we can use." I said. I wanted to save the surprise for later. People who haven't gotten claimed by both of their parents couldn't see full grown wyvrens. What Mackenzie saw was just a blue forest, but in reality, we were surrounded by wyvrens, ready to poison us at any moment. We reached a cave. Inside, a big red wyvren was sleeping. The mama wyvren. Mother of all of them. "There she is" I whispered, although all five of the others could hear me. Talia was almost paralyzed, and Mackenzie was just trying to keep her dress clean. We all began to tiptoe around the beast. Behind it were its eggs. They were all colorful. We all grabbed one. Gravel crunched under my feet, and the wyvren woke. She swung her poisonous tail at all of us, me and Zek taking most of it. I blacked out, as if I was falling into the underworld again. Me and Zek woke in the Apollo cabin. I had been in a coma for a week or two. "Wait, a coma? Isn't that the final symptom of the maiden's compact? I'm done! Thank Zeus I'm done!" I thought. Zek had woke a few minutes before me. Next to my bed was a nightstand with two eggs being incubated by a UV light. Zek got up and stood over my bed. "Opal" He said warmly "Will you go out with me? Because almost falling into the underworld and now wyvren poison we don't know how much time I have..." I giggled a little. Before I could answer, Talia, Luke, and Mackenzie came rushing in. "Are you okay" Luke said. I ignored them for the time being. When you're a goddess, if you're alive, you're fine. "Yes Zek. Of course!" I say excitedly. "Do I hear wedding bells?" Mackenzie says teasingly. Hestia enters the room before I could come us with a good enough comeback. "Opal, Zek, are you okay?" She says. "Yes Hestia, we are fine" I say. Zek got a disappointed look on his face. He lifted the sleeve of his camp fusion shirt to reveal a gash from the wyvren's tail. I leaned in to get a closer look. It was definitely poisoned. I grabbed my dagger from my pocket. "We are going back to the wyvren's lair. The only way to fix this is to get the poison from the mama wyvren." I said. Nobody responded. "Alright, then i am going alone.". I began walking towards the portal. I climbed up the stairs of Hestia's meeting place and reached the portal. I stepped through the portal and in a flash i was gone. Since i was the only one in the lair, i could fly right to the cave. The mama wyvren was sleeping now. I grabbed a small glass and squeezed the venom from her tail. The stinger was curved like a scorpion and had a drop of poison hanging off of it. I didn't step on the gravel this time. I flew back to the portal. I stepped through the glowing green light and i was back in Hestia's office. I ran as fast as i could back to the apollo cabin. "You're too late" Hestia said. My heart sank. I remembered all of the time we had together. I began to walk back to my cabin, my head drooping. Behind me, i saw a faint blue glow. Zek's eyes were open now. Above his head was now a trident. I ran up and hugged him. "Thank Olympus you're alive!" I said. He looked above his head. "You mean thank Poseidon? He just claimed me. He saved my life." He poured a little water on his wound. It began to fade and it disappeared. 

Chapter 3:

I looked around the Apollo cabin. It was mostly white tile and looked like a doctor's office. "This is no place for a son of the water god." I said. "Let's tell Hestia about your claiming so we can get you too the Poseidon cabin. Though I wish you could stay in the athena cabin a while longer, that is where you belong." "'Kay" he said. "Well potassium to you too!" I said. Zek got a confused look on his face. "What?". "Well K is the symbol for- never mind." I said with a little giggle. "You're smart kelp head, just not athena smart." Kelp head. Now that's a weird name, but it stuck. He giggled. Hestia came back in the room. "Wanna see your new bunk?" She said. "Sure!" Zek said. He gave me a little kiss on the cheek and we both walked back to our cabins. I walked on the gravel path and passed the Hecate cabin. The gravel crunching under my feet reminded me of the wyvren's lair, and Zek's half-death. It sent a chill up my spine. When i entered the athena cabin, i saw Mackenzie packing all of her things to move to the Aphrodite cabin. "Hey Opal! I got a surprise for you!" She said. "Here Stella!" She called. A sky blue wyvren landed on my shoulder. It looked almost exactly like a falcon except for the color. "That's the egg that you grabbed. She can shape shift into a dragowyvren, but her true form is a falcyveren." She said. Stella rubbed his head against my neck. He buried his face in my light brown hair. It was up in a ponytail. "Thanks for saving the egg. But what about Zek's? Does he get his egg?" I said. "Yes, he does. His is a wyffin, which is a griffin basically." Mackenzie said. "I gotta get to the Aphrodite cabin. See you at the counselor meeting tomorrow". I shot a shy smile at her. I went over to the kitchen in the cabin to get some food. Stella was flying next to my shoulder and landed on the marble kitchen cabin. "Hey, what's that?" A new Athena boy said. "It's a wyvren. Her name is Stella. I got her from the last quest i was on." I said. "Are you the cabin councilor here? I'm kinda new here." He said shyly. "Yeah, i'm the councilor here. What's you're name?" I said. "I'm Spiro. Who are you? What's this quest you were on? It sounds like fun!" He said enthusiastically. I laughed a little. "I'm Opal. And to be honest, none of my recent quests have been much fun. Last time me and my friend Zek got poisoned by a wyvren and nearly died, and the time before I fell into the underworld and got cursed by Hades." I said. "Wow, how'd you get cursed?" He said. "The Maiden's Compact. Something to be glad you're a boy about. Hestia is probably gonna tell you about it." I said. His enthusiastic smile disappeared. "What about that guy Zek. Are you and him, well...-" I giggled a little. "Yeah. We've been friends since he came to this camp. And we're going out in a few days." I said. He smiled once more. "How old are you? Are you immortal?" I asked. Spiro brushed his hair out of his eyes. "I'm thirteen, and yes, i am immortal. I just haven't been claimed." He said. "What about you?" "I just turned fourteen and I am child of Athena and Zeus." I said. I carried my food to the eating table and ate it quickly. Spiro did the same. "We'd better get to sleep. Here's your bunk" I said. I climbed into bed and fell asleep.  I woke right as my alarm clock went off. I walked over to the bathroom and snapped my fingers. My clothes switched to the camp fusion tank and jean shorts and my hair switched from messy to the straight light brown that it usually is. I looked at my green eyes in the mirror and began to walk toward Hestia's meeting room. "Here stella!" I called and Stella landed on my shoulder. She was now the size of a regular falcon. "Shapeshift!" I called out. Stella switched into an ice-blue dragon, just big enough to ride. My eyes widened. "Shapeshift" I called out again, and she switched back to falcon form. I smiled at her. "Ready for a ride?" I said and flew all the way over to Hestia's meeting room, stella on my back. I entered as if nothing happened. "Good morning Opal" Hestia said. Everyone entered after that. "Hi kelp head!" I said to Zek. "Hey smart cookie!" He said back. We both giggled a little. I noticed a few more people in the room. "I guess you're wondering who these people are" Hestia said. She obviously had read my mind. "There were a bunch of new arrivals while Opal and Zek were poisoned. This is Hades cabin councilor, Edward, and this is the Iris cabin councilor, Jasmine." "Hi..." Nearly all of us said in unison. "Moving on. Zek has been appointed councilor of the poseidon cabin, and congratulations to Mackenzie, she is officially finished with the Maiden's Compact." Hestia said gleefully. "That's about-" Someone knocked on the door. Hestia walked over and opened it, and Spiro's head poked in. "Is this where i'm supposed to be? Oh hi Opal!" He said shyly. "No, you're looking for the new arrival area. It's just that way." Hestia said. He left the room and closed the door. "Anyway, that's it. Talia, Luke, Zek, Mackenzie, Allea, and Opal have the day off because of their quest. Goodbye now."  After everyone left, I walked over to Zek. "Ready for tonight?" I said. "Yeah, I guess. We're going to have to go to the mortal world. Ugh. I haven't been there since I came to camp fusion. Well, I guess we could have some fun with it!" He said. "How?" I said. "You'll see tonight!" He said with a little laugh. We then walked our seperate ways. I met up with Mackenzie on the way back. "Hey, could you do me a favor?" I asked her. "Sure. What is it?" She said in response. "Could you enchant me for tonight? Not anything too fancy, but I don't want to go and buy anything." I said. "Sure. Come with me to the Aphrodite cabin." She said. "Wanna get there faster?" I asked. "Umm sure?" She said in response. "Just hold onto something." I said. I kicked my legs up and was at the Aphrodite cabin in a flash. "Here you go" Mackenzie said. She snapped her fingers and my camp fusion clothes turned into a soft light blue tank with an athena owl on it and some jeans. My hair switched from being down to a curly bun. "Like it?" She said "I think you know. Thanks!" I smiled and flew back to the Athena cabin. When I landed, I noticed Hestia had gone into the Apollo cabin. I flew over there to see what was going on. I peeked my head in "What's going on? Is everyone okay?" I said. "Nothing unusual. Talia is beginning to show signs of the maiden's compact. I don't know who though." Hestia said in reply. Right after that, Talia woke. "So, who is it?" I asked her. "I'll give you a hint" Talia said. "He's you're brother." Spiro. He's going to be pretty happy about that. "Spiro?" I asked, even though I already knew. "Yeah. I'm just glad that it only lasts until I'm 14." She said. I smiled at her and flew away. Zek was standing at the gate of camp fusion, probably waiting for me. I flew over to him. "So what's the surprise?" I asked. "Before I tell you, I want to ask you something." He said "Okay...?" I said. "Do you know hand to hand combat?" He said. I raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, but where are you going with this?" I said reluctantly. "I am so going to take you to a mortal martial arts studio." He said with a laugh. "Alright" I said. "Let's go!"  "Dad, could you beam me to a martial arts studio? I want opal to have a good time." Zek said. In a flash we were there. When I got there, I was asked to grapple with a brown belt. She was named Trucy and was a lot like one of those girls Aphrodite kids. (Not like Mackenzie though). "Takedowns are allowed." The leader said. "And go!" I quickly got the girl on her back. I began to choke her. She tapped out within a second. "What was that?!" She said. "Is that even allowed? You're just a white belt!" I rolled my eyes. "Be glad I didn't have my dad strike you down. Disgusting mortals." I said. She was really getting on my nerves. "C'mon Zek. Lets go to dinner." We left class a few minutes early. It was only 2:00. "You know, you could have killed her." Zek said. "Nah. It's just fun to toy with mortals." I said. We both laughed a little. "We're going to eat at that Greek food restaurant over there just so we can mock what they call Greek." Zek said. Both of us smiled as we entered the restaurant, hand in hand. I got a veggie wrap and Zek got a Greek salad. When our food came, we began to correct it.  "Yes, tortillas are SOOOOO Greek." I said. That was pretty much all I could correct. This place was pretty authentic actually. When I finished my food, I noticed a little cut on my wrist. It began to bleed so I asked the waiter if I could have a band-aid. "Hey, your blood is golden! Are you mortal?" The waiter said. "In fact, I'm not mortal. I'm daughter of Athena and Zeus, and this is Zek, he is son of Artemis and Poseidon" I said. "Umm... Okay. Ill get you that band-aid." He never came back. He was probably too freaked out. The date ended the way they all do, and I don't really feel like going into detail. Zek flashed us both up at camp fusion at around 10:30 and we both fell asleep right away. My enchanted clothes wore off during the night, so I woke in my camp fusion clothes. All I did was fix my hair. I flew Stella in dragon form to the meeting. She shapeshifted back and we entered Hestia's meeting room. Only Mackenzie was there. "So how'd it go with Zek?" She asked. "Great! I almost killed a mortal, but it was still fun." I said with a laugh. Zek and Luke entered after that. "Luke! Looks like Zek's got a new BFF!" I said teasingly. "Umm... okay. Actually it's Mackenzie that's got a new best friend." He said back. "It's officially at bromance." I said with a giggle. "So Mackenzie. What's going on with you and Luke?" I said to Mackenzie. "We're officially togeth-" She got cut off by Hestia. "Welcome everyone" she says. I glance at Mackenzie. "Nothing much to say. Does anyone want to say anything?" Hestia says. Everyone just stares blankly. "Alright. Meeting dismissed". Everyone leaves in an instant. "Great. School again" Mackenzie says on her way back. "It's not school. It's camp activities." I say. "Same difference." Mackenzie says. "Well, at least you don't have to train the new arrivals on Fridays. Cya." I fly over to the new arrival area. "Hi everyone. I'm you're teacher on Fridays. My name's Opal and I'm daughter of Athena. Today, you get to put your skills to the test. Grab you're weapon and some armor, and come with me." I say to all of them. I lead them to the monster arena. "Today, you're going to fight a hades-made wyvren. Not the mama wyvren, but just a regular dragon wyvren. They are venomous, but we have the cure now. And go! The wyvren is released!"  An Ares boy took the first plunge at the beast. He looked strong with a smile like a bear trap. He managed to get out unharmed, but he was unable to puncture the skin. The wyvren lashed at him, but didn't hurt him. After that, everyone lunged at the wyvren. He whipped his long tail at all of them, but mostly missed. Except for one. Spiro was laying on the ground, motionless. He had been poisoned by the wyvren. I frantically called apollo "Could you heal this boy? He's been poisoned by a Hades Wyvren. Thanks." Spiro's eyes opened and his wounds faded. "What just happened? Who, what am I?" He said frantically. "New arrivals, stop attacking. I'll kill the wyvren, you guys just stay put for a second. I fired a flaming arrow at the wyvren and hit him through the back. "He's going to Tartarus for a long, long time. Everyone, help me carry Spiro to he Apollo cabin" I said to all of them. They all rushed to the cabin and laid Spiro down on a bed. It brought back memories of when me and Zek had been poisoned. "What's wrong with him?" An Apollo boy asked. "He's been poisoned and lost his memory. Can you help him?" I told him. "Maybe. Leave him here and I'll get him back by the end of the day. Who's he son of?" The boy asked. "Athena." I say quickly. "Alright guys" I say to the new arrivals. "Class dismissed."  I entered the athena cabin to get some food. I grabbed an apple and bit into it and finished it after a minute or two. I ran into Mackenzie, Talia, Zek, and Luke after I finished eating. "We have something to show you. It's some cool animal that we found near the ares cabin." Luke said. "Sure, why not." I said in response. I followed them to the ares cabin. They showed me a wasp nest with big wasps. "What is that thing?" Mackenzie said. "It's a venomous wasp nest. They were places there by hades after we defeated the titans" I said. "Should we get rid of it?" Zek said. A few wasps buzzed around it. "Nope. We should run." I said quickly. The wasps swarmed and began to chase us. They began to attach to our skin. All of us suffered the fatal sting.

All of us woke in the Apollo cabin. I wasn't sure how long I had been asleep, but I think I was 15 years old now. That's a long time asleep. Talia and Allea were even still asleep. Some of Allea's stings were still inflamed. I never realized life at camp fusion was this dangerous. I thought this was the only safe place for our kind, but it seems to be the opposite. "Stella! Are you around here?" I called. Stella flew over and perched on my shoulder. One by one, everyone began to wake from their sleep. I got up from my bed and saw Spiro walking around. "Opal! Mommy was very sad and I didn't know why. She said you got stung by something? I hope you're okay." I smiled at him. "Well, at least I'm alive. How long was I asleep?" I asked. "I'm not sure. But I think you're a few months from being sixteen." He said. "Well, I guess we should get back to our cabins." I said to all of them. I didn't really want to, but I was getting tired of waking up in the Apollo cabin nearly every other day. I looked up in the sky. "Dad, could you beam me into my cabin? I really don't feel like flying there." I said to Zeus. I flashed into the Athena cabin. It was nearly completely redesigned. It was full of streamers and chandeliers. An athena girl walked up to me. "Hey! Didn't you hear? Our cabin is throwing a party! The whole camp's invited! It's tonight. And don't worry, this set up is just temporary. Athena just changed it up for the night." She said quickly. "Could you invite everyone? Please?" "Actually, I have a better way to do that. Here Stella!" I placed a few invitations in her talons. "Could you deliver these to all of the campers?" I told Stella. She flew out of the cabin to deliver the invitations. "Are you new?" I asked the girl. "Well, I've been here a few months. But I haven't met the councilor yet." She said. I giggled at her. "lol. I'm the councilor! My names Opal." I told her. "Did you just say lol as a word?" She said to me. "Yeah. I didn't really think that trough..." I said with a laugh. "What was that bird over there?" She asked. "It's a wyvren. I got her on a quest." I told her. "Wow, I heard about that quest. That sounded really painful." She said. "Finally someone understands!" I told her."I gotta go to the Poseidon cabin. See ya tonight!"  I wasn't sure why I was going to the Poseidon cabin. I guess I was bored or just wanted to visit Zek. "Shapeshift!" I called out and rode Stella all the way to the Poseidon cabin.  "Alright, you can go deliver these." I told Stella. I looked into the Poseidon cabin. The walls were made of water trapped between two sheets of glass. The bunks were water beds. One strike of lightning and everyone here Is dead. "Hi Zek! There's a party in the athena cabin tonight. Stella's delivering invitations to everyone, but do you wanna come?" I say excitedly. "Sure! Even though I've been here for a while, I don't know everyone and I want to meet some more people." He said. "Okay. It's at 5:30. Cya then!" I said with a smile. I zipped out of the cabin and went out to the monster arena. Talia and Luke were there, so I thought I might as well. I hovered above them. "Hey guys!" I call out to them. I dive down and help them fight the monsters. "Can we try something?" Talia asks to both of us. "I heard if there are two people with different powers and target something, we get a special power to kill monsters. Put your hand on this orb." Talia held out a glowing gold orb. We all put our hands on it "say some power of yours Opal. Because you're the oldest, you signal what happens." She said. "Rain of fire!" I called out. We looked into the sky and saw flames falling down. "RUN!" Luke called. All of the monsters in the arena were on fire. We all escaped unhurt, but the arena was completely on fire. I spotted Zek walking by. "Water. Monster arena. NOW." I told him, shivering. "Erm... okay." He responded. I flew him over and he put the arena out right away. Allea and Luke stared at him, wide-eyed. "C'mon Zek, lets get ready for that party." We then each went over to our cabins. I called Mackenzie over, too. I had missed staying in the same cabin as her. "Come over to the Aphrodite cabin. We have cookies. And enchantment packets." She said. "Alright. Ill fly us over." I told her. Mackenzie had already been enchanted. Her aqua eyes shimmered like the moon and she was already in a short pink dress. "Here you go!" She said gleefully. My hair switched to a side fishtail braid, and my clothes turned into a strapless blue dress that went down just below my waist. It had small crystals on the top and there were ruffles on the bottom. I looked like a mortal at prom, but I didn't really care. I thought I looked great. "Thanks Mackenzie. I owe you one." I told her with a smile. "Well, we don't want to be late. You get Luke, and ill get Zek. Cya in a few minutes." I told her and flew away. I didn't have to fly far to see Zek walking to the Athena cabin, already dressed in a midnight blue suit. I flew down and smiled at him. "You look very nice." He said to me. "You do too." I said with a smile. We both entered the Athena cabin. There were a bunch of people already there. The girl I had met before was refilling some of the food plates. "Hey, just have fun with it. Just because you're an Athena girl doesn't mean you have to be a nonstop worker" I told her. "I know. lemme just take this plate over and i'm done." She said hastily. I watched as she paced into the kitchen."We might as well eat some of this food. It's enough to feed olympus." Zek said. Each of us grabbed a plate and ate a little. It was good food. There were tubs of nectar and ambrosia, and plates of liveroot and Aechor petals. (Those last two are just other greek foods) We were both stuffed, but Zek still dragged me onto the dance floor. I'll tell you, it's tiring. Mackenzie and Luke were on the dance floor, too. I didn't really know how to dance, but i was able to manage it. After 1 hour of strait dancing, we started to look for a place to sit down. All we could find was a little couch that was made for one person, but somehow we could both fit in it. I arched my back to fit in the chair. Zek wrapped his arms around me. We both leaned in. "What would you change about me to make me perfect?" Zek asks. I tell him "Nothing. I wouldn't change a thing." "You're lying. There are a ton of better guys out there." He says with a sad tone. "It's not lying. It's looking at things a different way." I say. Tears welled up in the corners of my eyes as we leaned in closer. Our lips slightly touched as we finished. The prospect of kissing was just a little awkward at my age. The weird thing was I didn't mind. This was Zek, son of Posiedon and Artemis, and he was the one that I loved. And in that moment, I finally felt like I belonged there. Before now, my life goal was simply to survive until age 18, but now it was much bigger. I closed my eyes as the clock struck midnight. The party was officially over. The decorations disappeared and the athena cabin was normal again. Everyone left after a few minutes. I collapsed onto my bunk and fell asleep. A familliar-looking girl woke me up a few minutes early. "Ailea?" She was my mentor when i came to camp fusion, when i was seven. "Happy birthday!" I shot a smile at her. "You're sixteen now, Opal. That means a whole new world of possibilities. Come with me." Ailea lead me to a secluded cave that gave off a faint glow. The only source of light was a fire. Just to be clear, a whole wall of fire. "Walk through there" Ailea said reassuringly. "Are you going crazy? I'll die if i walk through there!" "I promise. You'll be fine. When have I ever lied to you. Now go, I'll see you on the other side." Ailea left in a beam of light. I clutched my athena pendant, praying that Ailea was right. I closed my eyes as the fire curled around my body, but not coming close enough to harm me. I opened my eyes as i exited the wall of fire. Zek was standing on the other side. "What? How'd you-" My stuttered words were cut off by him. "I'm sixteen too." We both smiled. Ailea flashed up in front of us. "Now, the final test. You two will have to navigate a labyrinth. If you are able to finish it, you will get immortality early. But beware, there are monsters in the labyrinth. You will find supply crates as well. Embrace the possibility that you could be in here for weeks or even months, assuming you are able to make it out." Ailea tried to keep her smile. The labyrinth door opened up. Once both of us made it through, they closed behind us. There was no way of getting back in. "Lets start moving." We trekked forward for about a half-hour, only finding a piece of bread. "I think we're lost, and it's getting dark." I said. "We're not lost as long as we're together."

When night fell, it began to rain. We slept huddled together for warmth, but we both were shivering nearly all night. I woke as the sun came up. Once we walked a little, we found a not covered area. I flew above it to see where to go. There wasn't much above the maze. A few birds, nothing special. One of the birds saw me and flew towards the maze. When it landed, it turned into someone. A goddess, in fact. She was wearing a shirt with a cupcake on it and had purple hair. "W-who are you?" I asked her. "I am Tiffany, goddess of gaming, especially minecraft, and speed arts. Don't laugh, I'm real." "What is an Olympian goddess coming here?" "I'm the only sane one around here. Everything that camp fusion has told you is wrong. Ailea and Hestia are working in tandem to prevent everyone that comes here from turning 18." Tiffany said. She brushed some of her purple hair out of her eyes and moved closed to the edge. "Hestia greatly considered letting you live. She had watched you grow into a goddess. From getting claimed, to saving Zek. But she wanted to keep the power. I have watched hundreds of your kind wander for months in this never-ending labyrinth. I'm getting you two out of this. Think of Mackenzie, Spiro, Luke, and Talia. They did nothing wrong, and do they deserve to die? That's why Hestia sent you on all of those quests, she didn't want to see you waste away hopelessly in this place." My eyes widened, realizing everything that I had been told was a lie leading up to this moment. "Then why us? Why do we deserve to live?" I said, my eyes half-closed. "Because I didn't want to lose another minecraft fan. You have no idea how few gods are gamers." We laughed a little and Tiffany flashed a cheeky smile. "We're gonna have to convince Hestia to stop, or you're never coming back to camp fusion. Well, even if you do have to leave, Athena build a house for you on Olympus. Spoiler alert, by the way." "What about my other friends, and won't the gods be mad?" I told her nervously. "You're daughter of king of Olympus. I doubt it'll be a problem. And for you're friends, we can get them out of here too. I bet Olympus has some extra rooms. First of all, lets get you two out of here." 

Chapter 5: 

Tiffany pulled Zek and I out of the labyrinth. She was right, it was endless. My legs were sore from all of the walking. Every step took more effort, as if I was walking through a hurricane. I think I may have lost consciousness for a minute or two from exhaustion. When I woke, Tiffany called over a wyvren. "Here starburst!" She called. A sparkling, cream colored wyvren flew over. "Climb on." She said happily. I sat behind her and Zek sat in the back. Starburst was fast, definitely faster than stella. We got back to camp fusion in nearly a matter of seconds. Me and Zek entered Hestia's meeting room. Hestia was just finishing up. "And yesterday, Opal and Zek disappeared. We are not sure where they went, but-" I cut her off. "Are you so sure about that?" Hestia broke down on the floor, crying. "I think we just convinced her." I whispered to Tiffany and Zek. "Brofist?" Zek asked. "Athena kids don't brofist. But I guess I can make an exception." 

I guess I should have been happy that Hestia came to her senses, but I didn't. I felt something different, something new. I was angry because Hestia had been so selfish. She would rather kill some of her best friends than have a new goddess on Olympus. I remembered her being so cheery when I came, training me with her best demigods. But now, everything was coming back to her. She stood up from her trance. She glanced at Luke and a teardrop rolled down her cheek. Luke had died in the labyrinth the day after I came to camp fusion, and seeing him living was too much to handle. "I'm sorry everyone, but I have to go." Hestia ran out of the room, crying. I stood up where Hestia usually gave meetings. I smiled and began to say exactly what happened. "So, when you're sixteen, you're sent into a death trap. Enough said. Follow me, were going to put an end to this."  We all followed Hestia to her cabin. I walked in and sat down across from her. Her face was stained with tears. "Forgive me" She said. "Maybe. Are you still going to keep that labyrinth?" I said. "No, I'm done with that. I promise, Opal." I smiled at her. "Thank you. It means a lot that you are able to change." I heard a faint scream outside. All of us ran outside. My heart began to beat faster. "Aelia!" I shouted. She was laying on the ground. "I didn't want to live with this guilt." Aiela whispered. "I'm going to miss you all." She closed her eyes and began to glow. "W-what's happening?" She said frantically. "You're a goddess now." Hestia said from the back of the crowd. She pulled the knife from her chest. She was immortal now. Nothing can rupture her skin. She is safe from the outside world. "Field trip to Olympus anyone?"  I smiled. I had only been to Olympus when I was a baby, when I was born. Athena had sent me right to camp fusion. Aelia lead us to a little room. She opened up a gate and nearly 50 wyvrens bursted out. "Climb on one!" She called out over the joyful screeches of the campers. "Here Stella!" Stella landed on my shoulder. She shapeshifted into a dragon and I climbed onto her. I pulled a map from my backpack and began to fly towards Olympus. "This way!" I called to everyone. Zek's griffin caught up to me. He was really fast, but not as fast as starburst. Tiffany was still wearing her cupcake shirt and her hair was still the shiny purple. Starburst's speed nearly created earthquakes. "Let's catch up, Stella" I thrust my legs back and Stella began to fly faster. In that moment, I felt immortal, like I had never been before. I knew I had a year or two, but I just felt amazing. I felt like all of the stress from camp fusion was being lifted off of my back. I smiled as I was just able to catch up to Tiffany. I looked down from my wyvren. Everything looked so small, so meaningless. Just a piece in the universe's never ending puzzle. But we weren't just that. We were sons and daughters of the most powerful beings in the universe. Mackenzie was trying to catch up to me, but her Phoenix wasn't as fast as a dragon wyvren. "Down" I told Stella. We were almost above Olympus now. Stella dove down onto Olympus and landed softly. I climbed off of her and she shapeshifted back. I climbed down the stairs with Tiffany and Ailea in front of me. We all got in and started exploring. I could hear the joyful squeals of people getting claimed. I walked up to my dad, who I hadn't met yet. "Hello King Zeus." I say. "Call me Dad" He said. I squeezed my eyes shut to keep myself from crying. Every time camp fusion came to Olympus, every camper got a gift from each parent. It could be a skill or a physical gift. Except for the Demeter kids, they always got a bowl of cereal. "This is a scepter of electricity" Zeus said. He handed me a sparkling staff with an orb on the top giving off sparks. "It can shoot sparks and can make you fly without wasting your energy. I want you to have it." Zeus smiled. For once he didn't feel like a fancy king. He felt like a father.  I held the staff in my arms. I knew it wouldn't replace my athena dagger, but I was glad to have it. I angled it up and flew over to athena. I never realized how weird Olympus was, like you put a texture pack on a pristine world. Spiro was already talking to athena, and Ailea was begging for mercy. I landed down in front of her. "Hello Mom" I said to her. "Hello Opal" Athena got down from her chair to greet me. Even though she was goddess of war, she was one of the nicest goddesses. Before she give me my gift, she gave Spiro his gift. He got an ice dagger that can freeze enemies. Probably one of the best possible gifts. I was excited about what I was getting. "I got you... A LABEL MAKER!" I raised an eyebrow. Yes, she did give me a label maker, but it already had a message in it. I printed the message. It read: Dear Opal, I have some more gifts for you. Happy sixteenth birthday! Athena grabbed the pendant off of my neck. She held it and began to whisper enchantments onto it, her grey eyes closed. She put it back around my neck when I was done. "All of your thoughts and memories will be saved in this pendant. Hold it and you can send thoughts to other people. And the two people you are closest too will always have their soul in here." I smiled and looked down at the pendant. My whole life is there. "What did your dad give you?" Athena asked. "A scepter of electricity. It's really cool" I held it up and pointed it at the ceiling. I flew up and then pointed it at the floor, pointing at a well to make an offering. But instead of flying down, I picked up one of the golden drachmas in the well with my staff. "Uh, Zeus? Is this thing supposed to have telekinesis?" I knew he couldn't hear me, but I asked anyway. I pointed it at the floor and descended onto the ground. I couldn't help overhear Zek talking with Artemis. "I know this is the final time, but the fading is beginning to come back." Zek pleaded. I could hear the stress in his voice. "Tell Athena. She can store your memories for when you get back." Artemis was simply trying to be comforting to the unlucky child born on October 10th. "Very well. Goodbye lady Artemis." Zek walked over to me. "Opal, I need to tell you something." Zek sat down. "What?" I asked, even though I knew very well what was happening. On October tenth many years ago, Artemis and Hades were having a competition. It was never specified what kind, but that's not the point. The point is, Hades lost. He then put a curse on every child or Artemis born on that day. Every few years the cursed person will 'fade away' and become a new person. They will remember facts and things like their name, but they will remember nothing of their past life, which is bad news for both of us. I broke from my trance as Zek finished explaining. He then collapsed onto the floor. "Zek!" I called to him, but it was too late. His face had already begun to change. His hair was now dirty blonde and his once green eyes were now a piercing blue. "That was the final time" I whispered to him. He now wouldn't remember anything we had done. Not even us falling into the underworld or him coming to camp fusion. His eyes widened as he sat up. "You're Opal, right?" I gasped. He remembered me!  Athena had been watching the whole time. "Love is strong. It is stronger than a curse."  I lifted Zek to his feet. His scars were gone now, they were part of his past life. "I can recognize you. You're Opal. Did we know each other?" I smiled. "Yes, I am. We were dating for a year or two." I told him about everything we had done at camp fusion. I told him about all of the people there, and the story of the labyrinth. "Will I ever be the same" he asked. "Probably not, but you'll always be perfect" I said with a sad smile. "I must have loved you a lot." I smiled. "Yes, and I did too."

Chapter 6:

Squeals of people getting claimed muffled our conversation. One thing was surprising; I could hear Mackenzie getting claimed. Both of us ran up to her. She was batting at a trident above her head. "You're Mackenzie. Opal told me about you." She got a confused look on her face. "Yeah...? Who are you?" Zek smiled. "I'm Zek. I might not remember you that much, but you should remember me" Mackenzie shook her head. "Is he mental?" Mackenzie asked. "No, he is truly Zek. Son of Artemis and Poseidon." Wait, didn't Mackenzie just get claimed by Poseidon? "So me and Zek are... Brother and sister?" Mackenzie giggled. "Sup bro." I rolled my eyes around the room taking in the intricate designs of Olympus. Then I realized... where's Talia? I ran over to Demeter abruptly. "W-where's Talia?" I asked Demeter. "I saw her to the right of here." I ran that way without another word. She was laying against a wall, unconscious. I tried to wake her up and her eyes opened again. "Titans... over there" her eyes were beginning to close again. "You have to defeat them, for all of us." A teardrop rolled down her cheek, diluting some of the blood running down her now pale face. "The fault is no longer mine, defeat those titans, I know you can." I squeezed my eyes tightly. "No Talia! Don't leave me!" But it was too late. Her soul had begun to evaporate from her physical body. She was nothing but a mist now. I tried my hardest not to cry, but I couldn't help it. I thought about using my pendant on her, but I knew Zek and Mackenzie were in there. Her mistform was hovering around Olympus. "Just know, it is not any of your fault. But get Zek, he should know." Her mist said. "Zek, Mackenzie, could you get over here?" I called out, still crying shiny golden tears. A flood of anger spread through my body. I ran where Talia said the titans were. It was hard to realize the reality that Talia was really dead. I wanted for Zek and Mackenzie to help me, but they never did. Zek had come to camp fusion with her, and seeing her dead was too much to handle. Nevertheless, someone had to defeat these titans. I stepped back from where I was standing. The titans were beginning to break through into Olympus. By the time they broke through, there was only one. Kronos, the biggest one. The most powerful. Great. He was the Titan of fire and looked like molten lava and fire stone. I pointed my electric staff at him and shot sparks at him, barely doing any damage. "Mackenzie! A little help here?" I shouted. Even though she was friends with Talia, they were not as close as Zek was. She had barely met Poseidon after she got claimed, but he did give her a little bronze scimitar. She ran over to me and both of us lunged at him. I was able to fly up to him and tried to stab him, but it barely did anything. I was already getting burnt from his mere touch. "I DECLARE BATTLE ON OLYMPUS!" Kronos called in his deep, unsettling voice. Zek came running in abruptly because he heard him. Kronos was in 'hyper mode' now. He began to attack all of us. He was able to set a stream of fire across my neck. I screamed in pain and clenched my fists. I fell to the ground and Zek came running over to me. In that moment I realized the truth, I could not be saved.  Floods of memories came back to me. My vision was beginning to flicker as I shed a final tear. I wanted to catch a final glimpse of someone I loved, but my vision had faded. "See you when I'm out of Tartarus" I said. And with that, everything became eternal darkness. I found myself in a small pool of water with some sort of thing attached to it. I was officially in Tartarus, taking my punishment. The little gizmo began to give off sparks. A long electric shock flooded through my body. Electricity rippled through the water as I screamed in pain. I saw a long scar along my neck dripping blood from Kronos' fire. Well that's attractive.  The sparks lasted for what seemed like an eternity. I wasn't sure how long I had been there until the night passed. Everything was crumbling down around me. How were we going to do this? Talia was dead. Zek was depressed. I was in Tartarus. Mackenzie was, well, an Aphrodite girl. Luke and Allea were missing. But no matter what, we would win. We had been through too much to die .(again) and with that, I decided to get out of here. I grabbed a rope out of my backpack and swung it around a ledge. The Tartarus air had weakened me. Although If I stayed, I would still die. I finally stuck my foot into a tiny crevice, and I was finally up. I was in the mortal world now. Some random guy walked up to me. "Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?" He said. What. The. Hades. "No, but it did hurt when I scraped my knee crawling out of hell" I said, feeling accomplished. "Oh I see how it is..." "No really it did. Anyone got some ambrosia?" I laughed as he walked away. It's so fun to toy with mortals. I flew over to Olympus after I realized that I had been in Tartarus longer than I thought. Last week was my seventeenth birthday. I winced as I remembered the pain I had endured during the previous months. I landed where the titans were. It was ripped apart and looked apocalyptic. Everything was burnt or on fire. I ran over to where the gods and goddesses were."Where are my friends?" I asked Athena. "Near Apollo" she said. I walked to him nervously. "Where are-" Apollo cut me off. "Over there" Apollo pointed to Olympus' infirmary. Everyone was sleeping. "Hello?" I said quietly. None of them woke up. I leaned down near Zek and Mackenzie. I decided I would sing to them until they woke. "Just close your eyes, the sun is going down you'll be alright, no one can hurt you now, come morning light, you and I'll be safe and sound" I smiled as they started to wake up. "Don't you dare look out your window darling everything's on fire... The war outside outdoors keeps raging on" they all woke up after that. Not exactly a lullaby. "We're up, you can stop that caterwauling!" Mackenzie said as she propped herself up. "Did you kill the Titan?" I asked her. "Sort of. She did" Mackenzie stepped out of the room. "This is Gaea" Mackenzie said. Gaea was about our age and had ice blue hair draping just below her shoulders. She had full roman armor and had eyes as green as a cat's. "I am Gaea, daughter of Khione and Haphestus, AKA room temperature, as the gods call them" I smiled. "I'm Opal, daughter of Zeus and Athena. Sorry I didn't meet you earlier, I was in Tartarus. I kinda died, but that's not important." Gaea laughed. "I know. Mackenzie told me about you." "Cool. But can we talk later? I'm exhausted." I walked over to the beds. It all seemed so unreal. Everything was spinning out of control. But I wouldn't break. The only thing that'll be broken is the titans' back. Still , the titans were at war with us. It is a terrifying thing, mortal. Be glad the worst thing you have to fight is a cold, and your definition of a camp is a few weeks doing stupid activities. But not us. We would never be normal, and that was how we liked it. I closed my eyes and slowly went to sleep. I could almost feel myself smiling, knowing that I was alright. I was safe at the hands of Olympus, with my parents, best friend, and Zek. I wasn't in Tartarus anymore. I had only half a year until I was immortal. I could stay on this earth as long as I wanted. But through this happiness came a thought that nearly ripped me apart. If I was immortal, my goals would mean nothing. I had forever to do what I wanted, which made it seem that life had no meaning. My sleep was interrupted by a sound across the room. Mackenzie was thrashing in her bed. Probably a bad dream. We all had those. Most mortals sometimes did, but ours were vivid, like true life. The only difference is we are mortal in those dreams. Our life is as worthless as any normal human. Mackenzie sat up. "What happened?" I asked her. "The day before we became immortal, all of us died. The world was gone, all the life drained from it." She frowned. "Look, I don't know why we're here. Maybe it was the Big Bang. It could be the gods, or the capital-G God. But what I know is that we're all still here." I put my hand on her shoulder reassuringly. "But what about when we are becoming immortal. When the world thing happened in my dream" I almost laughed at her. "Look, it's not going to happen. I can guarantee it." I tried to smile, but her fear would make her ignore it. "How do you know?" She laid back down on her bed. "Because I have a secret. And you're not finding out." I said firmly. It was hard to keep anything from Mackenzie. "Why not? You told me everything before now" 

"Tartarus changed me. I could hear the screams of agony in the rooms around me, trying to reform." I didn't want to think about it anymore. I could see the fear in Mackenzie's eyes. "Just tell me." "Fine. I can sometimes see the future. All the athena kids can. Happy now? We're all going to survive. Okay?" Mackenzie gave a look of happiness, suprise, and 'you have lost your mind'. I called Stella over to leave. All of camp fusion had left already except for us. "Let's get going" I called to everyone. Stella flew out of Olympus and went towards Camp Fusion. I remembered flying up to Olympus, before Zek lost his memory, Talia died, and I went to Tartarus. Stella began to land. She shapeshifted back and we entered the gates. I smiled as my immortality came back. Everyone else landed after me. I tried not to think about Talia and my experience in Tartarus. It was a fragment of my memory that would not go away. That was the curse of being an athena kid. When I was born, I knew what the average adult would know. When I was seven, when I believed I was a mortal, I passed my college entrance exam. I'm pretty much a professional geek. I play minecraft and portal, and am proud of that. I stepped into Hestia's meeting room. She was sitting at her desk, preparing for a meeting. "Oh, Opal. There you are. We are having the meeting at the forum today." She said, beginning to walk there. I held my scepter and flew over to the forum. Instead of a few people being there, the whole camp was there. In the front row, there was Spiro, my brother, sitting next to Jasmine, the Iris cabin leader. I barely recognized everyone else. There must have been a bunch of new arrivals when I was gone. Hestia stepped up to the stage. "Demigods and gods, the winners of the Titan war on Olympus, Gaea Khione, Mackenzie Venus, Luke Hecate, Allea Hecate, Zek Diana, and Opal Minerva!" My hearing caught on my last name. I had never really used it. Since goddesses had no last name, our last names were the roman counterpart of our mother. Minerva. I said to myself. I kept repeating it in my head. I long stream of applause interrupted my train of thought. The war was over. We had won.

Chapter 7:

 All of us stepped up on the stage. It looked like it was spray painted black, but honestly, I didn't know. Hestia stepped up in front of us, holding everything Kronos dropped when he died. Everything was spread across the stage. There was everything from swords to magic wands. "Everyone at camp gets something. Come on up!" Hestia said gleefully. She didn't seem as depressed as she was when we went to Olympus. Zek reached for a golden sword and a little emerald that he stuck in his pocket. Gaea had grabbed Kronos' giant sword. It inflicted poison on whoever It touched. Remembering my encounters with poison, it's best we stayed friends. I hated poison. Any and every kind made my skin crawl. I reached down to grab what I wanted, but found nothing. Then, I remembered Talia, who had died around a year before. I grabbed a few potions, hoping they could help bring her back. I flew back over to my cabin to try to make reviving serum. It smelled of newly printed books (You'd expect that, it's the Athena cabin after all) and looked the same as before. I loved the atmosphere there. I opened a book to look for the potion recipe. I finally found a page about it: Reviving Serum is a potion made my mixing water, a piece of ambrosia, and a health potion. (That part seriously sounded like minecraft) I looked in my pocket. The three potions that I grabbed read regeneration, healing, and Dr. Pepper. Weird combination, but I did have a healing potion. Within an hour, I had made Reviving Serum. Now, just to find her.

Long story short, Talia was on a boat on Olympus, docked near the gardens. It was about thirty-five feet and had a luxury inside, equipped with a kitchen, bunk beds, a regular bed, a couch, and a fully equipped bathroom. Talia was surprised to see us there. I handed her the potion and she drank it. (Queue staples button, "That was easy!") She began to reform. She still looked twelve, her age at the time, but she had aged as a spirit. "How'd you get on here? Is this boat Poseidon's?" I asked her. "Poseidon's? Opal, this is your boat! Athena made it for you. (Or Athena's definition of build, snapping her fingers sassily and it appearing)" I smiled at her. "Got any food? I'm starving." Mackenzie said. "Yeah, in the refrigerator. And I found some Disney movies." Mackenzie peeked in the refrigerator and I looked in the movie compartment. "Hercules? Seriously, that's what Athena gives me?" I picked up the movie and stuck it in the compartment. "Okay, my dad's beard is NOT THAT BIG. And Athena is just a one-tone short lady with an owl hanging around her." I laughed at the movie's stupidity. "Alright, I'll join in. HE IS NOT HERA'S SON." Talia nearly screamed. I heard a rustling outside. "That could've been a monster, I'll take care of it." I whispered. I unzipped the plastic isinglass and threw my dagger at the wall, where I thought I saw the monster. The moon shone on it's face. "Spiro?" I gasped. "You threw a knife at my head" he said. "Oh please, at least you're not dead." I told him. "But now my ear is all red." He said. "Hey, I heard a song that sounded like that!" I said. "No. No. No. No. No." Nearly everyone screamed from the cabin. "SO CALL ME MAYBE!" 

Everyone laughed and we went back inside. Allea stepped in from the shadows with Luke. "We're back" they said as they sat down on  the cream colored leather couch.  "Truth or dare anyone?" Mackenzie said. "Sure!" I said. "I'll start" Talia said. "Luke, I dare you to kiss the prettiest girl in the room excluding Mackenzie." Talia grinned as Luke turned to me. Before he could, Zek held his new golden sword to Luke's neck and whispered "Don't you dare." I smiled. "Yeah, I'll pass, Luke. Kiss Mackenzie or something." I told him. "I was hoping you'd say that" Luke replied. "My turn!" Mackenzie called. "Zek, I dare you to do the one thing you are most scared to do." Mackenzie said. Zek heavily exhaled and pulled a black case out of his pocket. I slid off of the couch and stood up. Zek's eyes glinted from the moon shining in the portholes. "Opal Mimerva, will you marry me?" He smiled hopefully. "Yes Zek. I love you." I kissed him. And it was pretty much the best day ever."

Chapter 8:

I smile. "And that, my children, is how me and Zek got married." Zek wrapped his arm around my shoulders. My two children smile and I run my hand down the ridge of my collarbone. The air of the plane is dry, but it doesn't really bother me. The telecom announces "We will be landing in Copenhagen shortly. Please fasten your seatbelts." Emily and Spiro, my children, (Not adopted, but made in a lab with DNA. Weird, but gods know how to do that.) put away their tablets in their colorful backpacks. "Wait, Copenhagen? That's where minecon is this year! I won't be able to handle it!" Emily says. "Oh really?" I say, pulling a few tickets out of my jacket pocket, handing one to each person in our row of seats. Emily lets out a high pitched shriek while Spiro, named after my brother, sits wide eyed. I have only been immortal for two months, but it is awesome. Who knew you get free money from it?

I look over the side of my aisle side chair. There sits a girl, sitting next to a boy that looks similar to Zek. She sits with crossed legs as she taps out a pattern on the arm rest. The pattern is familiar, a temporary spell where mortals cannot hear what she says, and vice versa. "Why'd you do that?" I tell her. "Just as I suspected. What's you're name? I am Ruby, daughter of Aphrodite and Hades." She says. I slowly blink and answer: "My name is Opal, daughter of Athena and Zeus. And this is my husband, Zek.""Are you here for minecon?"Ruby asks. "Yeah. I'm staying at the hotel next to it." I answer. "Me too" she replies "I'll cya there."

We board off the plane in a matter of minutes. The airport is clean and high-end, full of colorful carpets and sleek little shops full of overpriced junk. A voice behind me says "I see you're going to minecon" it is familiar, but I can't put a finger on it. It takes me a few seconds to respond. "Yes." I turn toward him. I try to contain myself, realizing who it is, but I can't. "CAPTAINSPARKLEZ!" I shriek. Emily and Spiro turn and run back up to me. "I'll be at the opening. For now, here's an autograph." He says. I smile and walk away to the bus to take us to the car rental place. I help Emily get her rolling backpack onto the bus as it starts up. I sit back into the navy-blue seat and put my backpack on the chair next to me. "I've never been out America and Greece since my fade." Zek says. "Well, we're also going to Florida, a state in America, on this trip." I say. The two kids smile gleefully as the bus comes to a halt. I grab my backpack and sling it over my shoulder. I walk into the rental car building. There is a tall, red haired woman at the front desk. "I have a car reserved?" I say, up-toning. "Name?" She asks. "Opal Minerva" I answer. "Yes, come this way." She leads me to a giant parking lot and to an area of a few cars. "One of these two" she says. There is a one year old car, the color of Gaea's icy blue hair. The other is blue-grey with a large and luxury inside. It was electric powered and still had a new car smell. "We'll go with that one." I say, pointing to the electric one. The lady hands me a key and I get into the car. Emily and Spiro sit in the back, while me and Zek are at the front. "Let's get to our hotel" I say. I put the key in the car and drive out of the lot.Let's just say, there is a lot of traffic in Copenhagen. What should have been a 15 minute drive was 25 minutes. The hotel is big and modern. I walk up to the desk. "May I help you?" The lady at the front desk asks. "Yes, I have a reservation." I say to her. "Okay, and what is your name?" She asks me. "Opal Minerva." I answer. "Alright, here is your key. You are room 15 on the 8th floor." She says. She hands me the key. "Thank you." I say as we begin walking towards the elevator. Emily pushes the up button and the elevator whizzes into place. "In here" I say, stepping in. I push the button for the 8th floor. It takes a few seconds for the elevator to reach the 8th floor. When we get there, it is a short walk to the room. I slide in the room key and open the door. "Wow..." Spiro says, rolling his blue eyes around the room. There are two beds; a queen and a king size bed. They are set next to each other, with a big flat screen TV in front. Behind it is the bathroom. "This is bigger then our real house..." Emily remarks.

Chapter 9:

We spend half an hour unpacking and watching TV. The clock reads 4:16 PM. "We should get some food." I say, grabbing my room key. "Okay. Let me get my phone." Emily says. She is the older of the two, she is eleven. "Let's go" I say. We walk down the hallway and reach the elevator. It slowly slides into place. "The L?" Spiro asks. "Yeah." I answer. The elevator opens at the lobby. We walk out to the parking lot and get into the car. I put the key in and start it.The car backs out and we drive for a few miles, with not as much traffic as before. "What about here?" I ask, pointing to a little Japanese restaurant. "Okay" Zek answers. "Okay?" Emily says, giggling. "What's funny?" Zek asks. "It's a book... I'll tell you later." I whisper to him. I drive into the lot of the restaurant. There is a little wait there. "Four?" The lady at the front asks. "Yeah." I answer. "Alright, it'll be a 10-15 minute wait." She answers. We sit down on the bench. I look over next to us. There is a group of people. On the side, I see a familiar girl. I walk over to her. "WOAH IS THAT YOU OH MY GODS IS THAT YOU CUPQUAKE YOURE AWESOME" I nearly yelp. "Well, hello Opal." She answers calmly. "Wait, Tiffany? The one who saved me from my doom in a crazy labyrinth?" I say. "That's the one" she answers. Next to her is more you tubers, that I would be asking for autographs. Tiffany stands up and walks up to the lady who works at the restaurant. "Add four people to our reservation" she whispers and walks back. "So who are these people?" Tiffany's husband asks. "This is Opal, Zek, and- what are your kids names?" She says. "Emily and Spiro." I answer. "Alright." She answers. All of the others look at me. "Well, if you don't recognize them, these people are Redb15, Captainsparklez, Chimneyswift11, Mitty, Mr360Games, and ClashJTM." Tiffany says. "I definitely recognize you guys. My name is Opal." I say. "I'm Zek, and this is Emily and Spiro." Zek says. "You're ready, right this way!" Our waitress says. We sit at a circular table with a bunch of chairs. The waitress hands us all a menu. I read the menu quietly. "I can't believe I've known one of my favorite youtubers since I was sixteen. Tiffany smiles at me. It feels a bit weird with all of these famous youtubers, but by the end of the dinner we know each other pretty well. I have become good friends with Chimneyswift, captainsparklez and MittyMoxx. The waitress comes up to us. "Here's the dessert menu" she says. She doesn't hand us enough, so we have to share. "I think I'm going to get the bubble tea" I say. "Yeah, me too" Tiffany says. "Hey, do you wanna tag along with us at Minecon? We're gonna have a signing, but other than that were just going to walk around." Tiffany's husband, Redb15, says. "Sure!" I say. I can't help but smile. Meanwhile, Tiffany is staring out the window blankly. "Opal, we need to get out there." She says. She grabs my wrist and drags me to where the rest can't hear her. "I saw a monster out there." She says. "Umm... Alright?" I say, readying my dagger. We sprint outside, to find a hydra. "We have to cut off all of the heads without letting them grow back" she says. Her purple hair blows back in the wind, looking like a fire. We begin to cut off the heads. I cut a few off, but they keep growing back. "We need another person to help us fight" I say. 

That's my psychic side, within five minutes Ruby came to help. After fifteen minutes of head-chopping, we kill the hydra. "Hey Tiffany, can Ruby join us for the rest of our dessert?" I say. "Okay"she answers. "Wait, are you-" Ruby says, getting cut off by Tiffany. "Yes, I am IHasCupquake. But you call me Tiffany, I'm not only a youtuber, I'm not mortal" she says. "So, you're-"Ruby gets cut off by Tiffany again. "Immortal. Yes. Yes I am." Ruby gasps. I smile at her, I think she's going to be a good friend. We go back into the restaurant. For an Aphrodite girl, she lets her other side shine through more than most. She's a child of Hades, and she does let that show. Even though don't think she has any tattoos, you can tell she is a Hades girl. When we get back to our table, Ruby pulls up a chair. She is soon followed by a boy named Luke, who seems to be her boyfriend. I can tell he is a child of Poseidon, but I don't know the other. He sits down as well. And guess what? We made it still in time for dessert.

Chapter 10:

We eat our dessert quickly. While we are eating, Jordan finally breaks the silence. "Why did you guys have to leave?" He says. I look over at Tiffany and Ruby. Ruby nods, following me and Tiffany. "Um, well,-" Ruby says. She taps out the same pattern she did in the airplane. The same spell. "If you can hear this, raise your hand" she says. Me, Zek, Emily, Spiro, Tiffany, Mario, and Chim raise their hand. Ruby smirks. "Alright, all that happened was there was a hydra. We fought it off." She says. "And we didn't want the mortals knowing about it." Zek adds. I look over at him. He looks a lot like he did when we were so young. It has gotten dark, I guess it gets dark earlier in Dennark. I don't know.  The waitress brings us the check. It is about fifty dollars for all of us. I look up at the sky. "Hey Dad... Can I have some money?" I say reluctantly. I'd bet he's rolling his eyes right now. "Fine..." He says. I end up paying for all of it. I don't mind. "Well, I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow morning. Good luck with the opening." I say. We walk out to the parking lot. This time, Zek drives. "Umm..." Spiro starts. "Yeah?" I say. "So you know the story you told us on the plane... Was I named after your brother Spiro?" He says. "The one who had died after the poison had reached his heart?" He continued. I tear up remembering it. Spiro had never really recovered from the wyvren poison, a few years after his training 'incident' the deadly poison had finally worn him down, and he had died never knowing his father. "Yes. Yes you were, Spiro. He was brave. He was too young to die. But the world is cruel, it does not care about that. A hero's fate is never good."  We ride the rest of the night in silence. I can't deny that I miss Spiro, but I had blocked it out until now. 

I can't run from his death. I can't forget. No, that isn't possible for an Athena kid. I have to embrace it.  Why don't I just forget about it. I want to enjoy minecon. We arrive at the hotel at around seven o'clock. I get out my laptop and check the channels of Tiffany and all of the other youtubers that I'm going to be at minecon with. All of them display a message like this one: Hey everyone! I'm going to be at minecon for the next two days. We have a signing at 2:00 Denmark time. If you aren't able to make it, we'll all arrive in the Florida Disney on Monday and be there until Thursday. I'm also going to be joined by Red, and one of my friend's families. Oh. My. Gods. We are going to be at Disney when they are.  Wow. Well, that's awesome. I look on my YouTube channel. I haven't been on there for a long time, but I still seem to have a few thousand subscribers. I refresh the page. Ten thousand. Where are these guys coming from? I look back on Tiffany's channel. She had tagged me on her post. Cool. Spiro enters the room. "Mom?" He says. "I'll try to live up to the name."  He smiles and walks away.I don't really know how he feels. He might be happy. Maybe, he thinks that he has to be like my brother. He doesn't. No, he won't. Let's just forget about this.

Spiro and Emily go to bed at about 10:00. Me and Zek stay in the other room watching television. At about 11:00, we go to bed and wake up at 6:30. Immortals don't need much sleep. We all go down to breakfast at 7:30. I get orange juice and a waffle. "Could me and Spiro go down to the Tobuscus signing while you're with Tiff and Chim?" Emily asks. "Okay, I'll see if any of the gods want to keep track of you today" I answer. Ruby comes down to breakfast, and we all get in our car after a half hour. We sit down in a chair for the opening ceremony. "Welcome to minecon!" Jordan says from the stage. Everyone cheers. "After these doors open, you are going to be free to go anywhere. The first signing is in half an hour, with Toby Turner, or tobuscus. After that, there is a signing with IHasCupquake and Chimnerswift. Finally, there is a signing with me, Skydoesminecraft, ASFJerome, and Bajancanadian. HAVE FUN!" Jordan says as the doors begin to open. There are people dressed as minecraft characters, youtubers, and anything else. There is a sign up at the front directing to what is where. I see iris coming in, and I walk up to her. "Could Spiro and Emily come with you?" I ask her. "Okay, I'm off to the signing right now, if that's okay." She says. "Definitely." I answer. Spiro and Emily come over to her. Me and Zek meet up with Tiff and Chim. "Wanna go to the gift shop?" Chim asks. "Alright." Tiff answers. We walk down to the shop, which is already really crowded. "Hey, could I have your signature?" Someone asks Tiffany. She smiles and takes out a pen. In the shop, there are almost double the items that you can buy online. I pick up a diamond sword and a stuffed ocelot. It totals to around 15 dollars. I pay for it and go back over to Tiffany. She's buying a stuffed mooshroom. While she is buying it, someone walks up to me. "Hey, I recognize you. You have a YouTube channel." They say. "Umm... Yeah?" I say. "Can you sign my sword?" They say. I take out a sharpie and sign it. Do I have FANS??? "Welcome to the club..." Tiffany mutters as she grabs a sword as well.While we exit, we get our admission gifts.Inside is our name tag, a stuffed pig, a t-shirt, and admission to two servers. I put on my name tag and walk back over to Tiffany. "Something big is happening, Opal." She says. "What?" I say. "Every goddess needs a purpose. You need to choose what you are goddess of within a year. If not, your immortality is taken from you." Tiffany says. "Uhhhh..." I struggle for words as my happiness fades. "Okay...?" I mutter. There is a pounding outside. I turn to Zek. He looks me in the eye. "There's something out there..." He whispers. Whatever is out there is putting dents on the outside of the wall. "Tiff, you're going to be a little late for your signing" I say to her. I grab her by the wrist and the three of us go outside. A cyclops is confronting us. The same one that me and Zek fought in the underworld, so many years ago. It was our first monster, and it may well be our last. 

Chapter 11

I stand my ground carefully, not moving. Some of the mortals draw near. "What is that?" They say. That's it. I think. This monster has broken the mist. Since the mortals can see it, they can see everything else. They can see our weapons. They can see the gods. They have taken our immortality, we are just as vulnerable as a mortal. The cyclops advances. Tiffany stabs it, but it is not dead. It lunges toward me. I step back. It is all I can focus on, until I see Zek coming near me. He calls my name. "I'm here!" I shout to him. He runs towards me. As the cyclops is swinging his sword at me, Zek leaps in front. It hits him directly.

"Zek!" I call. His eyes open back up. "There's no use, Opal." He says. "You gave me a great life, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Our forever life isn't truly forever. All good things come to an end. You are my forever. You are amazing. Don't worry about me. Our forever can be in Elysium." He says. His eyes close as I cry over his body. I drop my dagger and just run backwards, and that is the last anyone ever sees of me.

~~ The end ~~ Alternate Ending (Set at ending of book)

I shook out of my trance. No, there's no room to think about that. We're immortal, this won't happen. At least not now. "You okay, Opal?" Zek asked. "Yeah, I guess." I said. "Let's just make sure that the mist is working right..." I added. "Maybe later. We've got a wedding to plan." Zek said. We stay up the rest of the night on the boat, laughing and telling stories all night.